Gnomedex: Getting Geeky with It

I guess Gnomedex is all about the geeks – and registration is now (officially, seriously this time) open for 8.0 this August. You can go directly to the order form or… wait a while before making a decision.

But we’re the kind of geeks who love to socialize (which is good, considering this is a conference that will be held well outside our own homes). I took feedback from my most vocal supporters and they pretty much told me that… all they want is “more tech.” So, if it doesn’t have anything to do with tech – it’s not allowed on stage. The geekier, the better. The shorter the presentation (is there a “too short?”), the better. The less echo chambery, the better. I think I’ve got the message. 🙂

We don’t just talk about doing – we talk to the “do”ers, and help those who want to “do,” too. So, as the schedule is concerned, I hope to fill it with scientists, bleeding edge thought leaders, and people who use technology to connect to the human spirit. I guess this makes the themes, in general:

  • An intersection between technology and community
  • Technology that transforms and extends the human experience
  • Social Media stories that inspire and empower
  • Conversations that become the stage: the backchannel is the frontchannel
  • The Science and Mathematics of our Real Lives

Do any of these resonate? I mean, they make sense to *ME* and how I’d like to build a schedule around. Are they “geeky” enough? I guess I define “geek” as anybody who is passionate about one thing or another, but in this case… we’re passionate about tech to the n’th degree.

7 thoughts on “Gnomedex: Getting Geeky with It”

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  2. A topic I would really like to see is if or how we really advance in making use of this technology. So many things still need to be done manually instead of being done otherwise.

    Also a lot of those communities and their experiences do not “travel” meaning no real exchange and learning from each other.

    Somthing along those lines to be enlightening and inspiring would be great 😉

  3. You know… Gnomdex sounds great!

    But… As with a lot of peaple in the community I think it be awsome if it was to move further toward, say… Europe?!

    I am sure you have heard this before, but oh well!

  4. Wow. Gnomedex is almost here again. Can’t wait to see what will happen there this august. I wont be there in person but will be watching online with everyone else.

  5. I remember hearing about Gnomedex about 3 years ago and had no clue what the hell it was. Infact i thought it was just some funny name that Chris came up with. I had no idea he invited people that were deep within the world of technology and communication as he himself is.

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