Is Windows Vista Ultimate Better than Home Premium?

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What’s the difference between Windows Vista Ultimate, and Windows Vista Home Premium? One is black… and the other is green. Everyone knows if something is “premium”, it’s good… but if it’s “ultimate”… it’s better! You never hear that premium is better than ultimate. Are you nuts? Everybody knows that software that comes in black is much better than software that comes in green. That’s been scientifically proven by people at MIT who weren’t scientists, but they did wear the little white lab coats!

Someone in chat asked if Vista will run their microwave. If you put the Windows Vista Home Premium disc in the microwave… it’s a very shocking experience. VERY shocking. It will upgrade your microwave, for sure. The difference will be night and day. Make sure you only use the green disc though.

I just don’t understand why people are so confused. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.


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72 thoughts on “Is Windows Vista Ultimate Better than Home Premium?”

  1. Everyone knows the way to go is the BLUE pakages…..

    This was proven several years ago with XP, and carries through with Vista

  2. They wore white labs coats and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night….

    And yes the Vista disc in the microwave is quite fun. I found Business worked the best in the microwave though.

  3. April 1st aside, It’s been annoying that there isn’t a good guide to the differences. Here’s my quick list:
    * Able to join a domain and run media center.
    * Image Based Backup (as opposed to file based)
    * *cough* Ultimate Extras *cough*

    Which means that for most people, home premium is plenty.

  4. Ultimate isn’t really better than premium, but business edition beats both: good feature set without all the Media Center Edition EXTRAVAGANZA!

  5. chris, you’re gonna be sued by people who put their vista discs in their microwave, after all, you live in the US 😉

  6. I have been told (by the tech adviser at CostCo) that Vista does not allow communication between my newly purchased HP Officejet Pro L7650 All-in-One and my HP Laptop with Vista Home Premium. The Vista OS was said to be the broken link between my HP all-in-one and my HP Laptop. I bought an all HP system, expecting their equipment to work together. I love this printer. It prints from commands, but I expect all its functions to function! I want to be able to command scans, copies, and faxes as promised. I have unistalled and reinstalled the software 4 times, getting different results each time. The HP OfficejetPro L7650 All-in One still does not communicate to my HP Pavilion dv6358se Entertainment PC. Further, when I click the HP Solutions icon , a window appears and says, “No HPdevices have been detected. HP Solution Center will close now.” Is there a Vista “fix” in the future? I plan to return this HP All-in-One if I cannot get full function performance from it.

  7. Yeah… the Vista “fix” is here… but you must get back from ultimate experience and upgrade to XP…

  8. Iove you Chris,, but your cretin explanation was worthless, you know
    there is actually a difference between the 2, or maybe you don’t. I not taking the time to explain it to You who I consider the
    UlTiMatE internet Guru
    even thought the difference is miniscule

  9. Yes, Ultimate is better than home, However, XP Pro is better than Ultimate. You see having the X in the name is what makes it good.

    When you were given 2 free 100% legit copys of XP Pro, you tend to stick with it ^.^

  10. i think ultimate is better than h. premium, very tweaked premium sp1 “loading lot” but i seen yesterday a “clean- not tweaked ultimate without sp1” and this not “loading lot”,

  11. yeah but the one that was first to make products was Apple so it doesn’t really matter, Apple-DOS was made in 1978 and MS-DOS was made in 1991, Mac OS was made in 1983 (the Apple Lisa) and Windows was made in 1984 so it doesn’t matter when you found them, all that matters is the products and on that Apple is better

  12. Mac OS X Tiger/Leopard

    Ubuntu/Mandriva Linux

    Windows Vista Home Premium/Ultimate

    Windows Vista Home Basic

    Rest of Linux distros 😐

  13. I have Ultimate, dont waste your money….It’s a huge ripoff and only gives you a few worthless additions that are relatively useless to the greatest majority of users. I still feel like Microsoft did a huge dis-service to all Ultimate owners. The number of useful additions over the last year or so, have been nothing short of shameful.

  14. I disagree. In terms of the number of features and what each one does, then yes ultimate is better than premium BUT… premium is the one Microsoft spent the most time developing because its the one they’re expecting most people to buy and premium is recommended by all the big computer manufacturers. So, at least in my book, that makes premium better.

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  17. i heard that XP is 33% faster for games than vista… and did anyone notice that some guy in that forum wanted vista for his dishwasher???

  18. no, you know why, because i dont have time to argue, will just go with i have no idea what i’m talking about, and you do because It’s just not possiable that your wrong based on “you find it hard to belive” you are right, i’m wrong, we’ll leave it at that. becuse honestly, i truely don’t care anymore

  19. omg you spaztic piece of shit !
    you look like a spaz … act like a spaz … and talk like a spaz !!!
    you also have no idea of computers since you define the quality in the colour ( chek from 50 seconds onwars )
    my sister who if 5 years old know so much more than you

    overall … this is probably the shitest vid in youtube

  20. I was in PC World the other day and one of the assistants was demonstrating a PC to some guy and his daughter.
    The assistant told the guy that the computer came with Vista Home Premium. The guy went mad! He said ‘This is for my daughter! She’s having Ultimate or nothing!’.
    So yeah, there are others out there who know their onions when it comes to OSs.

  21. If they did the same thing as Apple.. then idiots like you would say “YEAH! They are copying OSX again” PLEASE! Give it a rest O.o

  22. “…Just ask anyone…” they were asking you, and wow your not color blind. okay so ultimate has a few more things, Advanced backup features, business networking and remote desktop, and also BitLocker Drive encryption. Premium doesnt include what i just listed… wow and i didnt suckup 3 minutes of your time. and the guy is just not very funny to be honest. he obviously isnt able to give answers just remble some BS to entertain you. but the word better doesnt explain why it is better, jeeze!

  23. there is barely any difference between the two of them except that the ultimate has a few more features and eyecandy

  24. I have gone through all the editions,and i believe business edition is the best as it offers the best performance out of them all. The ultimate has all the windows media / entertainment features which slow down the computer cos it uses too many resources. Business edition also gets rid of parent controls which is good to see. No more annoying popups asking for authorisation!

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