Food From Peru

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Lately, I’ve been asking for all of you in countries outside the US to send me emails with a list of the foods popular to your culture. I love food… and I love to learn about other places and people. The response has been excellent! Keep them coming. This video is all about Peruvian food.

  • Ceviche. (I think its called Marinated fish in the USA) Can you eat fish with potatoes, sweet potatoes, lettuce, lots of realllly hot chili and onions? Well if you can, you should try this. Remember… its very hot and you may feel a bit dizzy after eating it. Definitely don´t eat it before doing any physically demanding activity.
  • Seco a la Norteña This is a really strong dish. It has either lamb meat or chicken, with rice (btw most south-american contries use rice as their primary dish), tomatoes, onions, and beans. This dish is particularly famous beacuse once you eat it, you will start to feel sleepy.
  • Arroz Chaufa. Most people will actually consider this is a chinese dish, but its not. A talented chef came to Peru in the early 1930s, and he invented his delicious dish. It happens to be the favorite of mine. As I said before, rice is used to make most dishes and this one is no exception. Along with the rice, it has chicken, chinese onions, traditional onions and Sillao. I don´t know if there is even an equivalent to this in the USA. I think this is the dish I’m going to miss most when I leave peru.
  • Aji de Gallina. This has rice, potatoes, chicken and (i dont know how to describe this but jus look at the picture and i hope u can undertand what i mean). It has a kind of a mash. It’s delicious, although it feels a bit strange when you eat it.
  • Chicha Morada. This is the Peruvian drink of excellence along with Pisco, made of a special purple corn. It’s delicious… just add some lemon juice, piña juice and sugar and you will be good to go.
  • Ceviche This is a mix of fish, lemon, corn, sweet potatoes and seasonings. This is an excellent dish Chris, if you ever come to Peru you MUST eat Ceviche.
  • Arroz con pollo This dish is basically boiled chicken with green rice, corn, carrots and a good complement to it is onions.
  • Lomo Saltado This is meat with french fries, fried onions and tomatoes. This is nothing like the “meat and fries” you get at your local McDonald’s. It is very tasty. The onions and tomatoes give it more of a spicy “kick”.
  • Causa Rellena This dish is basically one layer of potatoe at the top. Then in the middle either chicken, avocados, or onions. Then you have another potatoe layer at the bottom.
  • Anticuchos This may sound gross to some people, but it’s made of the cow’s HEART Cooked on the grill with a spicy sauce, it is awesome.


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31 thoughts on “Food From Peru”

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  3. can some one help me i had problems playing youtube vids and i got a virus so i formatted it and it still wont play them it plays like 30secs than freezes

  4. Ceviche very good in summer
    Seco a la NorteÑa tasty
    Arroz Chaufa peruvian style chinese food
    Aji de Gallina creamy
    Chicha Morada of the Inca’s Culture
    What about the dessert??
    mazamorra morada????
    arroz con leche???
    I miss Peru
    My homeland by the way

  5. There are even MORE types of food in Peru, believe me , you’ll be surprised. There are some peruvian foods which may look like other foods, but the ingredients are not the same trust me.
    Arroz chaufa ain’t exactly peruvian.. but moste ppl seem to like it.

    Macchu picchu is considered one of the 7 wonders and the real pisco is peruvian 😉

    BTW.Chicha morada DOES NOT taste like corn!! lol!! it rly doesn’t so don’t ever be afraid of it.

  6. My wife is from Peru. The dishes you mention are really good, my wife cooks them here all the time. Two main meals you forgot about though. Yes, the Peruvians love Guniea Pig, especially baked. When you order it, you get the head and teeth. I tried it, but don’t particularly like it. Also, you can eat Alpaca. Such cute animals….but damn they taste good. Very lean meat.

    If you ever need a place to stay in Cusco, let me know. My family has a house there.


  7. Just wanted to say hello, the way u said Piña Colada this time was correct Chris (finally). I love everybody on the chatroom (have you ever considered to nickname the chatroom “PS3 VS XBOX360 Chatroom”?), hope u liked my list.

  8. My cousin used to live in northen Chile and would travel every now and then to Peru where he learned to do Ceviche. Man, that stuff rocks! Seriously, it is one of the best dishes I’ve ever tried in my life!

  9. Great Chris, as a Peruvian I am very proud of my food. Arturo has made a good selection but this five are the only the top of the iceberg.. ping me if you visit Peru .. you will see 😉

  10. like i said.. Chicha morada doesn’t taste like CORN ppl … plzzzz. just try it. Most turist specially americans are surprised that this drink is actually made of corn. Am from Peru I worked in a couple of hotels ppl.

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