Jordanian Food

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See? Here we are, with a second food video tonight. Is anyone else hungry yet? This time, we’re discussing favorite dishes from Jordan… and learning how to properly pronounce Flafel.

  • Mansaf (men-sef) or Manasif (men-a-sif) This is a meal made from dried Yogurt rocks (known as “Jameed”), Yellow Rice, and Lamb. The “Jameed” is then kept in water for 10 hours to be blended and cooked. After Jameed is cooked, it is called Labaneh. The Labaneh is poured onto rice, and mixed all together. Some people prefer to use chicken, instead of the lamb.
  • Dawali (Dah-wah-ley) One of my favorites, Dawali is Grape leaves stuffed with rice and ground beef. Some people even put tomatoes in the leaves. It is then rolled tightly, and put in a pot for 2 hours to cook. The smell will make your mouth water!
  • Humus (Hu-mus) This is one of the most known Arabic meals! This is Chic Peas that are cooked, drained and processed. During the processing, you add Tahine (Tah-heen-eh), Lemon, and garlic. If you prefer, many Jordanians put Hot Pepper on top of the meal!
  • Flafel (fell-ah-fel) ONE OF THE WORST PRONOUNCED WORD IN THE U.S. (Sorry for Caps.) This is a patty or ball, which contains spiced Fava Beans. Some Jordanians stuff it with other great things. Falafel has been changed, and now is served as “Stuffed” which is larger and has vegetables in it to go along with the spiced Fava Beans!
  • Mloukhia (mluu-hi-a) Again, one of my most favorite meals! Mloukhia is like spinach leaves. It is cooked in water, and then put on top of white rice, with some type of meat mixed in. What I prefer, is getting Mloukhia liquid and pouring it on rice, like a rice soup!


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23 thoughts on “Jordanian Food”

  1. “Mansaf” “dawale” “Molohya or molochya” “Makloba” All these kind of food make the person stronger and healthier. JORDANian 4 Ever

  2. lol, ur funny tryin to pronounce these lol especially the Muhiya thing… i’m not jordanian i’m american so i probably screwed the spelling up anyway lol. but, u pronounced the other ones right.

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