Can Kids and Computers Combine?

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Do you remember what it was like when you were a kid? Unless of course, you still are one. I know we have a large audience of teenagers, and that’s wonderful! I have an Email here from Amy, with her top five reasons you should encourage your kids to make use of all Technology.

  • Letting your child use technology early in life will allow you to instill respect… instead of fear… into them. The difference between respect and fear is that fear prevents you from doing something. Respect allows you to use a gadget, knowing the full power and consequences of using it for good or bad.
  • It will help them advance in school at an advanced rate. Kids are made to do testing on the computer. By learning technology early on, it will allow them to be more confident… and competent… when the testing time comes.
  • Learning to use a computer is like learning to walk… it’s easier to learn when you’re little than when you’re older. I know that if I were a kid today, I’d be all over technology.
  • It’s a fact of life that your kid will be using technology for the rest of his or her life. The ability to adapt to a new technology will be much easier if they are taught to use these things at a young age. Kids just tend to pick things up a lot faster than most adults.
  • Letting your child use the computer gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with them… as well as allowing you to know what they know. By sitting with your child when he or she is learning, it allows you to show them what different methods and tools there are, and how to use them.


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38 thoughts on “Can Kids and Computers Combine?”

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  2. In addition, it’ll also remove the barrier between you and the child with the technology. As in, if something is concerning them, if you’ve spent time with them over it, chances are they’ll come to you for advice. With them being unprotected from somewhat occasionally seedy and disturbing people, this is paramount to keep them safe, and more importantly, to keep them secure in that they know what they’re dealing with.

  3. chris, i agree im 11 and i regularaly keep up to date on your blogs and videos, and am subscribed to your you tube channel, but it can become very hard to learn when no one you know apart from you knows anything about tech. im fortanute enough to have a SITO (seniour internet technology officer) live right next door to me (not mentioning any names). im in england by the way . before i knew my next door neighbor i had to work out how to install RAM hhd, graphics cards e.t.c. and it was hard not having any one to tutor me or giude me through it. as my parents are qiute old in there 40’s, they dont even know how to highlight more than one item in windows. but i think the more people that email you and ask you questions the easier it will get for everyone.

    jamie lake

  4. I grew up in a house of polar opposites when it comes to technology (computers especially). My dad is very anti-modern tech. Anything that has to do with a monitor, CPU, and a connection to the internet is seen as an item from Satan to him. My mom is exactly the opposite. She got her first computer about 10 years ago, and she’s loved them ever since. That computer still works too! Still rocking IE4. I am proud to say that I drifted toward the world of technology, and so have my brothers. My big bro even participated in that IE4 event mentioned in the video. The difference is very, and I mean very apparent. My mom, brothers, and I are more open and knowledgeable to other cultures than my dad is, and we’re even finding better deals on daily items online also! I’m having a rich communication experience by commenting on this post right here. And, I debate with people on internet forums all of the time (I even moderate one of them). Networking and learning more about technology eat up most of my time. My dad? He sits in front of the TV, which he’s starting to hate. He didn’t know of the class-action lawsuit against Sony for the first-gen SXRD series TVs, the light engine specifically, which I did, because I read about it on the internet!

  5. I’m 20 :^). I did in a sense watch you when I was still a teen. Call for Help!

    Anyways I was introduced to a Windows 3.1 machine that was broken. I spent many hours playing and toying learning the in’s and out’s of DOS and finally how to use FDISK and install Windows!

    If I had not been introduced to that machine and felt that feeling of fixing them I would not be in college right now for that very field.

    All kids need a decent introduction to technology.

  6. I wish all adults thought that all children should use technology. I love it when you see an adult sitting there struggling to make something work or figure something out, and you tell them how to do it or what to do, and they don’t even listen. Also those are great tips. I started computers at a very young age with Windows 98 when I was 5 to 6. Of course I progressed over time but it is more than likely because I started early and got time to learn.

  7. Hey i think that letting you kid(s) use tech because its important! we all know that one day like the movies the world will become super hi-tech with cars fling in the air and people will be traveling in tubes. if you don’t let your kids use tech then like chris said in the video the child will not be afraid of tech in the future when all this new tech will come and one day tech will be in our lives every second one day we all will have robots to helps us and many more things that we will need to get around in our daily lives. My father never got a chance to use tech. his dad always said not to touch this or that because they were afraid that is would brake or something bad would happen. well my dad did not to the same. he wanted me to use all of this new tech and even abuse it sometimes to so that i would know and not be afraid of new things coming out in the future and i think he did the right thing because now I’m a huge geek and i love tech and so do many others in this world and i think there still are people that are afraid of using tech and i think that they have a hard time getting around. my grandmother doesn’t use tech because her father told here that you can;t touch this and that and now she doesn’t want to get a computer or anything to techie for her. my main point is just let your kids use tech. let them use as much as they want. you can show them the limit but don’t strap them down and say no computer for you, because one day we will be so advanced in tech that know one can hide from it.

  8. Yeah, I’m 13. I maintain my computer, I’m responsible, and I update my computer hardware. I built my own computer with my uncle so it is very precious to me.

    Very good points.

  9. um… i just tuned 12 (in march) and i started out 3 and my parents had laptops given to them so i learned on them and i have wanted a laptop sence i was 2-3! and now i know more about computers then most people 3 times my age…

  10. Great! Now you can get a job using computers. And youll work in that field for 10 – 15 years, realize you hate, have no other skills ,can;t get another job, and for the rest of your life, you will hate work. Welcome to my world.

  11. Doesn’t it suck to have to teach your relatives to use a computer properly??

    “Um… should I delete the C drive?”

    “No, you idiot!!”

    “But it’s taking up too much space!”

  12. Hey Chris. I am 12 years old. I also am a computer tech geek. When someone has a messed up computer or technical problem with something. People that I know will come to me and I can fix it. I tested my self by taking apart my whole computer and I put it all back together. I am currently developing a internet web browser. It is almost done. I run 4 web sites. Some personal some not. I do web design. I am going to email you about somthing. Thanks Chris πŸ™‚

  13. I’m 12. I have an brilliant knowledge of computers I.E I built my own,Repaired my own god knows how many times, Repaired laptops,Making a special effects and all the geeky stuff etc expect for the website html c++. That stuff just confuses me.

  14. did u take the heatsink for the cpu off? and put it back on without cleaning it with arti-clean and use as5? or did u take it off and put it back on?

  15. I was 11 when i first started using a PC, 16 now, and wow, since then I must of clocked up at least a year in total time of using a computer. I built my current one, and I’m learning computing (programming) in A-level in about 3 months. So yeah, all good. As long as the kids learn to respect other people over the internet – resepct seems to be the biggest issue.

  16. I was 1 or 2 when I started using the computer. It was an IBM using MS-DOS. My dad loaded games and I played them ( half were educational games half were not :P) but as time went on I am happy for my dad doing this because I was already surfing the net at age 7 or 8 and now I am near the top of my class with others who have used technology from an early age.

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