Are OSs and Developers Ruining PC Gaming?

The following Email was sent to me recently from Intrepid. He brings up some very interesting points, and I wanted to pass them along. What’s your take? Leave me a follow up comment to this post, or send me an Email yourself to [email protected] I’d love to hear your thoughts.

After reading an article about Epic moving to consoles rather than staying with PCs because of a lack of purchases in the PC gaming market, I got to thinking.

With consoles, programmers and graphic designers know what the system can handle. They know there is a set requirement as to what the hardware and software can take. Developers know where to “max out”, you could say, with graphics and what lines of code are unnecessary. There are no variables in the system hardware or whats running on the system, so they have a guideline to follow.

However, when it comes to PC gaming, are developers still pushing the limit, or are they trying to keep the content and overall graphics down so more consumers will be able to play? We see Crysis, and its insane hardware specs to run it on maximum settings, but what other developers are following suite? We know the majority of computers being purchased are coming packed with Vista, and that OEMs are throwing in the least amount of RAM as possible with the already memory hogging machine. What are you going to be able to play on that? If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to throw an emulator on there and pray its even compatible with your OS.

I’m beginning to learn why more and more consoles are being sold over gaming PC’s. When you buy a console and throw your game in, you know 99% of the time its going to work, unless of course you receive a defective system or disk. These can easily be replaced if need be, but ultimately, you know its going to work. With PCs, however, a consumer turns the box on its side and is exposed to a bunch of PC jargon they don’t understand. I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the consumers buying PC games from BestBuy, Target, etc. even know what a video card is! “How much RAM do you think I have”, is echoed through out stores everywhere. How is a sales rep supposed to answer that? Consumers just don’t know.

I just hope that OSs, *cough* Vista *cough* get their hardware compatibility in line if its going to get thrown out on every rig leaving stores. Also, I’m praying… praying, that developers will not begin to create games of horrible quality to enable it their software to be played on these horrid machines. Most developers may even leave PC gaming behind once they make a cross platform game such as Epic, and then notice the difference in sales.

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  1. This is an interesting point of discussion. The way I see it, the price of a gaming computer just doesn’t add up. You could buy an Xbox 360, or a PS3 for about $400. A gaming pc that would be able to play games at max graphics and high resolutions (1680×1050 and up) and doing all this at at least 30fps. Consoles can do this while outputting up to 1080p resolutions and keeping a 30fps frame rate. some games even do 60fps. A pc capable of this would cost upwards of $2000. Now while a pc can do a heck of alot more than a console, you could buy a console, and then buy a pc that’s not over the top expensive, by not having to get the top of the line cpu and gpu. Less and less games are being released as “pc exclusives”, except for crysis (for the time being at least). This makes buying a gaming pc even less exclusive. Why spend $2000 on a pc to play for example, call of duty 4 when i can play it with equally good graphics on a $400 gaming console? One other advantage to the console is location. A console can be plugged in to a TV, allowing you to game on a giant screen, while sitting on your nice comfy couch in your living room, rather than up in a bedroom, sitting at a desk and looking at (in comparison) a very small monitor. A console can also be useful for a much longer period of time. Your brand new $2000 gaming rig will be outdated and useless in a matter of months, if not weeks, seeing how fast hardware comes out these days, while a console will last several years. Just take the PS2 for example. It was released in 2000, 8 years ago; and games are still being released for it. Sure the graphics aren’t as good as the PS3, but hey at least it can still play games! Another advantage to consoles is that they are starting to be integrated into home theater setups, rather than being seen as a separate unit. The PS3 is probably the best Blu-Ray player you can buy at this time. And it has alot of other home theater properties, like being able to stream media from your computer to your TV. All I can say is, PC gaming is not doing all that well. For a long time now, i swore by PC gaming, and nothing else. But I later decided that I didn’t want to have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for a new PC. So i decided to just give in and buy a PS3. I’ve given up on continuing with PC gaming. That is, to say I’m not going to buy any more PC games for quite some time. I still plan on playing PC games such as Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike, but my future in gaming is going to be console only.

  2. This is very true. I have been saying these arguments since a couple years. When you want to play a game, you don’t want to wait until you fix issues with your system or that a patch has to come later to fix bugs/compatibility issues. When you want to play a game, you want it to work now, and well. Unfortunately this is getting rare with PCs.

    When developers want to release a game on a console, they have to submit their game to the console manufacturer who will execute compliance tests to ensure the game works fine (no crash, major bugs or hardware compatibility). If the manufacturer finds any issue, the developer MUST fix it until it passes.

    On PC however, there is no such compliance test, nothing, developers can test as much (less?) as they want. The last PC games I bought, I worried they would run on my system even though it has very well supported hardware. This is just wrong.

    My advice now is: if you want to play game, buy a console. It’s cheaper than a gaming PC and… it works!

  3. it is true, not many pc games are compapable with the newer os’s. let alone xp was the only os that could play games and now vista ruined the only good good reason to get it. only reason why some people still buy pc’s is because they can play the videogames but with vista copying mac all the way it can’t even play videogames! people who always complain that vista copies mac are telling the truth! macs cant play games and now vista can’t too. what will we gamers do!!!!!!???? i do not want to blow a million dollars on the videogames AND the consoles! i prefer pc gaming because you save like now $300 from buying a console and you save even more money not having to set up a rig to connect internet to your systym online but now……. its more worth it to buy the console over a gaming pc because the point of getting a gaming pc is “to play GAMES” no wait ” to PLAY games”

  4. I was thinking about this recently and he is definitely right.

    Developers have gotten lazy with optimizing code and making it work as best as it code. Even sometimes with console games even. Like The Orange Box on PS3.

    It’s to a point where PC games are almost not worth bothering with anymore since the coders get lazy on making it work the best that it could on computers with a lower spec and so they just bring the specs up to some high thing that only a few people can afford.

  5. This is exactly why I prefer console gaming to pc gaming, overall the games generally look better and play better. Obviously that statement isn’t true to all games which is why I still like to play simulation games on the pc. Overall though, it makes more sense to play games on the console.

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  7. He has a point. If you are gamer you should by a game console, because when you go and buy you will know that the game will work. But if you go and buy a pc you need to pay attention to what you’re buying and to do some research about the components. If you are just a person that just likes to play games, the you should go and buy a game console. On the other side with a pc you can do a lot more than with a console. It’s up to you to decide what you want.

  8. I’m kind of on the fence about this, myself. I love maintaining and updating my gaming rig, keeping as up-to-date as I can afford, but it would be nice to have a static platform for which I can continually buy games without worrying if I’ll have enough horsepower to play it.

    On the other side, though, consoles are just that: a static platform. Once a console is spec’d out (Xbox360, PS3, etc), it changes very little. Generally, the only updates will be things that fix existing issues or change hardware when a source no longer is available.

    Take, for example the XBox360. It was first on the market for this generation, and is fantastically powerful, even by today’s standards. But it’s not going to get any more powerful than it is today, and will stay the same until the next generation comes around.

    In contrast, PC hardware is constantly evolving, and getting more powerful (it seems) every day. Look at your new Mac Pro, Chris. Even a little more than 2 years ago, when the 360 was released, the amount of horsepower available in the Mac Pro was barely imaginable. Now you can pick it up as the standard configuration.

    Retailers specialize in volume. Going to BestBuy or Circuit City, you are not going to find much for high-end hardware, except for a few machines that barely reach the midrange for gaming, which is enough to keep the casual gamers happy.

    Serious PC gamers (the types that will actually read about the insane spec requirements for games like Crysis), knows exactly what they need, and have done the research to make sure they’re properly powered before dropping the cash on the (non-returnable, once it’s opened) game. These are also the people that don’t buy their hardware at big box retailers, and either go to Alienware (or a similar high-end manufacturer), or build their own from scratch (like I do).

  9. You know,this article is 100% correct!
    I do believe that pc gaming is going to end. that is sad,because,i m a big pc gamer,that loves first person shooters on pc. and other games. We need to do something about this. either have a class,about what to buy for gaming hardware.
    For example,my uncle just bought cod4,and he didn’t call me to see if hes dell computer was compatible. will,he loaded it in,and when the game started,the game ran very slow. this is why consoles are winning over pc. because,you don’t have to worry about what hardware your computer has. but,i still think these game developers are getting lazy.

  10. Hi,

    I fully understand where you’re coming from, being a power user and a frequent PC gamer myself, I know why I at least, choose PC gaming over consoles. It’s simple, as a PC gamer I crave the opportunity of upgrading hardware, improving my FPS (frames per second) and overclocking my hardware to max out it’s overall performance.

    But as you quite rightly said, home users and the occasional gamers who don’t really want to explore what could happen when playing ‘God’ with your computers hardware and even more so with operating systems such as Windows Vista, from my experiences don’t see this as appealing as a power user would.

    When you buy an Xbox 360 you buy a complete system, that 99.9% of the time will not let you down. Compared to the apparent; 50:50 chance you seem to have with hardware and software that’s associated with traditional PC gaming.

    In my opinion, PC gaming is worryingly close to becoming only the power users domain, when really if we can get the hardware support and minimize problems with software compatibility with operation systems such as Windows Vista, it could be both.

    Thank you,

    Scott Graham.

  11. Personally, I think PC gaming is dead. Although I never thought gaming on a PC was a good idea. This would be because of the many variations of components that are inside of the computer. That is why windows isn’t as performance controlled as Apple is. I think that if Apple had better games to play (better by my standards are something that looks graphically amazing and is fun to play). They could optimize the computer gaming world way better than Microsoft and Windows. (my name is also mazzter123 in the chat room :D)

  12. I wouldn’t necessarily say that the OS’s are killing PC gaming but more to say the developers themselves. These devs are alienating potential buyers of their PC games just by having ridiculously high standards to be able to play the game. I’m sure Crysis is a great game, but should I really have to drop 1400 bucks into my rig to get all the eyecandy that the game has to offer? Consoles are also much more mainstream, thus the devs are gonna start catering more to that crowd. I don’t think PC gaming will die, but I can see it becoming much more of a niche market. Luckily there are no successful MMOs on consoles or they could really be in trouble.

  13. I agree, with the way games are now you really need to either custom build a pc yourself or customize one online to play. The normal person can’t go in to a store buy a computer from the self and expect to play ever game out there. I repair/build computers everyday and I get asked all the can my computer do this, run that, play this game, and 85% of the time i have to say no because their computer is 5-6 years old and they want to play some game that came out this year. I also get asked which is better for games pc or a console, all I can tell them is that consoles were made to play game and they are pretty cheap compared to what you need to play some console games on the pc *crysis*. I also ask them whats going to be more economical a pc with 500-750W+ running or a console from 50-250W running. Obviously consoles will save you in the long run and if thats all you want to do is play games it is definitely cheaper to buy a $300-400 console over a $2000+ gaming rig. So for games I choose console for everything else get a computer.

  14. I was thinkin’ of bying this, great pc speakers! a few of my friends have it and i have tryed it.
    but i decided to buy myself a cerwin vega speaker set insted..
    they are much bigger, more sound, and more base(wich we like^^)

    when i get my new 32″ LCD and set it all up u can problerbly hear me from here(Norway) to where u are ^^


  15. It is pretty much a given that gaming pc’s are strictly for first person shooters and MMORPG’s. everything else is mainly for console like sports games, third person shooters, and so on (but not excluded to).
    Another issue is piracy. pc game piracy is about 1000% more effective and easy than console piracy. Major companies like activision, EA and many others simply take in the best throughput option and take it and in most cases it is console. This may not be a huge reason but game piracy is way more active than most people may think or realize. game companies want money not stolen games on everyones hard drive.
    I have also noticed a recession in pc games. in the next few months several games (great games IMO) are coming out strictly for console. One game i feel i need to mention is the new battlefield game (bad company). Seriously the battlefield series was a milestone for pc gaming (specifically online play). over the past 6 years they have released 4 very amazing bf games. so now they make a console only game….
    Also, i think it may be for money. making a pc game i think is a lot harder than making a game for pc. and also more expensive. so many companies release titles for console, almost kinda like a beta..sorta.
    all in all i don;t really undestand why this is happening, i used to love console, but that was when i had a really dull computer, i get a new one, and all these great titles start coming out for console only. it really doesnt make much sense, computers are for personal use…more copies are for computer, you can have like 4 people on one console but only one for pc, so in retrospect, the companies are making a profit, considerably larger than console.
    the only other ting i can think of is that they just dont want to deal with a bunch of complaints. a game doesnt work for pc they owner calls the game manufacturer. if a game doesnt work for a console they go nuts and sue the maker of the CONSOLE and post flaming videos on youtube about how it doesnt work. if you ask me it is about laziness and greed.

  16. I’ve been a console gamer all my life. I never have to install a game, a patch, a fix, an update, or put any new hardware into any system just to get a simple game to work. With my PCs, when ever I want to get a new game, I have to scan the specs to see if my rig will handle it, or more often, to see what hardware I would have to get just to play it. And then, IF your rig can run it, you have to worry about how you’re going to control it, wether it be with the keyboard, or with a controller (which also may need to be replaced to have enough freaking buttons to play the game). Overall, I’d rather stick with my humble console, thank you very much.

  17. I think that gaming on PC’s are on the way out because of the incompatibilities between OS’s and hardware vendors! New games are coming out that need more RAM and more disk space, and many PC’s just will not cope!

    It makes more sense for the developers to target a console like PS3 or Xbox. The hardware and software spec are standardized, and are well known! On the PC, you can have Windows, Linux, Unix, or other OS’s and a plethora of hardware configurations! If I were a game developer, I would target a well known console.

    With the PC you have Direct X and Open GL, that just weakens the PC game market! The PC architecture needs “one” standard OPEN cross platform graphics library! That would help strengthen PC gaming!

  18. I think that gaming on PC’s are on the way out because of the incompatibilities between OS’s and hardware vendors! New games are coming out that need more RAM and more disk space, and many PC’s just will not cope!

    It makes more sense for the developers to target a console like PS3 or Xbox. The hardware and software spec are standardized, and are well known! On the PC, you can have Windows, Linux, Unix, or other OS’s and a plethora of hardware configurations! If I were a game devloper, I would target a well known console.

    With the PC you have Direct X and Open GL, that just weakens the PC game market! The PC architecture needs “one” standard OPEN cross platfrorm graphics library! That would help strengthen PC gaming!

  19. I think not. To each their own. However, there should be a limit as they did with the manhunt game due to people and kids always finding a way around everything. Where there is a will, there is a way.

  20. I wouldn’t say that the OS’s are killing PC gaming. But its the developers also just keep in mind that all games pc or console where designed on a pc. Futhermore just remeber what Infinfty Ward did with Call of Duty they made CoD 3 only for consoles and it was a bust. then they cameout with cod4 and pc’s out sold the consoles. but more to say the developers themselves are alienating potential buyers of their PC games by just not making them for the pc. Consoles are also much more mainstream. I don’t think PC gaming will die, but I can see it becoming a looming market for pc gamers as companys move on to cosoles. But you also have to remember that when the ps3 was first released the price was $699 and there already working on a p4. So it does go both ways. thats my 2 cents

  21. I completely agree with this. The fact that I can only play the simplest of games on my new laptop that should be more than adequate makes me angry. The specs needed for 95% of the games are completely insane. If they switched over systesm like the Xbox 360 or PS3 then more people would be able to play, thus boosting sales of the game.

    The required specs for the lowest resolution and graphics on most games are insane. Needing 256 mb of RAM on your graphics card for the lowest possible settings is pretty insane. And that is the lowest. For the highest, you need at least 512 mb but more likely 1 GB depending on the game. Seeing as most computers come with integrated graphics in the price range of up to 750 bucks and then 256 mb up to about 900 and 512 after that, it is kinda crazy that they require such things.

    And the fact they need to support so many different things from graphics cards to cpus to mobos, it makes the game bigger and more succeptible to bugs. That is the huge problem with PC games. Switching to systesm really would benefit it all.

    That is my 2 cents…

  22. I think that Windows Vista has not been all hype as it should be with gaming. I never really game on the PC anymore just because I never have time to anymore. Which is why I have a Playstation Portable and I use that more often. I like using the PSP because I can take it to school and play a game on my free time. I don’t even have a console anymore because I never have time like I said before.

  23. yeah, when you buy an xbox game you dont need to know anything about your system, but when you buy a pc game, you need to know specs like sound cards, vid. cards, Memory, and Ram. Its much easier to just buy a console game.

  24. my thoughts exactly although im only the occasional gamer.. i think the console is the future… instead of having to constantly upgrade to get good performance and worrying about compatability isssues ; /

  25. I think they are ruining it. I also think that consoles will eventually prevail due to the simplicity of owning one piece of hardware and being able to play games for numerous years without updating like you have to do with a computer. I used to PC game, but now that its become so darn expensive, my ps3 will be seeing all the action.

  26. I personally, for years now have not been using computers as my “gaming” machine. I am so tired of upgrading hardware, and always tweaking my performance on games. I know people love this aspect of gaming on computers. Maybe it’s just bragging rights of running 60fps Crysis? I would rather spend my money on a gaming system or all of them and STILL save myself money. Parts are expensive! Systems well, BOOM just work. I don’t have to worry about to much with ps3 or 360. Game systems to me are the future of all gaming.

  27. I do believe both are very responsible. Since game developers would want to show the best graphical quality of their game you would have to use windows vista and (understatement warning) a “pretty good” rig to run it in DirectX 10. Many say it was a bad move for Microsoft to only have DirectX 10 in Vista and not have any possible package for XP, which compared to Vista, is a far more efficient OS (XP isn’t all that efficient either, you’ll still have to tweak it). Also, it doesn’t feel like 64-bit windows is stable enough yet and you do need a 64-bit OS to take advantage of your 64-bit processor, RAM, and games optimized for it. Mac OS X has been 64-bit for a couple of years now and seems to be a pretty clean running OS (Direct OS X anyone? – yeah, not gonna happen). As Chris has stated many times, when you update your OS it should go faster not slower. So if windows doesn’t shape up, then you might not get all the gusto out of your games…and OS X just needs to be compatible… 😛

    On the other hand, developers want to go to where the money and get to either what system sells or port the game to every console or PC possible. So many games are optimized for Xbox 360 and PS3, then they release a graphically crippled version for the PS2, and maybe one for the PC as well (i.e. NFS ProStreet PS3 version vs. PS2 version then look at NFS ProStreet for PS2 vs. NFS Most Wanted for PS2, mind you ProStreet is more recent… dev’s were really slackin’ big time on this one, I was disgusted – felt like I was playing PSone, yeah really). Now the PS2 does still have games releasing for it and has had some games previously released, some many years ago, that came close to tapping the full graphical power of the PS2 (such as Soul Calibur 3, Most Wanted maybe, Mark of Kri was very nice looking, God of War I and II, and so on). So its really up to the developers to make a great-looking game and hopefully one with a good premise or storyline to stick to, but a lot seems rushed to market these days and some things are left to the back burner and isn’t optimized and cared for to make the experience, at least gameplay-wise, equal or fulfilling.

    Consoles are always an easier choice for the everyman or everywoman who casually plays games. They can easily go into a store and pick up a game and know for the most part what it’s all about. Also since consoles are dedicated machines they don’t have to worry about a large performance overhead needed for a complete home OS. They just pump out graphics and media as fast as they can unhindered by countless services and drivers. More people play consoles than PCs and some don’t even know that there are games on PCs to begin with. So hopefully the developers don’t abandon the PC altogether because I do feel that there are games I’d rather play on the PC than on a console controller. PC gaming is different from console gaming in certain respects like tweaking, component upgrades, updates, mod kits, and so on, and will always have its own niche. It would be sad if it disappeared and we’re only left with RTS and MMORPGs…sad indeed. T.T

  28. Personally I think its bad that the majority of PC gaming is only to be found at the desk of someone using a Microsoft Windows Product. But with MS refusing to allow Apple and Linux to use Directx and be able to run Direct3D Games, I dont see that changing anytime soon.

    While I dont see the developers abandoning the PC Platform, it is reconised that some genre’s of games have been killed off on the PC. You cant go into a superstore now without seeing endless shelves of either MMORPG’s or FPS games. Games like Broken Sword, Grim Fandango and various other point and click masterpieces simply arent made anymore. And do I think its the OS and developers fault.

    Yes I do, but its more Microsoft’s and the developers faults if anything else. With most game companies creating games in Direct3D, these games will never see any OS outisde of Windows which as you know is cutting off a large amount of open source uses from enjoying gaming. Plus with the developer’s now only seeming to reconise 2 genres as the whole of PC gaming, it is a sad state of affairs for gaming. It would help as well if developers had incentive to make Mac and Linux ports of thier products.

  29. I wonder if, in the near future, PCs will work somewhat like consoles for gaming. Afterall, most PC gamers these days are learning the PC side of things rather quickly. They have to in order ot get their games running properly. That being said, many of them have yet to catch up to those of us who are able to build our own custom computers tailored to run what we need them to run. In the future, we might see a whole new PC market of PCs that have been developed specifically for PC gaming?

  30. I would much rather play games on a console than my computer… but that might be because I’m running a 1.5ghz Pentium 4 w/ 768 mb of RAM through a 5 year old Nvidia card on a 20″ CRT.

  31. @GTPeach

    I think that could be the future of PC gaming. Just take a look at the HP Blackbird 002. It’s a gaming ready machine that the consumer doesn’t have to build. They’ve also made it easy to upgrade. The price is the only factor with these machines. It’s not easily affordable for everyone.

  32. Most people I know when it comes to gaming want things to just work. No worries about whether your hardware can handle a particular game. Just pop in a disk and not have to think about it. I know in the past I’ve only ever owned PCs that performed well with games a few years old. A lot of hardcore PC users who are into gaming enjoy the tweaking and upgrading that inevitably comes with it. They also point out that PC games can be patched, upgraded, etc. but nowadays with services such as XBOX Live and PSN, console games can be improved upon and expanded as well. The library of games available for consoles also cannot be compared. Maybe in the future hardware won’t have to be so much of an issue but that is probably just wishful thinking.

  33. Consoles are defently they way of the future. There is know way that a gaming Pc is worth the buy becuase most of the games on PC are on xbox.

    i have never owned a “gaming pc” and doubtfully ever will because of
    1. The high price
    2. The amount of times you need to troubleshoot
    3. The lack of a variety of types of games

  34. Seems interesting, I think that the PC game market is much harder to keep up with because of the such high hardware requirements, but this is the exact type of thing that hardcore gamers and PC building enthusiasts love.

    Me personally, I used to like PC gaming until my computer was good enough, but now I just casually game on consoles at my friends’ houses.

  35. I remember something that Chris was saying about a strictly gaming distribution of linux. I think that this would be awesome. although i have never owned a gaming pc and I have just never gotten that in to gaming. I think that having one distribution strictly for gaming would keep the computer gaming from coming like the gaming systems, where there are some games on one platform and other games that you like on others. Also if there was one distribution for gaming, developers would work on it strictly for gaming and it would become a great gaming platform.

  36. Are OSs and Developers ruining PC gaming?

    I would stress the word “Maybe”. You have to look at it from various perspectives. One way that I find rough is, all these new games coming out that have real high quality that PC gamers would want, would need to meet the requirements in order to get just as good of the quality and/or performance as they show on trailers, television, etc.

    I hear lots of beef about Vista because of the whole DirectX 10 for Vista only, or the kind of memory-hog that it is needing, even for the most part that it is a lot of User-Interface.

    Consoles have a pre-defined/pre-set standard of its hardware limitations of what it can do, and the gaming developers work around that for consoles and to play at its max, so the developers know what to do, what NOT to do, what they can or can not do, based on their imagination and their limitations on the hardware given to them.

    Although PCs, since they get better and better everyday with new processors, new graphic cards, etc. that the PC can exceed a console’s limitations in terms of speed and performance, not necessarily true all the time though.

    I still stress the MAYBE because both PC and consoles are good for gaming, and I guess I could say it is too early to determine what they are planning to do.

  37. Zazor5 –
    1. A PC that costs $500 can run any game that’s out.
    2. Never had any problems with that.
    3. Completely wrong. Don’t know where you got that idea from.

  38. well as a future OS dev, i think the games should be able to operate on more than one OS platform, and need to be compatible with old systems because most people cant buy a new system when a new game comes out.

  39. I do think that OSs ruin PC games. I mean a PC has more power then a xbox 360 and the graphics and such are better on the console? When developers make games for a consol, they know what it can do and such. When they make it for the OS, they have to cover a wide range of CPUS and other hardware. Its very hard to tialer a game to suit all people. Take Vista, If you want to play DX 10 games, you need at least 4gb of ram to get the same framerates as you did in windows XP. Developers spend time on Aero and such instead of making a version for consumers and gamers. Linux seems the best for games right now since of its low ram usage, but there are no linux games! Just my .02 cents.

  40. I do think that has games sometimes lead the computers manufacture to update there machinary to met the latest and greatest games. However, that does leave most of the populace out of the loop for awhile. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing though. this forces everyone to improve on their machines and processes. Sooner or later that will trickle down to lower end computers.

  41. microsoft has moved into gaming more with vista and XP than ever before.
    os not that they are ruining video game development, they are embracing it.

    Since the xbox classic microsoft has been pushing the hardware and OS both are very good for gaming

  42. Well honestly, as a developer myself I think that it depends on who the developer is trying to target in terms of PC gamers. If they are more worried about how many copies of the game they sell rather than the game experience itself then the graphics arent going to be steller. However, Crytek on the other hand is a smaller company which has decided to put itself out there by making outstanding next generation (and stunning) games.

  43. I like PC gaming the best. Better then my gaming consoles. PC gaming has very good quality compared to my PS2. I think PC gaming is going to die down because of the new systems, but I enjoy it at the moment.

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