Russian Food from Moscow

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All of the food videos have been fun lately, and I’m really enjoying learning about what people eat in other countries. I hope you are, too! Tonight, we’re discussing favorites from Russia!

  • Ovsyanka This is a kind of porridge, made from a special groat, but it’s a very tasty and healthy dish if cooked properly. It is served as a breakfast in many luxury hotels here in Moscow.
  • Yaeetchnitsa This is fried eggs, but Russian people like to add in many another products like meat, sausages, pasta and so on. So this is a “compilation” of products made together in one pan.
  • Golubtsee This is small pieces of fried meat wrapped in cabbage leaves. It’s a traditional Russian food, and very popular here. You can’t eat too many at once, becasue they aren’t very nourishing. They are really yummy with a good sauce, like chili.
  • Adgeeka This is a very popular sauce here. It’s fresh Georigan tomatoes, processed in a meat grinder. They are then boiled into a paste with red pepper, garlic and other seasonings. It’s excellent with meat or pasta.
  • Oliviee Salad This is made of processed ham, pieces of onion, small chunks of other meats, peas, chinese salad leaves, pepper and salt. This is all mixed together with mayonnaise. It’s a very popular holiday meal. Many Russian men like this salad with a glass of Vodka.


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13 thoughts on “Russian Food from Moscow”

  1. Oh and how difficult it was! You haven’t lived until you’ve seen chris’ live outtakes. I caught this recording the other night. Both takes actually.

  2. Blintschiki, Bliny or Piroschki are missing. Those are yummy. Homemade by Babushka (Grand Ma). Take forever to make and are gone in no time, once on a plate hehe.

    Also don’t forget Russky Cleb (Russian Bread) also called Patience, which is some delicious biscuits shaped like letters from the alphabet.

  3. You are a brave man!!
    I know a lot of Scandinavian dishes you dont want to eat. How about sour herring from last year? (Angermanland Sweden) or Sheepbrain in the skull from Gotland Sweden or how about Norwegian “Spikke-plate” heavy salted meat. But we eat good meals to, just some people eat that, -we eat everything you can eat with fork and knife.
    -Keep up the good work, old chap!

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