Turkish Food (not Turkey)

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Two food lists tonight? Seriously. I need to hire a cook who knows how to make dishes from literally every country there is! I think Ponzi is getting tired of me asking her to do it. Let’s take a look at some of the top foods from Turkey, sent in by a community member.

  • Dolma This is probably the most famous dish on the Turkish menu. There are several different types of Dolma. My favorite is made with pepper and leaf. It consists of rice and ground beef, rolled up in vineyard leaves and stuffed into several peppers.
  • Hünkâr Beĝendi This is a delicious side dish which contains a mixture of butter, milk, eggplant and cheese. My mouth is watering up just writing about it.
  • Sish kebab/taouk This dish I’m sure everyone has heard of. It is four or five pieces of meat and vegetables barbecued on a single stick. Several dishes are a spin off from this one including Shwoermah and Sultani.
  • Hirsiz Kebab (thief’s kebab) This dish is more of a local specialty in southwest Turkey. A big ceramic pot is heated by surrounding it with hot dirt and burning coal. The pot is then opened, and used like an oven to cook potatoes and sheep or goat meat. If you ever have a chance to eat this dish, I guarantee that you will love it.
  • Doner Doner is basically pita bread filled with meat or chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. Most of you know Doner as Sish Taouk sandwich, named such by the Lebanese… or Souvlaki, named such by the Greeks.
  • Baklava Baklava has been the most influential Turkish food. Nothing tastes better than the original Turkish Baklava made of aşki (the layers of the Baklava), nuts, and delicious syrup.


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