Five Ways Vista is better than OS X?

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I really don’t want to fight anymore. I’m tired of it. Even more than that, I’m tired of reading insipid commentary who lack perspective, and experience, and are “armchair quarterbacking”. I don’t know everything. I admit that.

The reason I’m off on this hype, is due to an article I just read. I came across a Twitter post by Duncan Riley, posting a link to Preston Galla’s “Five reasons Vista beats OS X”. I thought: “Wow!” Maybe he knows something I don’t. I was sadly disappointed, however. These aren’t reasons, they don’t even come close. Yet it’s being spread as “fact.” I would love it if someone would give me five valid reasons that Vista is good. Here are his reasons (and my responses):

  • Vista runs more software. You have to be kidding me? Vista may run more software, but try uninstalling it. How many protection programs do you need, as well? Is the software more stable than that of a Mac? Even if Vista has more software, you’d never be able to run or store it ALL, anyway. How is “more” even relevant?
  • Vista is safer. WHAT? How many viruses, trojans, and rootkits are floating around for Windows? A bamboo plant is safer than Vista *AND* Mac OS X combined. What’s “safer” supposed to mean?
  • It’s the money, stupid. Uh. If you build a comparable Windows machine… with hardware that nearly the SAME… you’re going to probably spend the same amount of money.
  • The Mac is closed; Vista is open. If you would have said “Linux is open,” I’d have given you a point. Apple controls the software and the hardware – the entire experience. That actually works well in the consumer space, and I like it. I like it when things just WORK together.
  • Two words – Steve Jobs. Let’s go back to the first video I recorded about the iPhone (a while ago). I understand this point – I truly do. But buying a Mac has nothing to do with helping Steve Jobs, or even Apple themselves. It comes down to the fact that, once again… the entire experience is seamless for users.

Can anyone out there PLEASE give me five valid reasons why Windows Vista is better than Mac OS X?


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202 thoughts on “Five Ways Vista is better than OS X?”

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  8. No chris,
    it isn’t the same. people don’t wan’t to buy a 8000 dollar computer.
    If you do your research,you can get a really good deal on price and hardware.
    if your just gonna do web surfing,emailing movies. and,simple games on windows.
    you do not! need a 5000 dollar pc.! I build my uncle a 400 dollar pc. all he does is web surfing,shopping online and email. thats all he needs. look,stop trying to say that macs a better. they all do the same thing.
    the last gaming pc i built was 500 dollars. i didn’t buy top of line hardware. no need to.

  9. Error. No ones said you had to buy top of the line hardware. But when you configure a Windows PC same as the Mac, the Windows PC will probably be more expensive. Macs aren’t more expensive, they just don’t cater to the low end.

  10. To add to the argument of software, Intel Macs can run Vista, XP, Linux., and Mac software. Talk about more software…

  11. “you do not! need a 5000 dollar pc.! ”

    What kind of Mac costs that much? An Xserve or a Mac Pro speced to the max for an animation company or something, clearly no one is trying to sell that to your uncle.

  12. That has got to be one of the worst lists I have ever seen, coming close to that “Why I hate MAC’S” Video on YouTube.

    I have had a MacBook for around four weeks, and, being my first experience of the OS X Operating System, I have to say, I don’t miss a single element of Windows, and I am astounded almost daily of how this system can be so simple.

    The bit about uninstalling software? I was amazed by simply putting an icon in the “Trash” item on the dock can uninstall software almost instantly! (and deleting from Trash obviously) With Windows, (not just Vista) I have always seemed to know that I have been unable to FULLY delete a program from my Hard Drive, and items such as Program Folders almost always remain, so I have to physically search the Hard Drive and manually delete them.

    When I tried to regularly “Clean Up” my previous Windows Vista System of unwanted programs, it was literally a case of hours waiting for the arduous uninstall process, as well as being virtually unable to do anything else in the background, as it is such a Power Hog!

    Vista is safer? That made me laugh unstoppably! I love being able to perform a simple task such as browsing the Internet without having to worry about all you have described above, and I just love being able to not perform a “Virus Scan”, and still having some on my system that were undetected!

    Two Words – Steve Jobs. D’-uh Two More Words: Bill Gates. He has promised us so much with Windows, and they are now even receiving criticism from their own executives on problems they are having, and while he enjoys his life and counts his Billions, we are sitting at home, broke, because of having to “Upgrade our RAM”, or even having to switch to a different platform!

    Mr Jobs. Do not change a thing! You’re a Legend!!!

  13. I must disagree… let’s follow the same points:

    Vista runs more software: OK, this is hardly a point, I’m sure there’s enough software for both, and I’m sure that it’s stable on both ( I’ve used vista since the beginning, a little buggy at first, but right now I couldn’t return to XP ). Both OS’s serve diferent purposes, and both are equally well served on software. I’ve never had any problem uninstalling software, so I can’t see were your getting at..and I’ve never had any stability problems. But I know who has, so let’s make this a tie =P

    Vista is safer: Well, out-of-the-box Vista has proved being safer than OSX, anyhow, there are loads of viruses for windows, but the firewall plus an anti-virus usually does the trick… and keeping UAC enabled also helps… and keeping away from porn.. =P

    It’s the money, stupid : very good point, in my opinion.. mac hardware is usually much more expensive. Especially RAM ( last I checked they wanted 600$ for 4gb..) Building your own machine is usually the best alternative.. and usually ends up at least 30% cheaper than an equivalent mac.

    the last two points are pointless imo. OSX is a very good OS, I agree, but i honestly think Vista is superior.

    PS: I would like to be able to fool around in OSX but it’s just too expensive, maybe one day, if I win the lottery =D

  14. In reply to Error32, you say that you can buy cheaper parts for the PC for gamers, the worst thing for gamers is when they go “hardcore”. Meaning they have the top of the line of everything. I have known people who balk at the price of a mac, but will spend five hundred dollars on a video card. I do agree that people who only want to surf the web and do email, a cheap machin e is ok, they can do that on a mac for a longer time, and resell the machine for a heck iof a lot more than a PC.

    Chris, you quoted the part where they talk about Steve Jobs, what about people giving money to Bill Gates? I mean we stupidly give that man money for an operating system that has more bugs than a flea cirus, and more hole in security than holes than in swiss cheese.

    I mean, I have only one reason that windows can be better than Mac… Gamer support. Yeah, that;s all I got.

  15. Buying any Apple product is not going to make Steve Jobs richer anyway because he only takes a $1 salary and Chris is absolutely right, its about the product. OS X just works and thats why I switched having been an MS fan all my life… until i met the iPod and later used Vista, then everything changed.

  16. Dear Error32,

    Superb comment!

    I don’t know what you use your cheapo computers for, but it’s obviously not typing.

    And, as for the logic of what you’re saying, I suggest you look before shooting your mouth off. Macs and non-Macs are pretty much the same price. It’s just that Apple doesn’t have an ultra cheap line. The medium range and high range are to all intents and purposes the same price.

    Yours sincerely,

    John Davis

  17. the really killer apps on apple right now are final cut pro and motion – they are truly amazing and more than justify having a mac if you want to edit video. Apple have really made a smart move with those apps.

    But, from the corporate perspective (since no bugger will ever raise these because they all lack the experience) I’ll give you 5 reasons why windows, not just vista but windows as a platform is better than osx

    1) active directory – once you sample that, you’ll know
    2) group policy – ok,technically is a part of AD, but is so configurable that I would place it as its own entry.
    3) exchange – an utterly fantastic mail server with so much potential, tho it isn’t as customisable as domino is, thankfully it doesn’t have notes as its client!
    4) sharepoint services – integrated with exchange and active directory for an easy method of creating collaboration services.
    5) WDS/RIS – installing windows across a network is a breeze with this imaging system, RIS is the old 2000/XP method of installing windows, WDS is the “longhorn” method. Installing from a disk is painful after you have it running.
    6) WSUS – create a centrally controlled mechanism for keeping your machines up to date utilising your network and AD.

    I know that’s six but I could keep on going… as a corporate solution windows is very hard to beat unless you have the resources to invest in alternatives to windows. So many of you guys n gals argue from such a myopic view of the computing world that you simply need to learn about just what is possible – this is why I am a very vocal advocate of windows home server including a very user friendly version of active directory.

  18. Window safer over a Mac. Maybe.

    In a recent podcast I listened to (it had leo laporte in it so it could have been one of a hundred thousand or so) the people on it talked about a hacker event where the winner won the box they were able to break into and get root access. It was a three day event with certain rules allowing more software/hardware to aid in the hacking as the time went along. Who ever first hacked the box won it. The contestants were a Mac Book Air, Vista machine and a Ubuntu box.

    The MacBook Air went down first with a hack using Safari. The next day the Vista box went down. The Ubuntu box never got hacked.

    Both Windows and Macs have flaws. Windows has always been the low hanging fruit – the easier target because it is a larger target with more users who don’t understand or know how to protect themselves. With Apple’s increase in users comes the inevitable bigger target for a hacker.

    In addition I bring up one thought. Mac users tend to say they just want things to just work. Are they prepared to start running virus and firewalls and spyware apps and watching their data to make sure they are safe? Does that mean Mac users won’t want to properly secure their computers if more of the hacker community turn their attention to them because it will get a little more difficult?

    We all know there are plenty of Windows machines out there hacked and spreading viruses like Paris Hilton on a naval fleet week because users don’t know how to properly secure their machines or because Windows didn’t do that good of a job until recently. Vista may not be better or worse than Mac’s OS any more.

    Both OSes have their flaws. Linux is where security rules.

  19. @Error32: You may have built a $400 PC, but you could not have used nearly the same quality components. If you were to build a machine out of the exact same brand name parts, you would be hard pressed to do the same.

  20. So True. I wish I could convince the previous generation that spending more money at the start will lead to the same, if cheaper experience for them. I know the next computer I will be getting for my parents will be a mac. I would even prefer to buy them a Mini, compared with a PC. Since, I am away alot, the problems constantly flood in. The computer has to be cleaned daily because of the amount of browsing is done.


  21. Windows Vista:

    Why buy a computer that cost more then 1,000 when you can get the same speed on a PC that cost 500$? Does not make sense, and you can build one for even cheaper! If you have a virus protection and that good stuff, and you are a more ‘elder’ person, who just likes to check emails.. then there is absolutely no problem with Vista! its the users who run around and download EVERYTHING they possibly can, test things and stuff like that, vista can be worse for that because of security, but for one who loves installing vista over and over again, like me.. its fine.. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on a Mac and not like it! If you are comfortable with one system, and if you have problems, and you manage them fine, then don’t worry about changing at all!

  22. You’re over exaggerating Error32. The majority of people who are buying macs, most notably in the education sector, are not buying the 5000 dollar machines.

    If you’re going to do simple surfing and e-mail, I’d recommend a Linux box, simply because the OS is free, and the consumer probably already has sufficient hardware. However, developers, designers, musicians, composers, artists, and those who like the stability of a UNIX based system without the pain-in-the-rear setup that can come with linux will probably want to invest in some Apple computers. I wish I had one (my hopes now lie in the OSX86 project).

    If you’re one of those people who spout off “LOL GAMEZ” as the first reason to choose Windows, fine, have your games, whatever. I like to do more productive things with my CPU cycles, but everyone has their own tastes. Just note that there is a reason that places like Facebook and Digg run mostly macs in their offices *shrug*.

    Just an FYI, I don’t own a mac. I own an HP running Vista Premium, with linux VMs. My servers run Linux, and I manage a domain that is a mix of Windows Clients and Windows + Linux machines.

  23. How exactly is Vista “open”? Vista is the most proprietary OS on the planet. I’d argue that Mac OSX is more “open” than Vista. Much of OSX leverages open technologies & standard formats. How can I look at the code that makes up any version of Windows?

  24. it IS about the cost. the cheapest mac you can buy is 600$. i know that it comes with ilife, which i want VERY badly. 80GB hard drive, 1GB RAM, and 1.8 GHz processor.

    my machine was the same price. it has a 500GB hard drive, 3GB RAM, and a 2.6 GHz AMD 64X2 processor, which apperently is the same as a 2.3 GHz Core2.

    I would have a Mac, but i dont have 1500$ to spend on a computer…

    PS: my pc is a gaming pc, its only 650 including upgrades…

  25. Yeah these were bogus reasons. I’m pretty sure that vista and Mac have the same number of exploits. The problem is that since more people use vista/windws more of those exploits have been found.

  26. Hi Chris,

    I read the above article on why vista is better than OSX And i found the so-called advice rather bad. I think it all depends what you do if you like Fine Arts, Music, Design, Ect. OSX is better in my opinion. But if you are just doing business documents, or possibly hardcore gaming vista may be better. On thought point i don’ think Vista was designed with the lower pc ower users in mind those who don’t spend a lot of money on their pc for extra rams and such. I got my MacBook Pro last summer and it has to be one of my better investments.

    So in my personal opinion OSX is better operating system as far as stability and resources, but as far as opportunities and more programs availability i think may be a better choice but i do like XP better than Vista.

  27. Hey! I sent you an email with more legit reasons. Both are great however.

    Sorry it lost the formatting I noticed so its plain text.

    Take care

  28. Wish I could, but no. I don’t have any reasons Vista is good.

    Earlier today I read that post, and found it extremely lacking in depth. The fifth point about Steve Jobs also makes no sense. It is irrelevant to a comparison between Mac and Win.

  29. Not having to update a virus data base sold me on a macbook. I liked windows for a few years, but i think os x is just easier and more efficient.

  30. Apple’s OS X has an open source component — Microsoft’s Vista DOES NOT!!!

    How much more open could Apple be without being Linux?

    WHAT is closed about OS X versus Windows? What?

    I’m not going to mince words — moronic that Preston. I also saw someone called OS X closed in a message thread and simply had to ignore it or track down the idiot with a flame thrower.

  31. @Error32: If you don’t want to spend $8000, then buy a Mac Mini. Problem solved. If all your uncle does is surf the web and email, then the Mac Mini is a great machine.

    Gaming is not the Mac’s thing. Oh sure, there are some great casual games out for the Mac and Spore is coming in September.

    Look, when it came time to update my desktop computer in 2006, I looked at Windows based systems and I looked at Macs. I usually spend about $1,500 for new systems. Before I purchased the hardware, I started looking at Windows Vista to see if I would be happy with it. Man, I knew the OS was in Beta and RC status, but what a piece of junk.

    So my first purchase was a new notebook since our older Windows based notebook was seeing the end of it’s life cycle. I purchased a MacBook $1100 system. That was $900 less than the Windows notebook I had purchased 2 years prior. Yet, the MacBook is way faster than the Fujitsu and it’s been a great addition to our home. I did this to make sure I was going to be able to handle OS X. After about 3 weeks of using the MacBook as my desktop computer, it was time to look at Apple for my desktop replacement.

    I looked at the iMac’s, but I just didn’t feel that I was going to like not being able to upgrade/add hardware to the system. At the same time, the Mac Pro was released. It was way more than what we usually spend for upgrades, but then I figured that for a quad processor system with XEON’s in it, I figured I wasn’t going to need to upgrade again for quite some time. So, yes, I spent $3,500, way more than twice the normal budget.

    This was my choice. I didn’t have to do this. I could have spent $1800 for a good iMac. I didn’t need an iMac since it comes with a 20″ or 24″ LCD screen. I have 2 LCD screens as it is, so I was looking for a system that didn’t come with a screen and the Mac Mini is way to low end for what I was looking for.

    Now, my need are way more than just the basics for a computer. I am a gamer, I am also a programmer, so I wanted a system that was going to be powerful enough to handle all my needs. Plus, I can do any Windows games I want by simply rebooting to BootCamp and running XP on the Mac Pro. It works great and if I don’t need the full speed of BootCamp, I can use the BootCamp partition with Parallels to run Windows apps in OS X.

    So, sorry for the length here, but to say that all someone needs is “x” is just not enough. Oh, and by the way, Dell “had” a quad XEON system, the Dimension 710, that was selling for over $4,000 at the time I was looking.

  32. Error32 obviously hasn’t priced any Macs lately. And the post only talks about half of the story.
    Going to should give anyone a comparable benchmark when buying a PC that actually has features you’ll need over a Mac (which often has these features built-in and not built to order). Macs start at $500 and scale upward, so Error32’s pricing is sheer ignorance.
    Error32 might be a techie. Most people aren’t. Most people want a computer that works for what they need, no matter what they buy. In the PC world, $500 might get you a good email and web computer, but videos and music might strain under the weight of any Vista version if you leave the RAM at 1GB or less.
    We’re not talking about homebuilts here. You can’t homebuild a Mac for the same reason you don’t (and shouldn’t) homebuild a Porsche or any car. Vista changed so much of its internals just to be “cool” that it breaks the average Joe’s computer more often than not, and that’s the topic. I’m betting any computer Error32 is building runs XP, as Vista is a logistical nightmare both in versions, system requirements and support. I handle Mac and PC calls, so I see quite a few horror stories.

  33. error32,
    that was a pretty harsh bit of text you done there. you have a point about buying top of the range hardware. but what Chris was trying to say is how stupid those quotations were (to prefer a p.c). Chris did say ‘I’m fed up of arguing’ okay so, somehow i don’t think he was saying macs are better than p.c’s, i mean yeah a mac pro is better than my p.c but….. that’s the way technology is man so……… in future i think you ought to think about what Chris is trying to say before you go dis-agreeing with him.

    good video Chris i think its true what you are saying what stupid quotations.

  34. 1. Vista is much better since i never use it.
    2. Vista is less cartoon y than my Linux version. (i like cartoons)
    3. Vista wastes more of my time than any other operating system.
    4. Vista has more free useless software than any other operating system.
    5. Linux doesnt play Halo 3.

  35. Chris,

    You bring up some valid points about Vista. The hard uninstall began with Windows XP SP2. And just look at how many patches come out on Vista. Have you had that many patches on Mac os Sure stability is an issue for any os, but as you have said in your blog, how many programs can be written in Vista or Mac OS 10 without crashing. The main issue in any os is the kernel (no not the guy from Tron 2.0). All geeks should know that. Stop the mac vs. pc wars, both have good points and bad points. But macs are not cheap yet, and I see why they are making Windows pcs cheaper, shovelware.

  36. Hey Chris,

    I try and stay out of the OSX vs. Vista (Apple vs. MS) pissing war as much as possible. With that said;

    I guess it really depends on the context of the original conversation that led to the 5 points. I write software for a living, and have been for the last 10 years, so this is how I look at things.

    I would argue that writing software for Windows users in mind is typically a smart business decision. This is simply due to the overwhelming large market share that Microsoft has with regards to corporate computer users. Whatever you build, you have more “bang for buck” since there are far more windows machines out there at present time.

    I would also argue that OSX is, as you said, a nice consumer operating system. For the average computer user it’s a fantastic option, in my opinion, to go with an Apple machine and OSX. Things just work a little better…

    Being that it also seems that everything is going web-based these days, I also wonder if the operating system/computer are going to have less of an impact in making a decision to go one way or another? Just a question.

    If I can say one last thing about Apple/OSX. As a developer, I find the experience of building applications with Apple in mind really restricts the creativity of the developer/architect. You are essentially coding in a box with very fixed rules. This is of course, one of the big reasons that Apple, and subsequently OSX is such a stable solution.

    Just my 2 pennies…

  37. Five? Probably not. In fact, it’s impossible to say “Vista is better” or “OS X is better,” given that everyone has different needs. What’s better for me may well not be better for you. Here are the reasons I decided Vista was better for me:

    (1) Software. It’s not which has “more,” whatever that means. It’s that there is software I use that is only available for Windows and for which the substitutes are not acceptable. Yeas, I could run Windows on a Mac, but that would entail buying a retail version of Windows, adding to the cost.

    (2) Cost. Error32’s hyperbole aside, In most configurations, Macs are more expensive. They’re less more expensive than they used to be, however. More importantly, there is no low-cost Mac. My Compaq laptop cost about $500. We have a perfectly acceptable Acer that cost $350. Would an $1100 MacBook be technically superior? Sure, but I, personally, wouldn’t find the cost to be a worthwhile tradeoff. I really wish Apple would introduce an entry-level Mac. Like the Mini, but with a lot less suck. they won’t because it’s not their business model.

    (3) Open hardware. You like Apple’s Hotel California approach to the consumer computing experience. I don’t. I want to be able to upgrade the hardware in my PC, so I don’t have to buy a whole new box every 2-3 years. That’s just not the Apple Way.

    (4) Design decisions. For my desktop(s), I don’t want an all-in-one design. I don’t like it. I don’t like the risk that a bum screen takes out the entire device, and I don’t like the design compromises that go into cramming more hardware in less space. It’s aesthetically pleasing, but not for me. Unfortunately, to get a traditional form factor from Cupertino means spending a lot more money.

    (5) There is no 5.
    My reasons are probably not valid to you, because you have different priorities. In the Mossberg “all things being equal” comparison, OS X may well be better than Vista, but all things are not equal. That’s why Choice is Good.

  38. 1. Vista comes pre-installed with all the extras you need. Vista has a large pre-installed library of applications ready to help the user take advantage of the power of their computer. This includes programs such as games, multimedia, office, graphic design, and networking tools. There’s Solitaire, Notepad, Paint, RegEdit, regsvr32, Ping, etc. The list goes on and on.

    2. You can change the color of Vista’s theme. Unlike a Mac, you can make your Vista PC shine with all the glory of the rainbow! Whether you are partial to blue, lavender, red, green, orange, pink, whatever you like, you can customize your Vista PC to give you a wonderful, colorful experience.

    3. Vista is an entirely new design. Unlike the stagnant organizational techniques used by the Mac OS X operating system, Vista is organized completely differently than anything Microsoft has ever done. You can forget all the non-sense you learned with XP and begin an adventure through a completely uncharted landscape. You can spend countless hours hunting for options like how to change your desktop background, or how to show hidden files!

    4. Vista has an improved security system. Unlike on a Macintosh, where programs can just change setting whenever they desire, the user of a Vista PC must explicitly accept any change to any system setting attempted by an application in Vista. Vista will also load the prompt window for this feature using the Vista Basic theme instead of Aero, which allows the user to have both themes loaded entirely in memory at the same time! This added feature, on some systems, can also halt any open media which is playing in the background when it is closing. This will help protect against the user becoming distracted by playing media while they are trying to see the results of the action they have just accepted.

    5. Vista has a structured price vs. feature layout. Instead of being forced to accept all the features that the operating system comes with, a Vista user can select from a variety of different versions which include and exclude various features of the operating system. This means that a user who predicts that they will never need any advanced networking features available in their computer can choose an operating system more geared towards multimedia or office applications. This will allow the user to be free from the clutter of any advanced features that he deems unnecessary at the time of purchase.

    There are my reasons Chris. What have you to say to that?

  39. 1. Vista comes pre-installed with all the extras you need. Vista has a large pre-installed library of applications ready to help the user take advantage of the power of their computer. This includes programs such as games, multimedia, office, graphic design, and networking tools. There’s Solitaire, Notepad, Paint, RegEdit, regsvr32, Ping, etc. The list goes on and on.

    2. You can change the color of Vista’s theme. Unlike a Mac, you can make your Vista PC shine with all the glory of the rainbow! Whether you are partial to blue, lavender, red, green, orange, pink, whatever you like, you can customize your Vista PC to give you a wonderful, colorful experience.

    3. Vista is an entirely new design. Unlike the stagnant organizational techniques used by the Mac OS X operating system, Vista is organized completely differently than anything Microsoft has ever done. You can forget all the non-sense you learned with XP and begin an adventure through a completely uncharted landscape. You can spend countless hours hunting for options like how to change your desktop background, or how to show hidden files!

    4. Vista has an improved security system. Unlike on a Macintosh, where programs can just change setting whenever they desire, the user of a Vista PC must explicitly accept any change to any system setting attempted by an application in Vista. Vista will also load the prompt window for this feature using the Vista Basic theme instead of Aero, which allows the user to have both themes loaded entirely in memory at the same time! This added feature, on some systems, can also halt any open media which is playing in the background when it is closing. This will help protect against the user becoming distracted by playing media while they are trying to see the results of the action they have just accepted.

    5. Vista has a structured price vs. feature layout. Instead of being forced to accept all the features that the operating system comes with, a Vista user can select from a variety of different versions which include and exclude various features of the operating system. This means that a user who predicts that they will never need any advanced networking features available in their computer can choose an operating system more geared towards multimedia or office applications. This will allow the user to be free from the clutter of any advanced features that he deems unnecessary at the time of purchase.

  40. If you’re comparing the two operating systems then cost shouldn’t factor into it, because the cost of a Vista machine is widely varying and can depend on version, whether you’re upgrading, OEM etc. Mac OSX also has two costs – one where it comes with a Mac, one upgrading an existing Mac. They can’t really be compared.

    I’m not going to list 5 but the reason I run Vista is because it runs on a PC and is the easiest OS to use on a PC. Linux distros are improving but still have many driver issues and don’t easily support games. If OSX ran on PCs, then we’d have a comparison – but seeing as its strength is that its makers control the hardware it runs on, it wouldn’t be half as good coping with the myriad configurations of the PC.

    If money was no issue and I just wanted to do basic tasks easily I’d pick a Mac. With money, games, customisation and expandability being a factor for me I choose a PC and with that comes Vista.

  41. I don’t think that you should ever say that one operating system is flat out better than the other. I use both Vista and Macintosh. I usually use my Vista machine more often probably because I am more adapted to it. I am comfortable with it. I play games on it and I use it as a media center. Sure, I get some trojens, a little spyware that slows me down for a while. I have some good antivirus/ anti spyware programs to get rid of it. It doesn’t really bother me that much.
    I have had problems on Macintosh machines as well. The first Mac I ever had was a macbook that was broken just out of the box. I still gave Mac a chance though.
    I do think that Macs are over priced in comparison with windows machines. Obviously windows has a much larger selection than Mac does.

  42. Give me a break.

    You can really buy a quad core, 4G RAM, 500GB hard drive, 256MB Video, nice case Apple and get it wrapped up for $2000?? (or even less, and this was six months ago)

    Apple has an iron grip on all of their hardware, from the smallest iPod to their largest server. Yes, they have become more competitive, but they don’t stay competitive.

  43. Sorry, can you delete that second one? I was on the internet through my phone and it was going slow and I thought it didn’t go through.

  44. $8000 and $5000? Where are you getting these numbers?

    The mac mini is $599 baseline
    The macbook is $1099 baseline.
    The iMac is $1199 baseline.
    The Macbook pro is $2000 baseline
    The Mac Pro is $2799 baseline.

  45. Actually the Vista runs more software one is at least semi-valid. Not so much Vista, as Windows in general has more software available than OSX.

    Personally the only area where I feel it is in gaming, most games are written for Windows, and a small number are later ported to OSX, if they could close that gap I’m not sure there would be much left at all where I feel Windows still has the advantage.

    I’m a fairly recent convert and I’m enjoying my Macbook Pro considerably. I actually pulled the trigger when I needed a new laptop and it was impossible to buy one without Vista (I would have bought one with XP). I’ve got a serious philosophical issue with MS’s decision to put DRM at the OS level, as I feel a piece of software I pay money for should serve me, not the RIAA and MPAA. If they want my OS to do their bidding, they shoudl pay for it and give to me for free, just my opinion.

  46. Chris,

    You should really do your own research. In the laptop market, for example, the price gap between Apple and the “OEMS” you speak of was significant. Check out Dell for example… I have configured identical spec PCs (same CPU, ram, graphics card, LCD panel resolution, optical drive, features) and experienced savings up to $600.

    Unless your hypothesis is that the difference in cost is due to software differences you are way out of line.

    Dell has comparable PCs for most spec laptops (XPS M1330 vs MacBook) (XPS M1520 vs 15″ MacBook Pro).

    LCD monitors are another great example. The 30″ Cinema display line is priced about $600 more than competing Dell 2007WFP-HC.

    Apple does overcharge. I am not arguing that Apple may make a better product overall (partly a matter of personal preferences), but the pricing is not competitive (the monopoly on the OS X allows them to mark up everything).

    You should do your research before critiquing Preston Galla’s.


  47. Chris,
    Thanks for this video and putting these things into their perspectives. People don’t understand that Apple is about an experience, and different view, things that just work. Everyone thinks that mac’s are more expensive but when in fact if you compare apple’s to apple’s (pun intented) they are very simular. Most people that have these views fail to do their research and have never tried Apple/OS X ever.

    @error32 – this applies to you.

  48. I’m sorry chris.. but as of right now… there is no way to list five reasons why Vista is better than OS X.. its total crap granted there are a few small (like one or maybe two) improvements but overall its just no were near better than OS X or even Linux. Now I know that you would include linux but that is just my two cents.

  49. Chris,

    What a stupid article. Not up to your usual ability. I hope you don’t continue with this!

  50. I agree, i really don’t want to pay that much for a computer, especially one that i am not familiar with. I do however agree with Chris on a couple of things. For example: No computers are virus free!

    For now though i am going to wait for Microsoft to create a new OS. I am thinking about a mac though. I am just trying to distinguish what my needs are.
    Bradley Bradwell

  51. I don’t own a vista or os x. I have used my sister’s vista and there is no way that I would switch from xp to vista right now. And I’ve used my friend’s mac, and there is no way I would get a mac either, because I’m too attached to my games. I guess I’m a semi-gamer. I don’t have the money for it, so I just get whatever is cheap and when I’m not busy doing school work.

    However, recently I was thinking about getting a new computer for school and something that could handle 3d Max, Maya, and more advanced games as well, and for the first time ever, I considered getting Vista. Just for the graphics card capabilities and 64 bit, pretty much.

    Anyway, that’s about the only reason I can think of that a vista would have an advantage. I might be wrong about the graphics card. And I don’t know that much about macs, so maybe I’m completely wrong and they can play next gen games.

    Oh, and when I looked at my bank account, I dropped the idea of getting vista and a new computer anytime soon.

  52. The biggest problem with this guy’s comparison is that almost of none of his points have anything to do with Vista and everything to do with the PC ecosystem. You can’t say Vista is better than OS X because PCs are cheaper. How is that a comparison of the operating system? Saying something like Flip3D is better than Expose would be a good example of a valid comparison, but almost all his points have as much relevance to XP as they do to Vista.

    Christ and number five is Steve Jobs? Steve Jobs make Vista better? I know what he’s trying to say, but that’s just stupid. Give me some facts about Vista. Don’t run off into fanboy territory. Saying Steve Jobs is holding OS X back is a subjective statement. It’s not as effective as saying something like “Tests have shown that Vista boots faster than OS X on the same hardware.” Now that would be an effective FACT, that is, if it were remotely true, which it isn’t.

  53. Heck, maybe it was a late April Fools?

    Did you guys read the comments to Preston Galla’s article? They are hilarious (lol..) – especially the one about IBS….

    – Chuck

  54. 5 reasons:

    1: You can play more games
    2: You can use antivirus (who wants a computer without virus???)
    3: You can use defragment tools
    4: In Mac you do not have the Blue Error Screen (Apple’s guys are mad? Why they don’t includes a Blue Screen Error in MacOSX? Oh my god)
    5: Two Words: Bill Gate$

  55. Some good points, Chris, however some less than good ones too. I wrote a commentary inline with your article back at my blog, that would probably be too long to post here. So you should check it out and see what you think. (I try to be the voice of reason and take both sides, not as interesting as a fight, i know, but hopefully more reasonable)

  56. I’ve used Windows for many years. Each year makes me want more out of Windows but its just not there. Its the same package with a different wrapper. With that said I finally committed and purchased my first Mac. I picked up a Macbook Pro and its everything I wanted in a computer.

    As far as more software? Well I can now pretty much run anything I want from OS X, Windows, and Linux/BSD. With the killer combo of running Windows in VMware Fusion and Linux/BSD apps in X11 all inside OS X has me sold as a superior system and OS.

  57. Only the Mac pro costs 8000 dollars. And PCs break twice a day while you rarely have any issue with a mac.
    If you ask me, I have an EEE PC and Im all about Linux.

  58. He is not talking about the PC, but about VISTA.
    I really think vista is a really bad OS…and when you compare it with OSX, it’s even worse.

    I have to admit that i really don’t like macs either, but vista is not a good OS to fight the OSX. How about XP? in the practical terms I’m interested in, Xp is really good. But since I’m a power user, it really doesn’t matter. For the standard user, a mac is a good choice, because of the simplicity of the apps, the robustness of the OS, etc.

    I personally think that macs are made for users that are not prepared for a computer, or power users that are too lazy to use linux or to deal with windows security issues.

    Never the less, macs are really good computers, even though, i would feel like selling out if I used one. I really like to mess up with the hardware of my PC, buy every part of it, even mod the case or something…ok ok, i’m a gamer, so macs at the moment are a total “no no”.

    Vista…oh MS what were you thinking…?

  59. Hi Chris,

    A few points of interests:

    1. Vista runs more software: Yes. Windows runs a heck of a whole lot more applications than the Mac or Linux, anyone can see that. There are also a lot of protection programs on Windows, yes. But that doesn’t mean you ‘need’ them. Those were created for the fools under the Windows users. A sophisticated computer user, in fact, doesn’t need these. Getting infected by malware is greatly due to user ignorance. And, I don’t think you can run and store every single program made for the Mac, either, Chris ;-).

    2. Vista is safer: No. But it is just as secure as any other operating system out there (hmz, which OS was pwned first… the Mac, but that set aside). Why are there so many exploits floating around for Windows? Because it’s the biggest target, mainly due to market share. So.. Mac is safeguarded from exploits due to small marketshare. And that’s actually a good thing.

    3. It’s the money, stupid: It is merely a legend that Apple charges more for the same hardware, nowadays. What you do get with Windows is the ability to tinker with your hardware if you please, which could be seen as a value-add over the Mac.

    4. The Mac is closed: Vista is open: They’re both closed-source OSes. User experience is better on the Mac, true, but you have to give Microsoft credit for making things work together so well in such a heterogeneous environment. There ‘are’ 500+ million Windows computers out there, you know.

    5. Steve Jobs: I’ve heard he’s kind of a jerk, yes, but he performs nicely on stage.

    Just comes down to the fact that Windows and the Mac are both extremely mature operating systems, albeit with different target audiences. No need to BS over it all the time.


  60. Vista has a lot more hardware support, i am not talking about amd cpu’s or things like that but more in terms of mice, printers, scanners. On a mac pro you can replace your videocard but a x1900 mac edition is more than twice the price than an normal x1900 and the only difference is an other bios. Does there really need to be a double price on that ? Or an macbook upgrading your memory from 1gb to 2gb will cost you 150 dollars on the apple site but the actual cost of the memory is 30 dollars.
    If i take a laptop from like xxodd and maximize the performance and do the same with an macbook pro. the xxodd will be just as fast but 1500 dollars and not 3000 dollars like a macbook pro, that is twice the price !

  61. Hey, Chris I didn’t understand that ether but for some things he has a point like it being safer it does scan for viruses every time you download something but ya everything else is stupid. vista is still good I’m using it now the only problem i have had with it is i couldn’t connect to the internet but that was just my wireless card anyway good CNN, later.

  62. Chris I’m with you, I’m so tired of the battle between OS X and Vista. I even started staying away from the chat due to all the stupid battle. I enjoy hearing you and watching the chat with true meaningless questions people are always asking you. To me the most important reason why I chose Vista was at the time I purchased my two Computers was at that time I had never heard you and the reason why apple would be better. Your information and tutorials about apple convinced me that I had made a mistake. I could have spent a little more for a Mac Book Pro . But I didn’t realize at that time. It’s a mistake that is haunting me to this day. I have 3 reason’s why i think apple is better.
    1. Apple OS X allows you to choose what not to download..Vista comes with tons of bloat ware.
    2. You have to upgrade almost all your hardware ,even when it’s a new computer that is suppose to be Vista compatible. Big Laugh
    3. Everything Operating System made by man is more secure than Vista, Even the updates completely messed up my computer that was working fine before the update.

  63. I like Windows Software because they do have the ability to play more games, their are also thing I don’t like about Windows though. 🙂

  64. I am currently building a media PC with twin tuner, HDMI output, 4GB Ram, Dual 2Ghz CPU, DVDRW, 200gb HD for less than £150. Most of the components are new. All are sourced on ebay, ALL with a warrenty (the used ones included).
    I can’t even walk into the mac store with £150, let alone buy one!

  65. I just hate when people have reasons for why something is better then the other without even researching anything

    i mean come on now anyone can right reasons but it takes a little research to have good reasons

  66. Those are HORRIBLE reasons to says Vista is better then OS X. I COMPLETELY, 100% agree with what Chris says about the “reasons”.i mean come on! How can someone say that Vista is safer! WTF that is so freaking untrue. As Chris said there are some many freaking viruses, rootkits, and trojans for Windows but (as of now) there are SOOOO little viruses compared to Windows. And to Error32, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 500 dollars for a gaming PC?? I guess you didn’t buy top of the line. You didn’t even buy from the middle of the line! And yes, you can get a Windows machine for 400 dollars IF all you want to do is send and receive email, web browsing, shopping and watching some videos on YouTube. But if you want a computer for gaming you are (or should) buy a pretty expensive system.

  67. This is pretty much fake. If you don’t play games the average user would probally be satisfied with mac. The only donwside would be installing programs since its different from windows. Im looking forward to get a apple certified refubished macbook. Thats a great way to save a couple extra bucks. So now you cant say that macs are too expensive witch they never were.

  68. Sorry…my mistake I meant to say…As Chris said there are some many freaking viruses, rootkits, and trojans for Windows but (as of now) there are SOOOO little viruses for OS X compared to amount for Windows.

  69. Hey Chris.

    I use Windows Vista and I have had no MAJOR problems with it. Well exception of trying to set up my old printer which was incompatiable! Haha. Haven’t really used a Mac before but I’m sure I’d be drawn into them like many other people.

    Cya around,


  70. This guy is nutssssss, chris you were right about all of this, this guy dosnt know what hes talking about.

  71. Unless Microsoft completely copies OS X *cough*cough* which they already have half-way done– Windows will never been more secure than it “supposedly” is with Vista. Macs just don’t get viruses or spyware. Also, to all the people that think macs are expensive– think of it this way, your pay 700 dollars for a PC with vista that goes extremely slow and has all of the bloatware. If you get a mac, everything is from apple, so everything fits together perfectly– hardware and software.

  72. Vista may be better than OS X in some capacities, and OS X may be better than Vista in others. The bottom line comes down to what you will be using an OS for. No operating system is hands down better than another. Ask a gamer, they’ll be all over PCs. Ask an audio/video geek, and they’ll be drooling over Macs. It’s all related to usability and what works for you.

  73. Great Vid. I hate when tech-ignorant people make excuses for a os that is extremely inferior. I have no doubt that future windows os will be better but. In everyway OS X is superior in everything.

  74. Mac vs. PC again… jeez, can’t you people just understand that a Mac “is” a PC, that is Personal computer. Even though most people say macs are better, most people can’t afford to get a mac so are stuck with a PC. Thats why everyone thinks that a PC, better known as a Windows Computer, is better than an Apple/Mac. Most people have never tried OS X. When i got my MacBook i felt like i just had to install Vista in BootCamp to see what’s so special… nothing was special… I mean yeah… I got Aero, and the volume and brightness key’s worked… But… whats so special? But I installed mIRC and the KComputer Zone Widget Pack, but it was just… well… kind of “strange.” Because it says MacBook, but it also says Windows Vista… Which is better? Well both are just as good as the other, just depends on how good the PC is that you have 🙂

  75. WOW… This guy is the biggest mac fanboy I have EVER seen and I use mac. And the part where he says “it just works”? If that isnt somebody kissing steve jobs a$$, I dont know what is. And the uninstalling software problems, if the software is desinged right, it shouldnt have problems, im sure there is crappy software for mac too, i know because i have some, its called itunes!

  76. Wow, I’m seeing this come up over and over again. Can we all just get along?

    There’s people who enjoy Windows (most likely the XP version). It fits their needs fine and they don’t see any problems with it. Same for Macs. Sure, some people have really strong opinions about a side, but just LET PEOPLE THINK FOR THEMSELVES. One of the five universal moral traits is that you should not force your beliefs on others. Please exercise that.

    Sorry if this seems like the angry guy typing away, but I hate these things constantly wasting people’s time as they debate over something that some people refuse to change.

  77. Yes I agree, for two reasons. One the reasons that he stated were very narrow and could discribed very easly like how you did. Also number two is, that he guy obviously did not do his reserch to where he was not edcuated enough to give solid reasons why Vista is the better OS!

  78. Well, you’re looking at all the wrong reasons on why Vista is better than OS X:
    It gives people jobs. We have help desks for a reason. =]

    On a serious note, it DOES run more software. Your rant suggests that he won’t be able to store it all? He never said he was going to run it all at the same time. If there is software on Windows he wants to run, that doesn’t run on a Mac, then he’ll use windows, or VMware (Not very many consumers use it, so thats out) to run it.

  79. Hi Chris,

    Ever since we switched all our computers to from Windows to MAC, entire process of getting things done is much easier.

    No more viruses, no more junk.


  80. Hey Chris I agree. People should do their homework and not just agree with everyone else. Thank You Chris

  81. i really think that osX is better because it gives so many more options like dual booting and using parallels

  82. Hey Chris I agree. People should do their homework and not just agree with everyone else. They should know about what they are talking about and do it fair and right. thank you

  83. I think that it really comes down to what you do on your computer. windows is more for professional use. OSX is mor for like graphics. so yeah. *)

    i say it all depends/ 8)

    Good blog chris 8)

  84. I think this was an unfair response to most of the points.

    Most of his points were meh. Fair enough.

    The last one was a joke i believe and it didn’t sound like you took it as a joke!!

    James T

  85. I acutally like vista tbh, i mean only because its like the only platform for computer games (mainstream)

    I like OSX but there arnt any really good games for it out ATM

  86. 100% agreed. What was this guy thinking! None of his argues are valid and I actually respected this guy, as you would think he knows what he’s talking about! Good post.

  87. That guy your talking about is stupid, hell Mac is better in my opinion and i run vista, and use a mac at school. and i know what I’m am talking about.

  88. I agree 100%
    Personally I am a windows XP user ever since I had my first computer. I’m 13 and I have always wanted to try OS X or Vista.
    With your point of view I’ll probably try Vista.

  89. get real – i guarantee you did NOT build your uncle a $400 computer including vista, dood 😉

    (feel free to make up a good story about how you “really did” – i won’t be here to read it, but someone else might have a giggle)

  90. I have never had a positive experience with vista, in fact i’ve never used it once without complaining about something. but comparatively i use my macbook pro every day and osx (tiger) never gave me any problems it does what you want nothing more nothing less.

  91. Its all relative of course, but I think a couple of his points are definitely valid, but mainly for geeks who know more about computers, which you are one of course.

    -Vista runs more software-. It does, and I haven’t had any problems with my latest install of Vista, and I have tons of programs installed. If it gets bogged down, I’ll do a fresh install. Its not hard. Maybe you never have to do that on a mac, but its no big deal if I can choose from as many programs as windows offers.

    -The money- Like the other commenter said, you can build a great PC for much less than a mac if you shop around. If you buy them from an OEM, then maybe they are about the same, I don’t know.

    -The Mac is closed- I could not deal with the restrictions Apple puts on stuff. I don’t have an Iphone for that reason, and that’s why I haven’t bought a mac computer yet. Macs are great for the consumer crowd, but for anyone who really wants to get fun out of messing with different programs, Vista is as good, or better.

  92. Error32 is an Error ID:10t

    As for reasons, I won’t even give vista a fair shot so my opinion is biased :-/

  93. The pricing comment by Chris doesn’t make any sense… Kevin found a few examples of cheaper products. What is he talking about?

  94. In some ways vista could be better than os x and in some ways os x is better than vista it depends on the person ,what may be a rip off to someone may not be to point is it’s down to you the perosn who is buying the computer you no what your going to need use it for.

  95. Never really used a Mac besides in an Apple Store. Wish I had one. Would rather use it instead of using a PC with Vista.

  96. Sigh, God this gets old…

    Vista runs more software? Quite likely, but the value of each app is on a case by case basis – for instance there are more sync-able PIMs for Windows, yet they all suck butter – just as they do on the Mac – next!

    Vista is safer? Bull – It is as safe or dangerous as the exploitation targeting any given OS that week. In the end, you are still running as Admin, which means anyone can create a foolish program designed to prod you in to enabling access to the system with a prompt to the UAC – same as OS X or Linux – hell, on my Linux box I can wipe the drive with a simple bash script – same thing.

    t’s the money, stupid? This is where people tend to live in la-la land in the OS X universe. The fact is that Apple makes high-end, quality hardware – they are a hardware company – period. OS X is a vehicle to this end. Now, the problem is Apple is often times providing so much hardware value, that the physical cost is frankly, much higher than a cheaply made, lesser quality Dell box. Again, simple, indisputable math. Comparable hardware for a gaming box is “roughly” the same perhaps, but for non-geeks/gamers, the Mac hardware is at a premium – simple fact. A $700 some tower with monitor is cheaper than a $1100+ iMac. The Mac has higher quality hardware without any question, but Joe User is not going to honestly care – for them it is the OS, which is another point altogether. 😉

    The Mac is closed; Vista is open? Duh, this is really foolish and I agree with Chris on this. Vista is based on proprietary code – period. That’s fine, really don’t care. And OS X is actually based on Unix, via BSD and thanks to the liberal BSD licensing, has been spanked silly with proprietary code itself, which again is cool with me.

    Two words – Steve Jobs? Two more words – who cares? Cannot recall him working at the Mac store or dictating to me what I can or cannot do?

    OS’ used in my home? OS X Tiger, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows XP Pro, Windows 2K Pro and about 6 different flavors of Linux along with a BSD flavor called PC-BSD. Each has plenty of things that suck about it, no one is honestly ‘better’ than the other – I can make up a top five suckage list for each fairly easily.

  97. A response to the 5 Reasons and an answer for you Chris:

    1. Vista runs more software
    – This is true to an extent. I am myself forced to use windows because most companies use it and i have to keep current. Try uninstalling it?!!? That is not that hard. If you use windows correctly this is not a problem. Vista is more widely supported for businesses than OSX is because of *nix. It will be awhile before *nix becomes standard for business wide use

    2. Vista is safer
    – It definately is not. This is not because of the abundance of viruses for windows. I have run vista without any antivirus software for many months without a problem because i run the 64bit version which does not have many viruses written for it, and the x86_64 architecture keeps bad code at bay. OSX is built on Unix, which is the only reason it doesn’t get any viruses. A reason why I love *nix. There just is not reason to buy apply hardware just to not get viruses. Its not that Macs dont get viruses. . . its that *nix doesn’t.

    3. Its the money?!?
    -At the same configuration, a Mac will definately cost more than a normal pc. So are you paying for the great OS? You should be paying less for a better OS. *nix is free! So going the route of a pc + *nix is cheaper and just as good as an Apple product. And both of which are better than Vista anyway.

    4. Vista Open, OSX [email protected]
    -Vista and OSX are CLOSED source. They want to lock you into their market so that they make the most money. If you see a problem, it takes months to years to get a company to fix it. Now if you went to linux, you could fix the problem yourself. And since its community maintained, everything gets done efficiently. See what happens we we all work together….free of charge.

    5. Two words. NO PROFITS!
    -Neither, Steve nor Bill should be profitting. I don’t even want to hint on this topic. Don’t pay either of them and get linux for free!

    Common Misconceptions (answered correctly):

    – You do NOT need to purchase a mac in order to use OSX. OSX can be installed on a standard pc, just as Windows can be on a Mac.

    -Apple computers are just overpriced pc’s.

    -PC stands for personal computer. Apple’s are PC’s just as much as we call PC’s, PC’s. They are all of the same.

    -The only thing that makes a Mac a Mac, is that Its made by apple, and it runs by way of EFI. You can install any OS on any system.

    -OSX and Vista both run faster on a non-apple product…go figure


    non-apple pc’s are cheap, fast and well dont come from apple. Linux is free, open, and can run both OSX and Vista at the same time. If this is a debate just over OSX and Vista, OSX wins hands down…because its the closest to Linux. Many of us though are forced to use either of those just because everyone else does. In the end it comes down to this:

    Linux/Unix/*nix > Mac OSX > Vista >XP and all derivatives.

  98. Vista is a fine OS.

    Apple does markup prices, especially laptops. We are not talking gaming machines 😛 the Mac Pro and a “Gaming PC” are probably similar yes.

    I love both.

    Ha ha but there are to many things I need Windows for to ever switch entirely.


  99. I’m following what Chris has said in the past.
    It matters on what you want the system to do for you. I want to play games so I’m naturally going to go with a Windows machine while my mom who would just use it for web surfing and email might want to use OSX (even though that would mean relearning a system which is something she wouldn’t want to take the time to do).
    So really you can’t just look at the overall experience you also need to look at what you are going to be using it for.

  100. my post got moderated…
    vista is a bad idea, with a very few good points
    OSX is very good, but makes the things too easy, i feel insulted when i use it.

  101. I have used Vista for little over a year now and i have found it to be problematic. These problems mainly consist of driver related issues i don’t know why they didn’t just make it possible to use all the devices that were compatible with Windows XP compatible with Windows Vista too. Then a lot more people may use Vista because it will actually support there printer or usb stick or whatever and maybe move on from Windows XP into Vista. Makes sense more profit. Plebs but on the whole case of Vista Vs OS X there’s one strong point that Vista is never going to be as stable in terms of an Operating System as OS X is i am lucky enough to own both a Mac and PC and i personally have found the Macs OS X to me much more quicker & reliable than that of Vista on a non Mac computer. Mac OS X i have decided is better than Vista simply because it will always work it has never let me down whereas the PC with Vista has let me down several times.

  102. the only reason that I could think that Windows is better than Mac OS X really does not have anything to do with actual software itself but the fact that there are so many Windows users. It gives not only a bigger community for troubleshooting problems but also that more people can share their knowledge with each other. Don’t get me wrong I personally I’m only running Windows because I had the hardware and operating system already. My personal choice in an operating system is not one that is user-friendly at all, it’s actually kind of a pain at times and that is Gentoo…. I think if money was out of the picture I would try MacOS X because not only am I a geek but I know a lot of people that swear by it and that’s enough to spark my interest.

  103. ok well i agree with you 100% and yes for every one reason that the PC is better there is an equal reason why the mac is better. I will now give 2 reasons for each

    #1 I can’t make my own mac (Windows/Linux)
    this goes back to the Mac vs PC Price War. yes over all they are the same as for price/spec I can make a PC with whatever specs i want low end mid or high end and wile in the end it can price out the same the ability to buy peace by peace is just easer for me. I have a hard time saving up for something i want and something always comes up that prevents me from saving up. i.e. suddenly I need a new computer chair so instead of saving for a mac i get the chair because i can get the chair now, with a new PC the chair can be put off for a week or two and I’d get say the new Motherboard now ect…

    #2 Games Games Games (Windows)
    there are vary few games and game developers in comparison to Windows for both Mac OS X and Linux not to say that thats not changing with EA coming back to Mac development it is but slowly there are umpteen thousands/Millions of Games for the PC (Including old DOS Games which yes can be configured with DOS Emulators like DOSBox to work on other platforms but not quite the same as running them on a old DOS based PC, not including Web based Games) and now with the Intel transition and lack of Mac Classic only a hand full of Mac OS X Games. yeah some might say you can play a good bit of thous games thew WINE or Crossover yeah you can but to get it to work right you have to do some configuration and modifications to get it to work without crashing or running slow…

    Mac OS X

    It Just Works .
    Theres no Blue screen of death, no this program preformed an illegal operation, no Registry or DLL (Dynamic Link Library) to get corrupted or bloated. and it starts up faster (i.e. I took two machines my desktop a AMD athlon 64 3200+ running at 2.20Ghz /w 1GB DDR RAM wile i also have an old iMac G3 400Mhz with 256 MB of RAM running Mac OS 10.4.9 Tiger. starting both at the same time the 400Mhz G3 iMac was up and usable faster than Windows XP on 2.2Ghz AMD

    No Malware/Spyware/Viruses as of yet

    the Best Part about Mac OS X is that its user base is so small that no one attacks it.
    because there aren’t as many mac users as windows theres no reason to make viruses malware and spyware for the platform at this time. in the past when Apple was bigger there where viruses on the mac but now they don’t not because they can’t but because there is to few to attack to be worth it to them for what ever reason.


  104. Response to Chris:

    Vista runs more software : Its all about choices, if you only have 1 choice and that program doesn’t work then what do you have?

    Vista is safer: Its definanatally been safer than XP for sure .. less bugs in the first 90 days, 1 year etc. If it means comparing to Linux/Mac then I did see a security post saying in the first 90 days, 1 year it was safter than Linux/Mac but agree there are a lot of exploits out there for Vista and part of the reason for my dislike with Windows in general is everyones lack of understanding of using administrator account vs. user accounts. If people understood this as well as linux/unix users we would have way less issues and the problem became more of an issue when developers started developing and requiring users to need administrator because they didn’t install, place files in spots where a normal user would have access to. Instead they did what they liked it seems like just said ok just use admin because its easier and the fault of windows is that it let you do this and there was nothing to prevent you from doing this. Hence a culture of users just logging in with an Admin account.

    The other part of windows is all of the backwards compatability that MS is stuck with to attempt to keep all of the applications out there working with new verisons of windows which was one nice thing with windows, not really having to worry about if it will work with the new versions of windows. But MS Is due to for a rework and I think that is coming with Windows 7.

    It’s the money, stupid : Yah if you sit there and try and find and match up the exact hardware it’s the same because its x86 right? Whatever, tell that to the people that can’t afford 1100$ – 3000$ for a Mac, that can afford a 400-600$ pc that you can’t find a Mac that affordable.

    The Mac is closed; Vista is open : Agreed Mac has the ability to make it easier because they controll the whole process. I’ve been waiting for MS to do the same, but it hasn’t happend yet hopefully it will though eventually.

    Two words – Steve Jobs : His presentations are all the same these days… its the same old pitch, BUT WAIT THERES MORE! sad sad infommertial sales pitch

  105. What if MS built a computer called say a “Peach” and ran Vista on it as a certified “Peach” computer ?
    Now what if you could only buy Vista on a “Peach”.
    The “Peach” runs Vista flawlessly, what would you have?

    1. MS doesn’t build computers Apple does. Why this is good? It does create competition and fairness. How? It helps the standard guys (ISO) make meaning full standards for all who builds computers which inturn allows others to be on a fair playing field. MS tries to deviate but is painfully aware of them.

    2. Vista is actually a better experience than XP ever was if you plan for it and build around it. The driver issues were big in the beginning but I waited a full year to get it and then built around it. Yeah I remember the big XP send off wasn’t so hot either.

    3. It’s not going away no matter how hard you wish. This is a silly reason I though but changed my mind because it really isn’t. Sure you can switch if you want to. I tried Apple and Linux and I still do but for everything I do it is just easier in XP or Vista. Right now I am dual booting XP and Vista very easy thing to do and with my two terra byte drives, life is good.

    4. I work in IT I worked some large Government organizations, I didn’t see one apple except in the publications area and that was a rare exception. In fact most are just now embracing MS and open Linux not apple.

    5. Just because it makes me happy. Use what ever you want that doesn’t mean anyone else has to. I don’t know why everyone wants everyone else to be on their side.
    You are free to choose!

    Let the flames begin

  106. Some corrections for Chris:

    1. Who cares if there is more software for Windows PCs than Mac? About 90% of the computer market. I like choice, and apparently so do most computer users.

    2. A closed ecosystem for Mac and Apple means less headaches, it just works. Sure, but a closed ecosystem also gives them the right to offer you over-priced hardware with definite lacking ability. Macbook Air, iPhone and iPod come to mind. MacBook Air is all but useless in a world of hype. iPhone has a fancy touch screen, but as for anything else, nearly all other phone manufacturers have trounced it in ability. iPod is nothing more than hype, overpriced as well. Great that they can actually sell it to the masses, but still doesn’t change the underlying point. You can’t even change the battery in your MP3 player without crawling back to Apple for support. Welcome to the closed ecosystem, Chris. It’s so good for you, you can’t use any other carrier for your iPhone except AT&T (unless you want to break your user agreement and hack it).

    3. Vista is not safer, I agree. When you work on such a ranged amount of hardware and allow for such a large amount of software, you attract more attention as a result. Virus makers want the highest impact for their targets, and that 90% slice of the market looks awfully good. Nobody writes viruses for Mac or Linux because they are both a minor slice of the overall market. I’m sure it could be done if people sat down to figure it out, and definitely sure it would proliferate if either Mac or Linux were in that high percentile of market share. Because nobody makes a Mac or Linux virus doesn’t make them safer, it simply shows the importance they both have in the total market share. And don’t you dare say “Well viruses on Mac and Linux don’t exist because it’s not possible.” That’s a myth, and we both know it. Given enough time and incentive, virus writers would find a way, and that will be the day that Mac and Linux need just as much security software as Windows.

    4. Mac and Linux simply do not “just work”. I ran Ubuntu for a long time and ended up swapping back to Vista because upon a critical update, my Ubuntu installation dismembered itself horribly and with a cheerful tune. If Mac “just worked” then there would be no need for a Genius Bar or Mac Help forums online. No operating system “just works”. Not even Vista. Listening to a Mac user spout “It just works” is like listening to them mimic the Mac commercials and hype before engaging their brains. No operating system “just works”. Mac just likes to remember when it works flawlessly and sweep under the rug when it crashes in a pile of flames. I know Mac and Linux users just hate it when people bring up that ugly truth, but despite the hype, they both are very capable of going down in horrible flames. If either had the market share in the total industry and were in as wide usage as Windows, you can bet your bottom dollar this “it just works” argument would go up in flames faster than the Mac under assault from the suddenly interested Virus and Malware community.

    5. In the end, each OS has its strong and weak points. Mac is built to be idiot proof, and there is a large market of them who want to buy it and not have to worry about how a computer really works in order to keep it running. Kind of like the person who buys a well tuned Ferrari and doesn’t mind that the hood is welded shut. These are also the people who, when their Ferrari with the welded hood find their car doesn’t work or something is wrong, won’t bother to try and fix it themselves, but take it to a mechanic. Then there is Windows which despite it’s flaws still manages a large market share, it appeals to the average user who is semi-knowledgeable about the system and doesn’t mind rolling up their sleeves. Sure it breaks down more often, but that is to be expected. And finally Linux which is the tinkerers’ dream come true. Amounting to the type of person who enjoys building it from scratch if they choose to, and on a moments notice.

    Is Vista ultimately better than Mac? Marketshare alone would say definitely yes. But even ignoring the marketshare, and going on usability alone, I would say no. And before you get your hopes up, none of the operating systems gets to have the gold star sticker. They all need a reality check and to stop depending on fanboys to spread the hype and pre-chewed propaganda. They all have serious issues, and if they didn’t and one was clearly better than the rest, the rest wouldn’t exist. But since there clearly are multiple operating systems, it’s a safe bet that nobody has actually gotten it right yet.

  107. Well, Chris, I agree with you. I dumped Microsoft years ago in favor of Unix/Linux based operating systems. But, I can think one way that Vista is better than OS X. Vista keeps more geeks employed at the Geek Squad for $10 an hour than OS X does. Since Vista doesn’t like to play with common hardware, determining which of the half dozen or so flavors of Vista is right for which consumer confuses most average consumers, not to mention viruses and spyware (though Vista is an improvement over XP in this regard) mean an average $250 charge for a big box store… the kids manning Geek Squad and Firedog will have jobs for some time to come.

  108. what happend to all OSes suck? You realise the irony that your behaving like a mac fan boy .
    Vista does have more programs available for it that mac, that IS a genuine benifit

    Vista isnt safer but no OS is safe from the dancing bunnies problem, excuding dancing bunnies then hardy heron (apparmor) or better yet fedora core (SElinux), go above and beyond the root defence that vista and OS X have.

    “Uh. If you build a comparable Windows machine… with hardware that nearly the SAME… you’re going to probably spend the same amount of money.” There is no way that is true. take an imacs specs (throw out the form factor tho),
    * 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (£117.50 + £55.45)
    * 1GB memory £10.17
    * 250GB hard drive1 £32.79
    * 8x double-layer SuperDrive (erm i dunno what this is so ill throw in at £16
    * ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT with 128MB memory (twice the memory £30.24)
    *20″ screen £113.96
    that comes to £375.91 vs £800
    now if you cant find a case, keyboard + mouse + speakers, for less than £400 your being picky, and if you want to install vista (then youve still got £200 to find a case (about £10-£50, keyboard £5-£20, etc)

    here are 3 reasons
    1) vista can play games
    2) vista can be cheaper
    3) vista is upgradable

    come on go back to your all OSes suck message, they all suck in different ways, there are easily 5 things that vista holds over osx, but as i dont use either ill never know what the other 2 are.
    if you want to have a system that just works, dell can deliver that.

    All OSes suck, why pay for them? In my experience while switching to ubuntu gave me a few problems but once i got used to them, im much more productive / unproductive in it, and i no longer have to crack/pay for software.
    As a bonus, while purchasing systems with vista / osx your money goes into producing future versions youll have to pay for later! Getting Linux helps convince hardware vendors to start supporting Linux ( ATI wouldnt be open sourcing there drivers, if there was nobody using them).

    As for user experience being seamless, well if your happy with preinstalled software, the same can be said for a ubuntu dell system, the difference is if you dont like thier version of seamless you can change it, and most of the time it remains seamless!
    A pre-build linux system is the best of all worlds, it is seamless, customisable and free (well once you get the system)

  109. you cant say wicth ones better because their used for completley diffrent things vista(and all other windows opperating systems) are more for games. all though macs are getting more games i think vista has them beat on that. next video edditng imovie & and windows movie maker for vista are very similar but to me imovie wins it easier to do edits and its more advance .this could go eaither way but hardware and sowftware well a goood thing about the mac is its all one piece by that i mean its all made by the same compony but their is a downside their realy is no competition for that so your going to have to get the best graphix mac make instead of some other compony that makes a better one but for vista you can get the best of the best for all your hardware but a downside is it cost alot more and all those my not work to gether. this instint about the sowfware but i like how macs are setupyou have a screen wicth is also the computer so you dont have to mess with more cables and more equipment.last i think personly from using both if your computers going to be more work oriented wrightng papers the vista wins office for the mac sucks realy bad and office for the vista is realy good. so you cant say vista or mac os 10 is better it just depends what type of person your are……….

  110. 1) I earn more money working on Vista computers on Mondays.
    2) I earn more money working on Vista computers on Tuesdays.
    3) I earn more money working on Vista computers on Wednesdays.
    4) I earn more money working on Vista computers on Thursdays.
    5) I earn more money working on Vista computers on Fridays.
    6) Saturdays and Sundays I spend the money I earned working on Vista computers then I go fishing. –a Zen koan.

    peace, brother

    btw: my personal machines are an iBook/Tiger and a Ubuntu Linux Dell desktop (initially XP).

  111. Hi Chris-

    I am late to this “party” but want to toss in my $0.02 anyway.

    I own a MacBook Pro that I bought in January of this year. I also own a Compaq/HP Desktop machine running Vista Home Premium. I own a Toshibe R-15 Convertible laptop running XP Pro SP2 that I bought 3 years ago and I have a desktop XP SP2 machine that I built myself.

    My thoughts are based totally on my own experiences (although I hold MCSE, MCP+I, CCNA, Network+ and A+ Certs) and not any professional opinions. I would rate my Toshiba R15 as one of the finest machines I have ever owned, mainly becasue of it’s convertible features, the MacBook Pro is fast becoming my favorite machine. I suspect that the only reason it’s not there yet is because it’s my first Mac and I know squat about it…but am learning fast. The desktop XP Pro machine is ok, but the Vista machine has been a source of frustration and angst since day one!

    In my business, real etstate, I believe the future of computing will be Macs running Parallels or VMWare so that can run XP just to have access to IE6 or 7. Before you flame me for that statement, let me tell you that most of our Multiple Listing Services require ActiveX controls in order to access the MLS…and the MLS is our life’s blood. The Mac with XP is a thing of beauty and the multimedia programs that come with the OS make life so much better for the agent and the consumer.

    So having said all of that, I am bowing out to watch from the sidelines! Chris, keep up the good work and remember illegitimi non carborundum.

  112. In response to your responses:

    1. Absolutely true. Far more retail Windows software available. Runs almost all legacy retail Windows applications as well. Example: My favorite graphic editors, PaintShop Pro 4.12 and Microsoft Image Composer 1.5 install and run fine on my Vista Ultimate 64-bit system. These programs were written for Windows 95. Vista bonus!: Native 64-bit Adobe CS4 will only be available for Vista on it’s initial release.

    2. Assuming “safer” means more resistant to malware, viruses, etc., Vista is a lot safer than previous Windows versions. If all the script kiddies were to target Mac OS X, you’d see that it too is just as vulnerable. If a naive user chooses to install potential malware and provides the proper admin credentials and/or allows the program to run, the problem lies with the user, not Vista.

    3. Everyone knows there’s an “uber-cool” tax on anything Apple makes. A comparably configured Windows box is always cheaper.

    4. The Mac is a proprietary, closed system. What if I want to upgrade my new iMac’s storage subsystem by adding Serial-Attached SCSI controller and drives? Sorry, out of luck. Windows PCs give the user complete control of hardware options. I don’t want Apple to control “the entire experience” on my computer. Good option for your grandmother though! (hmmm, maybe not… see below)

    5. Nothing against Steve Jobs. The guy deserves a lot of respect for what he’s done…

    However, stating as fact that “the entire experience is seamless for users” is nonsense. My mother is a Mac user and her recent experience upgrading iTunes was anything but seamless. I spent an hour on the phone with her trying to explain what all those .dmg files were on her desktop and how they relate to installing a program to no avail. Had to go to her house. Apparently no dependency checks are done when upgrading iTunes as it also required a system and QuickTime update to be done before she could watch her Michael Johns video.

    The entire experience was pretty damn far from seamless.

  113. Here’s just one good reason why Windows is better than any version of Mac or Linux – 95% of computer users, buy and re-buy Windows or use it. It is fit for purpose. All these people are not morons, as too many eletist geeks would have you believe.
    The vast majority of people also buy Nissan,Toyota, or heaven forbid Ford, and find it fit for purpose. If they had the money they might buy a Jag, Merc or BMW, but right now what they have will do.
    Please get this into your head, the overwhelming majority of computer users do not give a fat rats ass about the computer itself as long as it runs the programmes they want pretty reliably – bit like a Toyota or Nissan really.
    Yes a Mac is probably better, but a Windows machine is cheaper, as reliable, and runs programmes consumers want, and are used to. If you have a problem with that, look at Mac and Linux’s pathetic share and think what am I missing here.

  114. I’m sure that your millions of reasons why OS X is better are incredibly important. But to those of us who live in a corporate, non-Apple world, your reasons really make no difference. 95%+ of the installed corporate computing base is Windows driven and will likely remain that way for decades to come. Your incessant whining on this topic reminds me of those stalwart videophiles who clung tightly to their BetaMax machines to the bitter end.

    I hope you enjoy winning the battles on your blog pages, because you’re losing the war in corporate America. They will continue to buy the solutions that give the best bang for the buck – and it ain’t Apple.

    By the way, your point of view looks less than objective when you have Apple ‘solutions’ vendors and Vista ‘fixing’ software advertising on the same page as your diatribe.

  115. How can anything possible claim to run more software than OSX?
    A Modern Mac can run Windows programs in Parallels, can install any Linux program thanks to MacPorts etc, and of course there is a healthy market for ‘native’ OSX applications !

  116. Most of my reasons are really a matter of personal preference but here they are:

    1. Vista has a superior menu system. The OS X dock is nice but in my opinion Apple really needs to add a menu system for launching programs to their OS.

    2. You CAN get comprable hardware to Apples’s for less money from vendors loading Vista on their computers. I purchased a DELL XPS 1530 laptop for $800 less than a comparably equiped Macbook Pro. With a PC you can shop around. Not with Apple.

    3. The install/uninstall process on Vista is more refined that it is on OS X. For newbies to computing it is easier to train them to use the add/remove panel in Vista than to search for the application they want to delete and then drag and drop it in the trash.

    4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I definetly like the look of the Vista desktop over Mac OS X. I have been using OS X since it’s inception and really like the Apple iLife applications but still prefer the look and feel of Vista over OS X.

    5. Hardware vendors are quicker to market with updated drivers for Windows than they are OS X. There has been a lot said about the lack of drivers for Vista but I have been using OS X since the early days and suffered through driver hell before it finally started becoming stable (around 10.3).

    6. If you are a corporate computer user most likely you will still need to run Windows to be compatible with your software at work. I’m a software developer and almost all of the software I use runs on Windows.

    All that being said I still am a heavy user of Apple at home, all my digital media resides on Apple hardware and software. Everyone should keep in mind that Operatng Systems are man made so none of them are perfect.

  117. I can’t give you 5 reasons why Vista is better than OS X. I run both (and Win2K at my 9-5) and they both have strengths/drawbacks.

    Vista does have better gaming options. The only game I’m not running on my PS3 is Team Fortress 2, which runs on my Mac (using Vista via bootcamp).

    A lot of MS software will never run on OS X. I’m not looking forward to using SharePoint designer which requires XP/Vista. I’ve heard I can’t even use SharePoint’s collaborative features on Safari. So anybody doing corporate web development or project management in an IIS/MS Office environment is not going to be using OS X, or at least not using the MS tools everybody else in the company is using.

    That’s the only 2 things I can think of. The first is mitigated by the availability of the game on other platforms, the second is corporate decision making which is where MS’s strength lies.

  118. Sup Chris, Man…I love you, you my boy an all, been keepin up with you off and on for a looong while (even though Ive just been a lurker). So I don’t mean any disrespect or anything.

    The blog post you were commenting on was linkbait, the reasons he stated were quick reasons and not anything too different than anyone could’ve thought about off the top of their head. But your rebuttal … lets just say take the criticism you gave his post, look in the mirror and say the same thing twice. It was really a tad bit less valid than his post.

    Has nothing to do with which is better, just the argument sounded like you put your hands on your ears, closed your eyes and yelled “NO NO NO NO NO…You Stoopid…NO NO NO NO NO” while shaking your head.

  119. I’ve been a Windows/DOS user for the past 10 years and have recently purchase a Mac Pro with 16gb ram and I have already tried out some 200 Mac applications. Heres my verdict.

    Mac is pretty straight forward, no major bugs, security issues to complain about. Everything works the first time. If I want to get anything done, its usually pretty quick and without trouble. Troublefree is the keyword here.

    MACOS – the way it is coded vs Vista is a no brainer. The system appears to be more solid, responds faster than Vista in every way. And add to that, most of the apps, interface and general use in a Mac is ‘prettier’ than a Vista system.

    …But if I had to decided whether or not to go with Mac or Vista I would choose Vista in a heartbeart and here are the reasons why..

    Windows has soo many more applications than the Mac market, full stop. I cannot stress how many apps I have looked for on the Mac that are available on Windows. Coming from a Windows system it feels as if I am shopping in a tiny local supermarket vs Walmart. The poster says that Windows apps is filled with viruses and suffers from stability issues etc, while this is true for some applications, sticking to the most popular apps is usually a good indicator you won’t get most of these issues. With regards to viruses, trojans etc. It is true, coming from Vista I was surprised at how secure MacOS was and how there is really no such thing as a virus scanner or firewall for Macs. In saying that, Ive never been hacked or had a virus ruin things on my PC because I have antivirus software installed. It is a pain, but fact of life.

    It you mainly work on a computer to check emails, browse the web, utilize graphics/music editing, then a MAC is great, but for everything else it falls very short. Lack of games, lack of software, lack of choices in software and HARDWARE.

    Hardware choices. I’ve been searching for a new keyboard to replace the crappy Apple keyboard and guess what? hardly anyone makes them, I’ve managed to pickup a Logitech wave keyboard and a Logitech mouse, but if you saw the number of toys natively supported for Vista, you cringed.

    So what do I use my Apple mac for these days? Mainly just editing graphics (Adobe), video editing, and I like to learn about other hardware/OS, but that’s about it.

    I’ve been seriously looking, trialling all sorts of Mac software and I cannot find anything decent in the Mac fields.

    Accounting many more in Vista that are better
    Games… rules Mac out completely
    Mail handling.. Apple Mail compared to Outlook lacks ALOT of features and plugins.
    Microsoft Office – Mac one falls short
    Niche software categories – mac falls short

    At the end of the day, I prefer vista, despite the system having more bugs, issues, virus threats, the trade off is more choices in software, hardware and productivity.

    If you gave me a play system, would I rather vista or MAC? Mac any day, the system is just so much more “funner” to play in, with its spaces, widgets, menubar gadgets, etc. But for work, VISTA.

  120. I see a lot off Vista laptops (students) at the school were ik work as system administrator. They are all brand new, great specs. BUT SLOWwwww………….

  121. There is one point in which Vista should be better than anything: it’s the OS that looks like WinXP the most — and people got used to XP.

    Of course I’m kinda kidding, since probably there are Linux flavors that are way more stable and resemble XP better. Yeah, in this case, Vista is still good for nothing.

  122. 5 reasons why Linux (debian) is a comparatively superior OS than both Vista and OS X:

    1. Community
    2. Synaptic
    3. Kernel sets for your own personal CPU
    4. Endless customizable experience
    5. Multiplatform implementation

    The only reason Monoplosoft and Crapple have their say in the computer world is the control they hold through either fear or licensing. Imagine if there was hardware made for PCs that wasn’t Windows compatible and only say BSD compatible. There would be a freak-fest of complaints from M$.

    The best I can explain Crapple’s superiority is their “just works” theory. Problem being, no competition means price gouging. M$ is not there competition. They are their own experience. However as the OS itself goes beyond the third party applications, they are both outmatched by Linux (debian).

  123. hey, i dont know if anyone every heard, but there a hacker competition in which a vaio, macbook air, and fujitsu were put to the test. the macbook air was running leopard, vaio running vista ultimate, and fujitsu running linux…macbook air was hacked in two miunutes flat!!! vaio and fujitsu did not budge at all. It was hacked through a safari exploit….now you tell me what you think… or mac? id go with vista

  124. I’d have to agree with some of the above post. Alot of your average computer users can’t afford to go out and buy a Mac.. as much as they would like to! Most people’s Mac obsessions are driven by the clean UI. Looking at them side-by-side, OS X is much more appealing than Vista but many people just mod Vista or settle because of their monetary situations.

    Many people have also gotten into the mindset that computers are disposable…although they don’t have to be. People can’t see spending 2 grand on a Mac when they can speed 500 dollars on a Windows machine, sometime less depending on the time of year.

  125. I think that it’s not so much important, because Vista is not such a glance like it should be. Why? Don’t forget the Windows Milenum, they suck, a lot, but they should suck because it was first OS in many years with completly new arhitecture. Same thing with Vista. We should not complain about Vista. Vista is just a starting point to develop Windows 7. But after releseing 7, we should critisize Winodws OS. But just be patient, and let’s see if Windows can really merge all this programing technologies together in one OS.

  126. Vista is better, much better than XP. The only reason ppl complain about it is because ppl cant afford a new computer compatible with it. And everyone else is SO STUPID since they only say VIsta sucks since someone who cant afford a better computer says so. Then, every1 says Vista sucks. BUt only 1/10 ppl who say it sucks have actually USED vista and everyone who says its good can afford a new computer with Vista pre-loaded on it. Vista is better since its got games and better productivity

  127. I have VIsta Ulitmate on my computer and It sucks. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not. I hate Vista when she opens Safari after 15 sec and I love it when she does as tolled. Vista also hates my Mac[don’t know why but I can’t see my New Mac on my Vista based PC but Mac sees my Vista based PC and bonjour printing works to over a wireless network. I just hate it cos it(Vista) doesn’t see my Leopard based Mac. If you know how to fix it send me an e-mail!!

  128. Are you serious!!! Better games and productivity? the only major thing that vista changed form xp is the looks , the ram usage sucks on vista, you have to have fukin 4gb’s of ram just to run it like a decent Xp. People only have vista because they cannot afford the imac or sometimes the mac mini.

  129. Mac sucks. Unlike most people, i have both, Windows and Mac. I have a Vista, Xp, Leapord, and Tiger. THe macs are 4 school and windows 4 everything else. I have to admit that Vista is more demanding, but unlike a lot of ppl i can afford a good computer. So dont complain about Vista until you actually try it out, you noobs. Alt+tab beats exposé, since its faster, flip 3D beats quicklook, since it looks cooler, but looks similar. Instant Search is better than Spotlight. And two words: Halo 2

  130. Macs are not for office workers, the PC Dominates the Office environment. The Mac has like 5 percent of the office work force share in comparison to PC running Windows 2000 server edition all the way through to Windows XP Professional and Vista. This does not even touch Windows Mobile cell fones and portable electronic devices that run off some version of Microsoft. Im not aware of really any programs in the UMPC field that Apple has right now to call its own like Microsoft does.

  131. For most of those requests that u state in ur comment such as trading stocks, doing taxes, managing an online business( that ones huge in Microsoft), and wat the hell gaming as well, the PC is the best platform to complete those tasks, not the Mac,in fact, im not to sure what Mac has over the PC that the PC simply cannot either A.) Be upgraded to do so and to do it better, or B.) have a program that basically does the same thing and with more built in features. The PC just seems more versatile.

  132. Even some professionals who use mac OSX still have Windows XP installed and run Office 2007. There is no denying that Microsoft dominates the office productivity software.

  133. the internet is extremely slow now for some reason (through firefox and safari), certain web pages dont even fully load correctly, i cant run Sony Vegas (my favorite video editing program),i cant use any of my adobe programs, i cant play any video games, Itunes doesnt recognize wma files (apparantly the windows version of itunes does -_-) and when i close it up and walk away from it and open it back up its just a black screen.

  134. the vista side has been working a lot better and getting everything done for me. i dont have any of those problems on it at all.

    although photobooth is pretty fun to mess around with and FCP and Motion are probably some of the best video tools.. thats about all i currently have good to say about OSX.

    i love the way mac computers are built though.

    i wish i could just have vista on my macbook pro.

  135. whoeva wrote that i will agree is wrong but i can give u five reasons y vista is better than os-10 but not at the moment its 1 am

  136. seriously why wont you people just stick with whatever you actually like instead of bashing other people saying that macs/pcs suck?
    your not gonna change their opinions so STFU fanboys!!!

  137. The first point is definitely true. And yes it is a measure of a good operating system because by having a larger selection of software i can do alot more things and thus having a better overall experience… “.exe’s” are my world.. all the time i am downloading new programs: be it installing new hardware, trying out new freeware or thinking of some type of program that i need for whatever means and searching for it on google to find that it is already created.. You CANNOT do this on a mac.

  138. Why is a measure of a good operating system is if it is a good foundation for software to be written?? How much percent of people with any type of computer create there own software? I think thats a stupid point to bring up as its a low priority really and besides, its a no brainer which os is more commonly used amongst programmers..

    Uninstalling a program in vista is quite simple. Go to programs and features within the control panel. Then choose uninstall a program. How hard was that?

  139. Hahaha “ask a gamer what type of pc they have” hhahahahah oh god.. Are you serious.. I dont think gamers have even heard of a mac.. Im not going to get into surveys and such but its just blatant at how many gamers use windows.. Why you would bring that up is beyond me.. And i can tell you now its a hell of a lot cheaper to make your own gaming pc and put windows on it, then to buy a mac with the same graphic performance.. Can you create your own pc and put mac software on it?? NO.

  140. rofl i was downloading a movie on my PC laptop one time… it restart cuz of updates and my movie wasnt finished (still needed an hour) and I had to leave to go on a trip in 30 minutes. I was mad.

  141. software out of the box? ilife? omg wow thats a reason, windows live is free, ilife is 80$ (its better in some ways though)
    gaming pc, dude if that system has dual 8800GTX SLI, and its more expensive than imac with fucking ati 2400, of course it will. but if u take fixed price, 1200$ for example pc for this money will smoke the shit out of a mac. mac=unapgradable and unoverclockable and it makes imacs shit, mac pro is upgradable but unoverclockable, QUAD pcs beat it . apple=shit

  142. If your not on it, and it updates in the middle of the night, it does restart itself. I have had both my laptop and desktop (both running xp) restart themselves in the middle of the night multiple times.

  143. i own both mac and pc, they both have their pro’s they both have their cons. vista has crashed more than 5 times this past 2 months and my mac has never crashed. never froze and never failed. and i paid twice as much for the vista os rather than mac os x. thats the differance.

  144. you wanna fight?…joking
    Anyway, I wish I was like the guy below me and had both so I could see what they’re both like. (I’ve got a Sony PC btw)

  145. i like my mac, i tryd vista, on a pc at my house(luckly i dont have it any more:p) and yeah i hate apple fan boys and pc fan boys! it pissess me off!

  146. Chris Pirillo é um otário!
    Passa a vida na frente de uma web-cam enquanto sua esposa sai com o amante e torra todo seu dinheiro.

    Essse outro songo-mongo que defende o Vista também é um idiota. Defender o Vista??? VTNC!!

    Abraços pros Nerds.
    CHg RULA!

  147. I agree with Tim, who said that both OSystems have flaws. He is exactly right that the bigger Apple gets, the greater a target for hackers and virus/trojan/etc. writers they will become. I suspect that Mac is already the riddled with viruses and so forth but no one has really noticed yet because 1) OS X is such a blackbox that it is impossible for the average user to have any idea what is happening underneath. The fact that the product “just works” (as Apple users like to say) may be both a blessing and a curse. 2) The public is still in a bit of a honeymoon phase with the iPod, iPhone, the new iMac, and whatever else.

    I do believe OS X is safer than Windows for the moment. But it won’t last. The more people use Apple, the more people will hack them. And personally, I do believe that Apple has a major leg up with the Unix base, but Microsoft will probably catch up. If not, Apple will enjoy their time in the sun until another giant comes along with a better product.

    The same thing will happen to Ubuntu in terms safety and such if it gets popular enough. We all need to realize that as technology changes, so do the targets and techniques of those who would harness it for less than honest purposes. Nothing and no one is immune. Its just the way it works.

  148. I think you are strongly biased on your comment, i´m a mac user from the 7 system now,
    Leopard for a an average user was good but fora video professional like me is a a painfull experience.
    Today i have choices in windows world whith more stability and
    i dont care about macs pc or whatoever, i care about work done.
    Lately i used a windows x64 os whith x64 apps ands nothing in the mac world has this level os stability. Sorry but the cosmetic features in a os, don´t compensate the lack of real support for really professionals apps.
    Vista is crap, but osx is worse… 🙂
    And where´s the x64 version of the creepy QuickTime? worse, Apple don´t plan to upgrade QuickTime soon.

  149. “It’s the money, stupid. Uh. If you build a comparable Windows machine… with hardware that nearly the SAME… you’re going to probably spend the same amount of money.”

    This is an absolute lie. The most egregious example of Apple’s exorbitant pricing is memory. I priced a Mac Pro in 32 GB of 800Mhz memory (which should have been about $800.00) and it increased the price of the system by $4000.00!!!!

  150. Just got my new iMac and wanna use it to share my internet bandwidth with my kids. I’ve got to limit the speed though since every MB counts and kids can be thoughtless in downloading. Googled it, found traffic shaper XP (free), softperfect bandwidth manager. Tried to install them, but my iMac does not run .exe files. Oh it needs .dmg files apparently. Googled it again, with mac os x leopard search term mind you. Found none. Guess the more options available the better, at this time.

    Oh my airport card suddenly stops working. It’s AU$79 please, thank you. Oh my harddisk stops spinning. It’s AU$449 please, thank you. If it’s any consolation, the harddisk is a 750GB one. I said “If”.

    Oh my wife uses my mac book pro for day to day computer actvities. Browsing, sending email, clicking, scrolling down, saving, shutting off. Oh she can update the softwares very easily as well, one click away as she likes to say. Very easy to use as all applications she’d ever need are all put on the dock. Really intuitive!! Did I say mac book pro?? Sorry it’s a cheap celeron notebook running ubuntu with awn dock installed. I told her it’s a mac book pro, she didnt even care to confirm if it was true. she just wants to browse the internet!!! you don’t deny a lady’s needs.

  151. This is in response to price argument.

    The last time I looked the cheapest mac was around $1300. Now I can build a PC of the same or better spec for less than $900.

    I’d say Macs are definitely more expensive.

  152. Five reasons PCs are better products than MACs:
    1. Cost – I just bought a brand new, brand name laptop for my wife with an intel dual core processor, 300GB hard drive 2GB RAM 15.6 screen for $399. That’s less than the cost of the highest end ipod.
    2. Software availability – Many software applications are unavailable for MACs. I can name dozens of applications that are not available for MaCs. Many that are available for MAC cost more than the PC version as well.
    3. Hardware components – When I need to add an internal hard drive, optical drive, or any other device to my PC, it’s a very simple process.
    4. Compatability – My PC is compatible with LCD projectors without having to buy a dongle. I don’t need a special router or modem for my PC. When I create powerpoint presentations on my PC and save them on a flash drive, they appear the same whether I use a PC or MAC to present them.
    5. Availability and variety – PCs and their peripherals are much more widely available to me and are offered in a wider variety. If I am am unsatisfied with the cost or quality of a product, I can choose another manufacturer, or buy the parts and build many items myself.

    You asked for 5, but below are a few more:
    6. Exchange server works better with PCs
    7. Free software, including most open-source software is available for PCs-only
    8. itunes decreases your control of music files. It restricts your ability to burns CDs, transfer files to multiple machines, and convert to other formats.
    9. Apple has a reputation for not following environmental standards for production. There are many PC manufacturers that follow and exceed most environmental standards for production of their hardware.
    10. Apple has played a lead role in working with record and movie corporations to restrict user control of video and audio files.

  153. Excuse me? Dude, do you even know what Vista is? Know your operating systems. Vista is 100% more secure, cheaper, and less vunerable to Viruses and Trojans. C’mon, please, you have to be kidding me. Vista DOES run more software. And has better protection. You can’t copy & paste something. If your going to buy an Apple product, get an iPod, because a Mac isn’t worth buying.

  154. I’ve been using Vista for over 2 years now, since it’s initial release in 2007. After 2 years and SP1, I have to admit, Vista has become a solid OS. People really need to look at this OS again.

    I have assembled my top 5 seemingly small yet wonderful things I love about Vista.

    1. While in sleep mode, Vista auto-searches for wi-fi hotspots. Upon resuming Vista, your computer is automatically connected if it’s an open network (don’t worry, if concerned about security, you can turn this feature off). This saves me a LOT of time. In XP, every time you resumed, you had to wait for it to connect.

    2. Search right from the Start menu. Much better than the old run command of XP. I can search any of my documents, music, program files, all from that bar, and it’s a live search too, narrowing down my results as a type. Best of all, it searches WITHIN documents for certain phrases. Definitely useful!

    3. Power-saving features. I use a laptop, and battery is a big issue for me. Vista is a huge update from XP in that doesnt burn nearly as much battery, and you have greater customization over how you want power managed when on battery and AC. On a 6cell, I can achieve 5 and a half hours with the right settings!

    4. It’s prettier. XP looks so archaic when I look back. Vista looks so aesthetically pleasing. And not just the aero (glass) feature everyone it talking about. They replaced the start button with an orb. Taskbar items are highlighted blue when you mouse-over them. All these little things that people don’t notice. And the two tone taskbar itself looks nice. It’s just visually appealing to the eyes, and when staring in front of a computer for hours, this really helps.

    5. Auto-defrag. Most vista users dont even know, but vista auto-defrags their laptop by default. And best of all, a window doesn’t pop up or anything. Everything happens in the background w/o the user even noticing. Such a great improvement over XP!

    And finally, though it isn’t small, still important.

    6. It’s faster! Believe it or not, Vista is actually faster than XP in browsing and general application usage (sorry, but gaming still goes to XP). Vista makes better usage of dual core, and uses SuperFetch to pre-load commonly used programs into your RAM even if the computer just booted up! This makes a huge difference when opening up firefox. Instead of searching the harddrive then storing it in RAM, Vista already has it in RAM for you. Opening Firefox is quick.

    For the 2 years I’ve had Vista, I haven’t had any serious experiences except once when a printer couldn’t function with Vista. On all other counts, I’m more than happy I made the switch.

    Vista gets a lot of rag from people that either A) for some reason support Apple even though they’re not getting paid for it (ie. MacFanBoys) or B) don’t actually understand how a computer works. Most of the time, what slows Vista down is the insane amount of crapware that comes pre-loaded in machines you purchase (HP is NOTORIOUS for this), or if the chip is an AMD (AMD chips just suck with Vista, there’s a reason Mac went with Intel).

    Do the research and use Vista on a machine from an owner that actually knows about computers and has removed all the crapware. You’ll be very surprised at the speed and comfort Vista offers.

  155. Surely it’s not whether the whole thing is better – it’s what aspects of the whole are better, the number of aspects are better and most of all which of those are applicable to the user. I would be happy if i had a computer that did only the things i need it to do within certain bounds of flexibility. does anyone really want any product that has imperfections BECAUSE it is trying to do too many things and cater for too many needs?

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