Are These Good Reasons to Embrace Technology?

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It took me more than three years to convince my parents to give up dial up, and move to a better connection. I blame myself, for not giving them enough reasons to embrace technology. Here is an excellent list sent in by a community member, with five of the reasons you should embrace the newest technology.

  • Efficiency With the development of technology, the speed at which we can achieve our goals is greatly increased. Processing data and transferring information has never been faster, and we are able to access information much quicker and with greater ease. Data storage and retrieval has developed so much that it’s almost hard to believe that we were once carrying 1.44Mb floppies. Those floppies held very little data in comparison to todays’ hundreds of gigabytes of storage capacity on backup drives and servers. Also, the physical size of these storage devices has reduced as well. Can you imagine 500GB of 1.44Mb floppies?
  • Connectivity Connecting with people all over the world is by far more achievable with the development of the humble telephone, fax, cellphone and the Internet. Apps such as Email, VoIP, and Instant Messaging have made things so much easier. Snail mail used to take as many as 3-4 days even in your own state or city. It now usually take 1-2 days, and and a parcel can be sent to another country in as little as 5-8 business days (less if you chose more expensive courier services etc.). Email is almost instantaneous. VoIP is becoming a very popular way of keeping in touch with people all over the world and is extremely cost effective. If you are already paying for Internet service, then you basically have a communications network at your disposal for free. There are plenty of ways to connect through many different VoIP companies/networks. Technology in general has become more affordable for the average user.
  • Productivity With the amount of technology on the market – both in hardware and software – the productivity rate has increased tremendously. Desktop PCs have become more powerful and more affordable to the average user, allowing more people to be connected to others. Portable computers and Internet available almost anywhere at any time for those that need it enables work to be done “on the road” so to speak. Applications and tools from word processing to music and film editing have become far more sophisticated… yet more user-friendly. This allows more people access to a multitude of ways to get things done. Mobile devices like cellphones and PDA’s allow for more mobility to the user. The term “technology” does not only refer to computers and Email. With the development of the computer, other technologies such as cars, ships , buildings and manufacturing/ production have increased dramatically. For example, in Beijing a container is loaded from a truck to a ship every 30 seconds. This would never have been possible 30 years ago.
  • Comfortability The developments in technology in the home and at work have made our lives much more comfortable, and enable us to have things from light and heat… to watching the latest movies or shopping from home. Traveling has become more efficient and more pleasurable as airliners have in-flight entertainment. If we dont like what they’re showing, we can always plug ourselves into our mp3 player or other mobile device. The next development in airline travel is the exploration of Wi-Fi in-flight for users to access the Internet.
  • Gadgets are cool!!! There are literally thousands of gadgets and devices that we dont really need. Us gadget lovers want to buy all of them. Well… a lot of them. We don’t crave them because we really need them, we want them just because they are cool to play with.


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