Who Should I Have Speak and Sponsor our Conference?

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Gnomedex 2008 is fast approaching! How do you explain a conference that is focused on the attendees’ experience as much as possible… that caters to an audience that is never fully satisfied (which is a GOOD thing)… and that discusses Technology? It’s about how all of this Technology relates to us, as human beings. Maybe that’s it. It’s the Science and mystery of Tech in relation to the human community. Maybe that’s how I put it, and the theme I should go with.

Gomedex started back in 2001 when a few people from my old chat room approched me to suggest some kind of confab. I thought it was a great idea! This summer, hundreds of the world’s leading bloggers, podcasters, and tech-savvy enthusiasts will once again descend upon the city of Seattle, Washington. The eighth Gnomedex conference is generating buzz in the blogosphere, which underscores our reason to produce it. Indeed, we will once again become the crossroads between producers and observers, between users and developers.

Seven years ago, we designed an event that would overturn the unwritten rules of the conference world – organizing a single-track schedule, treating every attendee like a VIP, charging substantially less and providing substantially more. In 2001, we were testing a theory – but by 2006, we were selling out half of our passes before announcing a single participant or sponsor. But Gnomedex isn’t just about filling seats – it’s about unlocking the attendee’s spirit.

We are heavily involved in every aspect of event planning and execution. From vision to logistics, our team has consistently produced a world-class conference which influencers have come to hold in great respect. Indeed, the blogosphere speaks highly of few other professional gatherings.

Gnomedex (to us) is a living organism. With the right partnerships planted, we see our events continuing to unfold. We have already set the stage for this “television show” of sorts – an ongoing series of video and audio discussions which serve to bolster our brand and value. Gnomedex.com is also undergoing a transformation to help further enable this social experience.

While technology brings us together, technology at Gnomedex is ancillary to its role in our daily lives. Software, hardware – it all boils down to experiences, personal and shared. We have deliberately opted not to funnel Gnomedex into a single “technology” silo. This has afforded us the freedom of lateral maneuverability – enabling us to appeal to a wide variety of enthusiasts who use technology for personal and/or professional pursuits. Politics, commerce, art, academia, philanthropy, science, communication – all areas touched by tech, and all relevant to the Gnomedex audience.

We have supported personal media revolutions (blogging, podcasting, etc.), and those communities have supported us in turn. Our conference has positioned itself as a zeitgeist for thought leaders and followers alike, and continues to play a role in relevant online and offline discourse.

It’s the heart of Gnomedex – the conference ethos – which ensures our continued growth and success. It’s our amazing attendees and sponsors that keep us moving forward, year after year.

This year will be no exception. It’s going to be one heck of an event… and we hope to see you there.


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42 thoughts on “Who Should I Have Speak and Sponsor our Conference?”

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  3. Hey Chris, I got an idea for a speaker/speakers.
    Why not get michael and/or Xochi Birch from bebo.
    Bebo is a social networking site that is huge in the Uk/Ireland/Australia and some of America

  4. Bring in some Ignite folks again what a fantastic show, do qik streams from the hallway, a way to bring the hall conversations into the Gnomesphere.

  5. they actually talked once…they never battled…yet a woman tried to provoke them lol

    shes was saying things like “what about your secret gay marriage”

  6. Chris,

    Is there someone that you know that hasn’t spoken at a Gnomedex? Book that person, con a sponsor, and there you go. That, or see what else you can think of. Darn twitter wouldn’t post this idea earlier. 😀

  7. Hi Chris,

    I’ve only just recently heard about your conference and I think some of the guys from the gizmodo blog would be good representatives to speak at gnomedex. The guys put alot of time into researching and posting the latest info on all things tech related, they take a lite hearted approach and wouldn’t be out of place chatting at the conference.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. I remember Gnomedex from last year, and it seemed like some good points were brought up that had to do with good user interfacing (making things simple, but good). I’m looking foward to watching as much of the live stream as I can.

  9. I think, once again, you should get Cali Lewis to speak at Gnomedex. I remember hearing her speak at a previous Gnomedex and she was great.

  10. Get the google guys to sponsor and speak! They are very forward looking yet at the same time tapped into the technology needs of the common man

  11. If Linus Torvalds is someone you would be interested in inviting, Eric Raymond would also be someone who could speak on the topic of open source and its relationship to the community. Although, his topics consist mostly of the theory behind the development of open source software, I’m sure he could comment of the “human” side of things.


  12. Gnomedex is a great event that brings together the movers and shakers of yesterday, today, and tomorrow in one place where the attendees feel as important as the speakers. This is a great concept and worth the registration fee!

    As far as who should speak at the conference, I’d love to see Guy Kawasaki and Robert Steele. I felt their words were brilliant and they brought something interesting and thoughtful to the table in a way that personally brought the meaning of the conference home.

    The conference would also benefit from members of the tech community that have gone from average Joe to a more-than-average force in the community. I’d love to see enthusiasts that have a story to tell or a message to give for folks that are working towards making their online writing or productions their full time job. Geek Brief is a great example of this, and their presentation last year was memorable.

  13. Rather, it would be nice to have speakers with something to say about their success stories as bloggers and/or podcasters, somewhat like the story the folks over at Geek Brief told last year. Guests like Guy Kawasaki and Robert Steele are always welcome, as Guy has several interesting topics and tips that he covers during his presentations. His tips on how to give a proper presentation, for example, are very inspiring and well put.

    A guest like Larry Page or the founders of YouTube would be very interesting.

  14. You should ask Kat to speak at Gnomedex. Kat is an accomplished public speaker, having given many different types of talks in many different venues over the years. People respond well to her, b/c she is “real”. I bet you don’t know half the things about her that make her a dynamic speaker.

    To look at her, you’d never know that she is a hard-core Geek. She loves to shatter stereotypes. Do you know about the cancer she has beaten, during the time she was first discovering computers and becoming a Geek about five years ago? She didn’t let losing a kidney stop her. She didn’t let a divorce from a very abusive man stop her. She worked her ass off as a single mother. Kat worked full time running a playground equipment company, and also went to college full time, all while being a single mom. Did you know that while doing all of that, she graduated at the top of her class, with straight As? She also won a national scholarship from CocaCola. She was also the President of her local chapter of the Junior college honor society Phi Theta Kappa, AND the State Regional President for a year, as well.

    Kat has a way of talking TO people that impassion them, brings them to life. She communicates with people on their level, even when she’s talking about something very technical and in-depth. Don’t let her “chat” personality confuse you. Kat is highly intelligent and has lived a very difficult life. However, she has not let any of the things she has been through keep her down. She has turned them to her advantage, worked harder, and come out even stronger. She’s an amazing woman. You’re luckier than you know to have her working for you.

    Anyway, that’s my nomination for a Gnomedex speaker. 🙂

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