Those Videos were April Fool's Day Jokes!

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Due to the overwhelming response to all the videos we uploaded on April 1st… I have decided to revert my decisions. Everything will go back to the way it was the day before APRIL FOOL’s day!

I still can’t believe how many people fell for all of them. The date is stamped onto each video we record and upload. I gotta tell you… I love that holiday. You know it will happen next year, as well. It’s funny how many people sent me emails begging me to not quit streaming, telling me they now hate me… it was insane!

I wasn’t really able to trick Ponzi this year. I did manage to put a icky-looking remote control spider in the middle of the kitchen floor. She didn’t really fall for it though, since the remote decided not to work. The worst prank I ever played would have to be the time I decided to use a mail-merge function in the Pirillo’s Picks. I moved the variable up to the top, instead of having it at the bottom. I said “The newsletter is getting too big. I’m going to have to unsubscribe ten people every day… until it’s down to a manageable size.”. I then used the new rule to add in nine fake email addresses, and number eight always showed up as the person’s email address who was reading the newsletter at the time. My list grew that day by over 20,000 people. I’m not kidding. That many people re-subscribed, thinking they had been unsubscribed! So, they pulled out another email address and subscribed again. It was funny, but people were seriously freaking out BIG time. I had to immediately send out an apology email.

Even though I love to play pranks, I really do try to make sure not to do them at other’s expense. I don’t mean to hurt anyone, or seriously anger them. I hope you all had fun along with me!


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