What do Girls Want as Gifts from Geeks?

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Laura writes: “Some men are great at picking out that special gift to give to their partner. Men that are “geeks” seem to be the worst gift givers. Let me rephrase that… they are bad at giving “girl” gifts. Every girl now and again loves to receive that Techie gift from her guy: like an ipod, iphone or Blu-Ray player. However, there are times when we need to feel special – that our guy cares enough to know about what makes us a girl.”

  • Gift Certificates There is nothing like the gift to shop. I love this gift, but it is so important where the gift certificate comes from. Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, or Sephora equals good. Walmart, Radio Shack and Game Stop – bad!
  • Flowers Now I know what you’re thinking. But wait… don’t send flowers on her birthday. Send them after you’ve stayed up all night working on your computer and didn’t spend any time with her. Send them because you just started to think about her and wanted to let her know. Gifts are to be given from the heart, not just on Holidays. Does everyone hear that? “…NOT JUST HOLIDAYS”. Stopping on the way home from work and buying roses for $5 out of a van, and saying “here, don’t say I never get you anything” is not the way to go. Splurge and buy her flowers for no particular reason at all, with a little note to say “I’m thinking about you”.
  • Spa packages Awwww… nothing says “I appreciate you” more than a day at the spa being pampered. This gift says, “honey I know you work hard at your job, that you keep our home clean, that the meals you cook are incredible and because you are awesome at everything, I want you to have a day for yourself”. Bad idea – giving her massage oil and saying “we can test this out later (wink, wink)”.
  • Jewelry Ok men, this is important. If you are giving jewelry, try to pay attention to what she wears before buying something expensive that she will never wear. Diamonds are forever, so usually you can’t go too wrong with that. My favorite gifts include anything from Tiffany’s. There is just something about that blue box wrapped in a white ribbon that makes me melt. Bad idea – a key chain from the drugstore that says “I [heart] NY”.
  • Designer handbags Now this is my personal favorite. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes. OMG, this is one gift she would never expect from her guy, yet if he gives you this you feel special, sophisticated and beautiful. Make sure your handbag comes in a gift box. Most of the time the box is just as important as the bag inside (don’t ask). If you think you would never have any idea what style bag to buy, don’t fret my hairy friends. Most of these upscale stores have very talented sales associates working there – they know the latest trends and what is popular. Bad idea – any handbag that is purchased from a Box Store, or has the words “impostor”, or “replica”.


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48 thoughts on “What do Girls Want as Gifts from Geeks?”

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  2. I have to disagree with everything except the flowers.
    Flowers are my favorite.
    Even though I’ve only gotten them once

  3. My husband is a geek (well, so am I!) But I agree, you could never go wrong with Designer handbags! πŸ™‚ One is never enough. πŸ˜‰ I recently bought a new bag…. just so I can fit my ipods, smartphone, ds lite, and camera in it.. LOL

  4. Hey! What’s wrong with a gift certificate for Game Stop? I would love it if my husband got me one — then I could catch up on my Sims 2 expansions. πŸ˜€

    But my favorite gifts involve my crafts – knit, crochet and sewing and jewelry.

    And live flowers are the way to go. I’d rather get a flowering potted plant or a rose bush than cut flowers any day.

  5. The flowers is a hit. I think a boyfriend, significant other or husband would be VERY wise to pay attention to what interests his girl. Each girl is different… and many of us would be considered weird by the “shopping is the bomb” crowd. I do not want jewelery or clothes. Gift certificates work but ONLY if they are for places I normally shop.

    Pointers from a non-traditional female:
    1) Flowers – be sure to find out her favorite, not everyone like roses NOTE: be sure to find out about allergies
    2) Gift Certificates to the places she shops (e.g. electronics, iTunes, fav geek site, espresso shop, etc.)
    3) A Picnic… you do not have to make the food unless you want and can. Just the ideal that your guy would go through the trouble makes your heart swell.
    4) One day not to be responsible for anything or anyone… this is more for couples with families. Even in this day and age of modern thinking females bare more of the responsibility than males whether by design or never asking for help.

    Be creative and make it fun. Laughs and good memories are very important.

  6. Geeky Guys Don’t have to bust the bank to share geeky love!

    A list from a geeky woman, mom, wife and allthat.

    Random acts of thoughtfullness – yes this follows suite with non-holiday gift giving or hey I thought about you today.

    1.Pick some flowers yourselves wrap them in a ribbon place on the kitchen counter with a little note simply saying “I love you” or in the bathroom with “mirror mirror on the wall I think your the fairest of them all”.

    2. Plan a date all by yourself do somthing she likes to do even if it fragments your hard drive. Does she like to dance? – sign up for a salsa, swing or tango lesson hey geeky guys it involves numbers and counting plus brings you together working as a team good for the body & brain.

    3. Got a multi-tasked out gal? make dinner do the dishes or her least favoriate chore without expecting a huge todo about it or crowd roaring. Beleive me, when you do this, she does notice and it makes a bigger difference to her if you dont act as though you climed Mt. Everest, keep in mind this is somthing she does every day so just by doing it, without fainfare, she will think man that was cool, and most likely will respond in kind.

    4. Pour her a bubble bath, put candles in the bathroom, soft music fluffy towel a glass of wine or her fav. beverage. Assure no interruptions while she is relaxing, turn phones off, keep kids busy, or no hay honey have you seen my…. About 30 mins in to it, gently rap on the door, luffa in hand ” would you like me to wash your back” now guys this is not pot scubbing, help gently, no funny business unless she initiates it. (helps you avoid her thinking there is a motive….;)

    5. A 5 day plan to romance – 5 love notes: day one put it on her car seat, day 2 put it on her purse, day 3 put it on her closet door, day 4 put it in the fridge, day 5 sneek to her office place on desk with an invite out to dinner.

    Hope this helps you geeky guys, a lot of women have enough money to buy their own stuff & things, but by doing the above, your giving the gift that she can not buy for herself,,,,,, your love & attention,,,, remember lots of women think with their feelings.

  7. I also disagree with everything but the flowers. I love getting flowers, even fake ones from the craft store (they last forever)! Tiffany’s jewelry, designer handbags…..it feels like Laura is telling our geeky boys to buy our hearts. When it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts before anything else….just the simple fact that you’ve been thinking of us, is really all that should matter.

    and I personally would love if my boyfriend brought home massage oil to “try out later (wink wink),” but maybe that’s just me.

  8. Okay, so as one of your girl chatroom viewers I will give you my womanly advice. Honestly, gifts are not that important to me. I’m not into shoes (I wear two pairs). I’m not into expensive handbags (I carry a cheap Old Navy one). I can’t even tell you what they do at a spa. I’ve only gotten flowers from my mother…(Trying not to be bitter about this) And the only jewelry I wear came from a Ren Fair. Honestly, the best I’ve probably gotten has came to me recently when a certain someone drew me a picture. πŸ™‚

    As trite as it sounds, it’s really about the thought. I think on the special days when presents are required most of us just want to know you remembered the day and know why it’s important to us. I think it’s more about you spending time with her and doing little things that make her smile, even if you don’t want to do them. It’s more about doing the dishes without her nagging you and less about shoving a present at her and heading to the computer. πŸ™‚

  9. I’ve been married to the same man for longer than most of the people on this blog have been alive. And one of the things that I like about him is that he will give me flowers for no particular reason except that he knows I like them. I’ll come home from work and there’s a bouquet of carnations in a vase on the dining room table…or roses, or irises, or whatever. Of course I get them for “occasions” as well. For you geeky guys, scientific research shows that flowers actually improve one’s mood, especially on those cold, cloudy days. My guy has also presented me with different types of jewelry over the years, but that’s a different story.

  10. I may not be a normal girl persay, but I’d have to say Laura is off on about everything. Unless the girl is shallow (which I don’t mean as an insult btw) The expense that you spend buying her things isn’t going to matter. As well as a girl that cares about you wouldn’t “want” you to go spend lots of money on her because it would make her feel bad. I’d have to say the majority of the guys in the world don’t have an extra 500 bucks to drop on jewelry or a silly handbag and girls don’t want their guys to go broke.

    While most girls like jewelry and handbags this isn’t something they are going to want once a week or month, maybe one single thing yearly would make them happy though.

    Overall, ANYTHING that you do to show that you care, or have spent your time on is going to make them very happy. Like you mentioned about Ponzi being irritated about you just text messaging her, and about reasons why you went a certain place to get her something. That’s the feelings of most women. ANYTHING you do to say hey I went out of my way to say I love you is going to be well received. Any time you are spending quality time with them, they are going to be impressed and appreciative.

    About the flowers on the computer, that’s really not a half bad idea. If your girl has a computer you could definitely put an awesome spin on that. Go outside to a nice place and take the picture with your geeky digital camera, do a little photo editting, and send it with an I LOVE YOU on it. The fact that you took the time to do it will mean more then any expensive long stem roses you could get her. (Disclaimer: If she doesn’t have a computer … she may not like it XD)

    And to wrap this up, here is what I think the top gifts would be:

    1.) A pledge of the night to be totally hers for whatever she wants to do. If you’re feeling creative make up a little certificate and put it in a box that “you” wrapped yourself stating that the night is hers. She’ll probably choose to just sit with you and watch some tv because she loves you and wants to be near you. Which is the best gift of all.

    2.) Food: If you can cook a perfect gift is to make a really nice dinner. Men and women alike have to eat πŸ™‚ This is one area where sending it virtually can’t cut it. If you can’t cook, it’s ok we ladies understand, and ultimately it makes us feel more important anyway because we can. So in that case take them to a nice sit down restaurant. Doesn’t have to be anywhere too expensive but choose a place that is visually stimulating, and depending on what kind of woman you have either quiet, or if you are shooting for fun, a sports bar or maybe a gameworks.

    3.) Item Gifts: Item gifts are so dependent on the type of girl you have. What makes one girl happy, is going to get you a roll of the eyes from another. If you are going to choose to buy items as gifts it’s going to soley depend on how well you know your girl. The first 2 gift ideas are universal. The only hints I can gift you on actually buying something for your girl are as follows:

    If you’re girl is obsessed with Martha Stuart – get her an autographed book by martha stuart.
    If she loves Elvis, find out when a good impersonator is coming through and get her tickets.
    If she’s sporty, find out when your state football team is doing their drafts or whatever and get the full team to sign a ball for her.
    If she’s geeky buy her cool computer software, computer, laptop, ipod, or anything thats electronic and she’s going to have fun taking apart πŸ™‚

    Anyway, this list is from Bridgette and although all women are different and may have more or less to add, I think this one is definitely closer to what women would want as a whole.

  11. I disagree with everything except the flowers. Every girl loves flowers, granted that they are not fresh from the ground – roots and all. I like some jewelry, but it’s not a must that it must be from Tiffany’s or a jewelry store period. I love WalMart and anyone who loves Walmart as much as I do is a good person. I would prefer gift certificates to somewhere like WalMart or Radio Shack or some online tech store. Personally, I think Laura has very expensive tastes…I do not. All girls are definitely not the same, just like guys. So before you decide to go out and buy your girl a present, know a little about how picky she is or where she likes to shop and the like. Be observant. It pays off.

  12. My observations on gift ideas:

    Gift certificates are great, especially certificates for bras and panties. Family members are out of the question and don’t gift this if you’re not intimate with the girl. She’ll be freaked and you won’t get to explain yourself for a long time.

    Flowers are always welcome. Even though, as guys, we know they are going to die, most girls will appreciate that you spent your cash on something you knew wouldn’t last forever and that you did it for them anyway.

    Lego! Maybe I just got lucky finding my fiance but she loves lego.

    Nintendogs or Animal Crossing for the DS. It’s cute so it will keep her busy long enough for you to get some of your own gaming in.

    Regarding a spa/beauty treatment: Eyebrow tinting. Yes, girls like to have their eyebrows darkened. Well, I know at least two who like it. It’s a suggestion.

    And last, a dinner out. No pub or bar like we learned in “Shaun of the Dead”. It’ll go a long way, though like the flowers it doesn’t last forever but it’s easy.

  13. Wanna know how to *really* impress your girlfriend?

    LISTEN to her.
    Get her something that she wants based upon something she said in conversation.

    As painful as it sounds, it’s actually pretty easy and the rewards will speak for themselves. She will be happy, you will be happy, and she’ll say good things about you to everyone she knows. It’s a no-lose proposition.

    If all else fails or this seems too much a burden, flowers.

    Thermionic Emissions

  14. I *love* the wall paper comment…. Hehe high res JPEG….

    Nah, stick to the geek gifts, if you are going to date, date a girl geek!

    GIRL GEEKS!!! Pah. I am fed up with all the ‘normal’ girls getting the guys, go girl geek!


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  16. …because, after all, money equals love.

    This is why either Laura will be serially single or why I am.

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