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Every day people ask about Guitar Hero tips. I recently received two separate top five tips lists about Guitar Hero. One covers the basics… and the other is more for Experts. Thanks to everyone who keep sending in those lists of tips and tricks. Keep them coming!

  • Be patient, it takes a bit of time to develop any type of skill. The same goes for learning to play Guitar Hero. You have to first start out on the easy level. Then, as your ability increases, you will be able to move up in difficulty… so take your time!
  • Use “hammer-ons” and “pull-offs” (HOPO’s). These can help you to make it past some of the games hardest solos. Pretend you have a real electric guitar. When you would hit a note on one string… the string would keep vibrating. As long as the string was still vibrating, you could hit several other notes in a sequence. Well the HOPO’s in Guitar Hero are not much different. When you are playing a song and the notes begin to appear, you will notice that some notes have a black ring with a white middle in the center of the note, while other notes are shiny with just a white center. This is because the notes without black rings (the shiny notes) can be hammered-on or pulled-off. HOPO’s require no strumming, giving your more of a chance to focus on the notes you are hitting instead of strumming (this will also save your strumming arm from getting tired). If you play the Guitar Hero tutorial, it will include a more in-depth lesson on this procedure.
  • Use Star Power at correct times. When you’re playing on easy or normal modes, you would use Star Power to gain more points and up your score. Now it is time for that to change. On the expert difficulty, you usually have to use Star Power to prevent the dreadful “song failed” screen. Star Power can be a life saver by raising your rock meter. This will prevent failing a song.
  • Use practice mode. Practice mode may have seemed useless on any other difficulty, but on expert it is a must. It can help you to “nail” those tricky solos, or even just to practice any part of a song. If you use it properly, it will return the favor and you will beat a song you thought you could never pass.
  • Play different songs. I can’t tell you the countless number of times a friend of mine has told me that he plays his favorite song every day to develop his skill. This is completely wrong to be doing. To develop skill in this game, you need to play every song to become better. You can play “Slow Ride” at 100% , but that won’t help you play any other song in the game.
  • Hammer-Ons/Pull-Offs: Hammer-ons and pull-offs (HO/PO) are an important part of Guitar Hero. When the center of the note is white (or rather whiter than usual), you can hit it by just pressing the fret button if you successfully hit the last note (instead of hitting the strum bar and the fret as well). This helps for fast scales like the strings found in Cult of Personality. However, relying on this only can get you to fail some songs, which is where the next tip comes in handy.
  • Alt Strumming: Alt strumming is just strumming rhythmically to the notes instead of using the HO/PO system. This makes it so that if you miss a note, it doesn’t effect the rest of the string. This helps during insanely fast strings like the “First Drizzle” section (I believe that’s what it’s called) in Raining Blood. This is only recommended if you are having trouble passing a song in Career Mode.
  • Boss Battle Assistance: We all hate boss battles deep inside. The note charts themselves are insane, and it doesn’t help that the boss is constantly throwing power-ups at you. The chart for Lou battle is very fast, but there’s a way to combine tips 5 and 4 to see if you can at least pick up as many power-ups as possible. Get three of them at a time, and just relentlessly hit the boss with them one after the other during the note-heavy sections. This will help in Slash and Tom, but I personally have yet to beat Lou.
  • Squeezing: Star Power is especially helpful in tough situations where you need to get as much bump up on the rock meter per note as possible. But, for when you’re using Star Power to pick up some points, I recommend trying to squeeze the notes. This is a term that means activating Star Power right before you hit a note string. This will help both your Star Power last as long as possible and help you pick up twice as many points for the note you hit. It might not seem like much, but if you saw HellAshes first FC of Jordan, he didn’t get his high score because he didn’t squeeze his star power. This technique will help you beat those high scores posted on Scorehero.
  • Practice Mode: This might sound like I’m giving the Guitar Hero creators a pat on the back, but practice mode is probably the greatest feature of the game besides the game itself. Going into practice mode to slow down those tricky riffs until you perfect them helps a ton, and even if you think you’re “too cool” for practice mode, you aren’t. Use it to nail those riffs that would otherwise be impossible, and it can also help you bump up your own level of play.

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37 thoughts on “Guitar Hero Coupons & Tips”

  1. For those without Guitar Hero and Rock Band, I recommend Frets on Fire. Like Guitar Hero, minus Star Power, and completely open source.

  2. I play Guitar hero 2 maybe a few times a week on my 360, I can play most of the songs on expert but I totally ignore hammer ons and ect. It feels better for me just to hit all the notes.

  3. Pretty good tips, I think I just need this drilled in to my head more. I see them but I’m thick headed as all hell when it comes to actually using them.

    Pat on the back to the guys who gave the tips.

  4. 3 Things.
    I dont have good dexterity.
    I need to buy Guitar Hero
    I would rather play a real guitar.
    I dont think that i will like playing a plastic guitar after i get used to a real one. i usually (as being a cheap person that i am) play the demo at wal-mart. It is a fun game, but the only thing i can do is story mode. i have no one to play with. =(


  5. I would have to agree with one of my most hated enemies on his comments about this game. If your gonna learn how to play a instrument why not just learn to play the real thing. Even though there is a small incentive to learn how to play a fake instrument for a game, learning to play the real thing will be way more rewarding. If you learn to play a real guitar you can please more people and play it anywhere and not be restricted by not having a gaming console, game disk, or a tv nearby. It is more rewarding and beneficial to others around you just to learn to play the real thing. Don’t be a poser by a real player (no sexual reference intended).

  6. Thanks for posting my tips list!

    To all of the people saying that “Why not just learn how to play a real guitar?” I play guitar, and think that Guitar Hero is pretty good. Guitar Hero and real guitar are two separate things. Some people just like having fun by playing Guitar Hero, some people have fun playing real guitar. I have fun playing both. Guitar Hero is fusion of my two likes, music and games. That makes it a good game for me.

  7. i cannot do hammer-ons and pull-offs idk why but i need to do them

    i beat guitar hero 3 on easy and medium

  8. i cant do HO/PO i dont know why i cant but i need to use them for fast solos

    i beat guitar hero 3 on easy and medium

  9. I have rock band, and love it. i cant play Expert for my life! really good tips!

  10. Hey Chris thanks a lot for posting tips regarding this game but to be honest i never played this game … but i would love to know how to play a real guitar. sad thing is never had any opportunity to learn how to .. anyways thanks again

  11. Chris yet another good video keep them coming. Oh and i really thought that the tape measure guitar was sooo pirillo.

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