Energy Efficient Cars: What you Don't Know

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Bad Bad Leroy Dan had to call me to interrupt a video I was trying to do on saving energy. You know I had to record it when he started saying that our Government is not allowing us to save energy. There are six cars built in America that get more than 35 miles per gallon… but Americans are not allowed to buy them. They are all exported right out of the country.

One of the keys to restarting the American economy is staring us in the face. While our future hinges on the rapid adoption of fuel-efficient vehicles, our government stands in the way of a rapid free market solution. 35 MPG can be an immediate reality, with one domestic manufacturer, if the United States government would only allow it to happen. Our elected representatives need to be aware of the facts and make the appropriate decisions.

All-in-all, a dozen Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep diesel-engined models are currently available outside of the United States, but are not sold domestically. Here’s the eye-opener … half of those models currently achieve 35 miles per gallon combined. That’s 35 MPG … right now. And what’s even more crazy? All of these 35 MPG cars and SUVs are built in North American plants by North American workers … American citizens cannot buy and drive the fuel-efficient cars they build.

Because these vehicles use Diesel fuel, they don’t pass the Emissions standards. Therefore, even though Americans make these vehicles and could really benefit from the mileage these get… we can’t buy them.

What if the federal government temporarily rolled back the emissions requirements for one or two years, to allow the sale of these fuel-sipping vehicles while Chrysler and its partners complete the engineering necessary to meet the current regulations?


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49 thoughts on “Energy Efficient Cars: What you Don't Know”

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  4. Dang chris what took you so long to get this up? i barely remember this day, lol.

    When i get to buy a car, i will buy a hybrid. I dont know how people on a regular person budget can afford to buy and keep huge cars. These kind of cars get around 20 mpg. You could get a car with 35 mpg for half the price. The only thing you are skimping on is size of the car. But i believe that these huge cars will soon be gas efficient.


  5. chris i dont know if you heard but they found i car in California that gets 230 miles a gallon, but its technically and motorcycle because it has 3 wheels and it was reported on that it will be read to buy for people who live in cali, and your right america really needs to step up their game, its sad that some of these problems can be fixed but people are to greedy, please tell me gas companies will go down to the medical companies dont

  6. Me and my dad have an ’06 VW Passat Diesel…It is AWESOME…It has TONS of power and a lot of room and we get about 38-43 MPG..

    I would HIGHLY recommend you get one.. VW CURRENTLY sells Rabbits and Jettas.. The redesigned Passat will get one sometime this year (Older Passats have Diesels)

    Look for the letters TDI for diesels…

    Finally on the Emissions…sure they might be a LITTLE bit worse but think…better gas milage means there will be less demand for fuel which equals less pollution in production.


    P.S. – Hybrids suck…They get horrible gas milage…
    Also doing all electricity would be TERRIBLY expensive… To make it “clean” the government or some private company/person would have to spend BILLIONS of dollars to rework the US Power Grid….

    Also… We aren’t doing squat to the Environment… Explain why Mars’ temperature is rising in a way that corresponds directly with the rate at which Earth’s temperature is rising…

  7. Chris and comment readers,

    Although it is great that many car companies are coming out with energy-efficient cars, I still want to have an all electric car; specifically the Tesla. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, most geeks have, it is an all-electric sports car. It is aimed at the people who want to have the “cool” look of a sports car while having the “geeky” tech of being electric.

    I thought that this comment would fit right in with the subject!
    Brady (Computer|Nerd)

    P.S. I don’t know if I am allowed to put this, but I’m sure Kat will remove it for me if I’m not: For more information on the awesome Tesla, check out

  8. I am very big on global warming. I believe it will happen and that we need to start being more earth friendly. We need to get rid of almost everything that produces carbon emissions. We can’t really get rid of everything that releases carbon emissions in the air but we do need to bring our carbon emissions to or below the average carbon emissions level that the Earth was at around the 70’s or 60’s. But of course it would be a whole lot better if we went below that level. By the way the Earth is well above those levels and its getting worse. Some people feel that electric cars is the way to go, but I have to say it is not really the true answer to eliminating global warming. The reason why is because the United States primarily uses coal burning as our source of electricity. Therefor with electric cars United States would use even more electricity than we do now and this would result in more burning of coal creating more carbon emissions. Electric cars would be great only if we were to switch all of our coal power-plants to an emissions free power-plant. There are many power-plants today that have no emissions like windmills, dams, and i think even nuclear but i am not sure about that. If United States does do this then electric cars would be great. There was an ad in my TIME magazine the other day that introduced an algae farm where if they could get things up and running they could produce enough fuel for the entire United States. So in conclusion not only the United States needs to be carbon emissions free but the whole world needs to do so also.

  9. the oil companies run the world along with the cia.they don’t fuel efficient anything! 2007 is the peak production year for oil,and the supply is running out,so the usa is being scammed with high gas prices.all politicians are crooks! f em all! there were electric cars in 1910?!!!! standard oil killed all electric cars etc.politics as usual! the iraq war is about us trying to steal the oil! us government sucks!

  10. i have a 2008 toyota camry hybrid and love it. ill never drive another non hybrid car. Im looking forward to someone bringing out a hybrid truck and then im set. I own a 26 foot boat and all i want is a truck that can tow my boat on the weekends and be my efficient 30mpg daily driver during the week.

  11. Chris, wanted to share with you some info on the fairly new BlueTec technology. To make diesel engines fall within the emissions standards, there will either be a tweaked catalytic converter that reduces the catalysis that occurs in the engine without sacrificing power -or nitrogen oxide absorbers. BlueTec was introduced not too long ago at an American Auto Show and many brands have since poored money into its development and implementation. As you may know, Mercedes-Benz will have cleaner-burning diesel engines in many models, along with their line of Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles. VAG (Volkswagen/Audi Group) are introducing BlueTec this year in their Jetta, Toureg, and the new Tiguan miny-ute –all on sale as 2008 models. I’ve just purchased a new Volkswagen R32 which only gets 18 MPG so I won’t be savoring the fruits of this new technology for at least 4 years! But, I see this becoming a very important piece of technology that could really benefit many of us.

  12. It would take more then federal involvement to change emission standards to permit sales of millions of diesel vehicles.

    First – There are state emission laws in addition to federal. Try to get the liberal tree huggers to endorse making more dirty air! Not gonna happen. Especially California.

    Second – People would have to want to buy them. Most people perceive diesels as dirty, smelly and noisy. This could take a while to turn around. In the mean time nobody would be buying the diesel vehicles and the manufactures would take a big profit hit.

    Third – It most likely would cause an increase in gasoline prices due to the refining/storage capacity reduction caused by increased diesel production. This is due to the limited refining, storage and delivery resources available. You cannot make or store them together. Once the basic fuels are separated from the crude oil they have to stay separate. No new refineries are permitted to be built due to ecological concerns (more tree hugger love, more state and federal laws). You see a miniature version of this every time the seasons change and various states have to change their fuel blends to contend with both state and federal law. No matter how many vehicles you flood the market with that run on diesel you will still have a huge demand for gasoline for older cars, trucks, generators, boats, lawn/garden equipment, farms…

  13. It’s going to take more than fuel efficiency rollbacks to get us out of the hole we are in. I 1988, had a 1980 Isuzu diesel that got 50 mpg. American cars could obtain the standards, but as long as selling Americans a $45,000 SUV remains so profitable, the car companies will keep selling them.

    It is a shame that since the government didn’t impose higher MPG standards long ago, we now find ourselves at the trailing end of technology. Car companies won’t do anything for the good of mankind. They only do it for the good of the stockholders.

    Also, I wonder if you have any control over the advertisers on your website. Why not spend 50 bucks and try this “run your car on water” hype, and tell us how well it works for YOU. HHO gas should be called
    HO HO gas, because this guy is laughing all the way to the bank.

  14. If these models do indeed pollute, then they should not be sold here, or anywhere. It is time for Americans, and everyone else, to suck up and stop our frivolous use of fossil fuel. It pollutes in many ways, and is could be costing us our future on a nice habitable planet.

    The elephant in the room is called Reduced Mobility. Americans use one hell of a lot of energy and most of it is for personal transport. If we don’t stop driving around now, we will stop driving around later. It won’t be easy at any time, but it will be far more onerous the longer we wait.

    The changes needed to live life without driving ourselves to Hell and beyond will be difficult, but attainable – maybe. It is time to stop denial, pull our heads out of our a$$es and begin the process.

    Buying a 35 mph car that runs on diesel will not fix anything. It will just push the issue out a couple years. Maybe not even that if you consider the energy costs to build that car compared to making do with what you have, applying basic maintenance, and not driving unless absolutely necessary.

  15. Please check my friend’s web site concerning on efficient and alternative fuels. He has been a champion concerning efficient carburation for about 40+ years… with it all falling on deaf ears.

    ANY politician willing to do anything to upset BIG ENERGY’s monopoly ensures their removal from office. It is a political third rail that no one has yet… dared to touch. They understand the undercurrent and choose to ignore alternatives because they simply wish to remain in public office for more than one term.

    Best regards,

    US Army retired
    Manassas VA USA

  16. just read an article that found that a prius was outperformed on fuel economy tests by a bmw. Forgot where I read it but it was only a couple days old. Maybe Gizmodo?

  17. 35 mpg would be good,if it were a gasoline engine. But only 35 mpg for diesel is actually rather poor. I had a Ford Escort diesel with a manual transmission and it got 50 mpg. And that was years ago, back in the 80’s..
    Now I wish I would have held on to it. Instead now I’m holding on to my 94 Ford Aspire gasoline engine which does get 35 mpg. It has saved me a fortune over the last 14 years. The savings in gas alone has more than paid for the car itself, not to mention the lack of repair bills. But what I WILL mention is that when you open the drivers door of the Aspire and read what it says, it was actually made by KIA Motors in Korea, not Ford. I drive it to work everyday and hope to continue to for many more years. I only regret that I did not buy TWO of them brand new..

  18. exactly. Why choose diesels? Is it so that we can go a few extra miles without having to fill up? Cuz that’s all mpg is for. Diesel is still bad for the air… isn’t that what this is all about, saving the environment? this is just political crap.

  19. Diesels can be made very clean. Check out MB’s Bluetec technology. Anyway, the days of smoke belching diesel cars is long gone. Try out a modern VW TDI or any of the Quiet, smooth Diesel autos currently sold in Europe. Another advantage is that you can run them on grease, even from the deep fryer at fast food restuarants (with a little filtration)

  20. I don’t know about the 35MPG cars that the government won’t let us buy. That sounds silly. However, this guy is correct about CURRENT diesel auto technology.

  21. People responding to this guy (with the exception of the government preventing high milesage cars) are not well informed. I keep hearing that people say diesels only give you “couple extra miles per gallon”. Thats BS. In a car in particular, a diesel will give remarkably improved gas mileage. 40+ MPG is not uncommon on a small to medium size diesel powered car (modern models)

  22. A little bit of the real reality peeps out of this odd export situation. How is it that oil prices go up and down madly, many people can no longer afford to gas up their cars, and so many new ideas for cheap power are flushed down the drain before they can even see daylight? The oil industry looks at us with big, innocent eyes, and says, who me? They are not the only ones who feign innocence, and the money/power structure of the world is indeed an incredible web of wealth, elitism, plutocracy and deceit. It’s enough to know that nothing ever happens in finance or politics that isn’t planned and nurtured, and every fractional increment or decrement in the price of gasoline is known long beforehand, and then imposed with an iron will. The self-styled “players” of the world simply get away with what they can get away with, and the bewildered public senses something is wrong, but really hasn’t got a clue.

  23. A little bit of the real reality peeps out of this odd export situation. How is it that oil prices go up and down madly, many people can no longer afford to gas up their cars, and so many new ideas for cheap power are flushed down the drain before they can even see daylight? The oil industry looks at us with big, innocent eyes, and says, who me? They are not the only ones who feign innocence, and the money/power structure of the world is indeed an incredible web of wealth, elitism, plutocracy and deceit. It’s enough to know that nothing ever happens in finance or politics that isn’t planned and nurtured, and every fractional increment or decrement in the price of gasoline is known long beforehand, and then imposed with an iron hand. The self-styled “players” of the world simply get away with what they can get away with, and the bewildered public senses something is wrong, but really hasn’t got a clue.

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  25. Diesel is the only way to go. I have a 2002 Dodge Ram with the Cummins Diesel. I removed the smog crap on it, and it runs better and cleaner. The emissions test ran cleaner than it did new. New it ran a 14% particulate test, it now runs a 11%. Fail is 35%. It gets 25 mpg. Because the diesel gets better mpg, it costs more to drive a gas Dodge Ram. Even though it has higher diesel cost, its cheaper because of the higher efficiency. Its rare to have a 350HP 900FTLB Torque truck that gets 25 mpg 😉

  26. Lets do the math… Lets say we drive 100 miles in a gas and diesel truck. I’ll be nice and say the truck gets 15 mpg on the highway, even though its closer to 12. My diesel gets 25 mpg.
    100 miles / 15 mpg = 6.66 gallons x $3.40 = $22.644 per 100 miles!
    100 miles / 25 mpg = 4 gallons x $3.75 per gal = $15 per 100 miles!

    The cost of fuel is the current price at the time of writing.

  27. Global Warming is going to kill us. We will freeze to death in a few years.
    Oh, wait, That is actually global cooling. We better start buying cars that get 13mpg so that we can have more carbon emissions to warm this planet back up.
    I think I will have to buy another parka and another 15 passenger van.
    I am all for saving money at the pump to help my own pocket book and get us more independent from the middle east, but if you support reducing carbon emissions, just hold your breath. You exhale carbon dioxide with every breath. You are the problem. You can eliminate the problem.
    On a more serious note. Maybe we should study this whole weather thing a bit longer before we have the government give us “fixes” like ethanol from corn, that only drive the price of food up and don’t reduce pollution at all. Or have the government stop subsidizing big oil so that the price of gas can go to what it should be in a free market, which would make people use alternatives that are truly cheaper and better.
    Government regulation has never fixed anything.

  28. yea over here in the UK we have a VW that does 83mpg and its clean full catalyst converter emissions are less than 0.75% in fact our diesels are more pollutant than petrols now over here in the UK.



    We need an intelligent biofuel reality check. The first fact to face is that it is biologically, physically and mathematically impossible to replace fossil fuel with biofuel. U of Mass. Biologist Jeffrey Dukes calculated that the fossil fuels we presently burn in one year were produced from stores of organic matter “containing 4410 to the 18 grams of carbon, which is more than 400 times the net primary productivity of the planet’s current biota.” In plain and simple English, this means that every year we use four centuries’ worth of planetary plant and animal matter that were converted into fossil fuel over many millions of years. Every single barrel of oil replaces 25,000 man hours of human labor energy. The idea that we can simply replace fossil fuel and the extraordinary power density it provides with a fast market shift to “green” energy is the stuff of wild science fiction. There is simply no rational substitute for cutting back on energy consumption. The most important step toward a sustainable Post Petrol Paradigm is to initiate resource conservation on a heroic global scale. A truly sustainable society requires a very radical departure from the present energy consumption paradigm. To just change fuels, without changing the underlying social and economic paradigm is an absurd folly.

  30. Diesel is great for future cars, the problem is the cars we already have. In my opinion suplemental hydrogen is the best solution for our current gas guzzlers.

    HHO(hydrogen, hydrogen, oxygen gas) can be made on demand with a simple device that many on youtube are developing in their own garages as a type of hybrid conversion.

    The use of hydrogen not only increases fuel economy of gasoline, but also diesel.

    It’s nice to have a hybird fuel equivilant to 130 octane gasoline, and is free.


  32. The reason why those trucks fail emissions is because we have crap diesel fuel to begin with. European diesel is extremely clan burning and works wonders. If we used the same fuel (and I do not remember the retarded reason why our government does not use that diesel).

  33. I don’t wanna be offensive or hurt anybody but if an American’s idea of energy efficient is 35 mpg then, I’m scared. Your average European family car does 40 mpg, no hybrid drive, not some dodgy Prius or anything, just a normal, family car. Energy efficient is 70 mpg.

  34. dfoggin, im sry that over here in America we dont live up to the standards of the fag ass Europeans. Since when did Europe decide what was best? Last i checked there were only a handful of European countries still aiding us in Iraq. If they dont even have the balls to Stay there, then they sure as hell dont have any right to parade around like theyre the greatest thing in the world. Im also sry that Europeans arent fans of large trucks and SUVs, but over here in America we do it different.

  35. If you want to find out more about alternative energy and cars, Watch the show: “who killed the electirc car?” and Ecotech Episode 1. The first one talks mainly about the EV1 car and the reason for it’s disappearance, the second one talks about the new technology’s that’s been developed. Do some research about the “Hypercar”.

  36. I am entering a science fair. And my project is on saving energy. Althogh the contest isnt for awhile i thought i could start some research. And your site didnt have every thing i was looking for but it had most of it. THANKYOU and because of the information you gave me, I may be able to win again this year because i won first last! Again thankyou!

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