YouTube FTW!

Here’s a wake-up call: the only video site on the ‘Net is YouTube – period, end of story. It’s the only video site my mom knows about, and there are more of her than there are of us (at least, those of us who love trying new things – early adopters are a rare breed). There’s a reason I’ve made such a tremendous push with my YouTube efforts, and they’ve all paid off.

If you’re not uploading videos to YouTube yet, there’s no time like the present to start – because it’s more hands-on than it’s ever been. I’d like to throw a request out there to any WordPress and Drupal Developers: I want a way for my viewers and subscribers to be able to leave a video comment here in my blog and have it pushed to their YouTube account in relation to the video that I happen to embed in this post.

I’m not saying that other video sites are dead, but… jeez, I’ve been publishing to as many as possible, and only YouTube can deliver the community, the audience, the growth, etc. Everything else pales by comparison, and I think today’s announcement should make you seriously reconsider the way you produce video podcasts. The next announcement I forsee would be enabling a podcast subscription in iTunes through a button on YouTube (it’s theoretically possible to do).

If you don’t know what YouTube is, you’re in the minority.

Oh, I know – you’re going to argue that Video Site X has better quality – but it’s not just about quality, folks. You are also probably someone who assumes that “everybody” knows what site you should upload your photos to:

If you *DO* know what Flickr is, you’re also in the minority.