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Mrivera1 is a regular in our Live Community. He sent me the following email to pass along to you all:

I have been part of the YouTube community since August, 2006. During that time, I have watched over 5000 videos, and I have made over 200 comments on various videos, and I have even started developing my own YouTube channel more. Because I am on YouTube all the time, I have become quite well educated in the idea of “YouTube Etiquette.” that is, the idea of being a respectful member of the YouTube community. I have also noticed that some people don’t like to leave good comments (the meaning of good not in the positive sense, but in the respectful sense) on videos. So, as you (Chris) have become somewhat of a YouTube guru (with 1000+ videos and thousands of subscribers), I think your YouTube channel would be the best way for me to get the message out.

  • Don’t personally attack the person who made and/or posted the video! Ever heard of the saying: If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it at all? Personally attacking the person who made the video via comments is probably the worst thing you can do to a person on YouTube. Derogatory comments are very inappropriate and they don’t improve your image at all on YouTube. In fact they will make people DISLIKE you on an unbelievable level, as such activities are very cowardly. Such comments can even get you banned from commenting ever again.
  • Don’t curse in the comment section! Language is probably the ultimate sign of the intelligence of the person who is making the comment (i.e. YOU). Good language signifies a smarter person who actually knows how to think before speaking. Bad language signifies someone who has no self control, and someone who doesn’t get the idea of cursing as being a less than appropriate thing to do. So, in a nutshell, don’t curse, unless you really don’t want to be considered a smarter YouTube member.
  • Leave comments relevant to the video you are making! How many times have you seen a comment that has nothing to do with the video, or is just one or two words long? Such comments are a pet peeve of mine and of many other people. If you cannot post a decent video comment that has something to do with the video and is at least a sentence long, then don’t comment at all! Such comments are a big waste of space on the comments page. Oh, and never, never, never, NEVER leave first, second, third, etc. types of comments. They are annoying and can make you look bad.
  • Don’t use the video comments list as a message board! The comments list is there for you to leave comments, but not to start whole topics of discussion! Don’t argue, debate, etc… in the comments list! If you want to start a discussion or debate, then go join a message board, or maybe an IRC service (WyldRyde is one), as those are more appropriate places to hold discussions, but not in the YouTube comments list. That includes stuff that is on the same topic as the video you are watching as well as stuff that is completely off topic. Most people try to get others to argue just for the fun of it, but it isn’t funny at all.
  • Don’t spam or talk about heinous/illegal things in the comments list! Spamming or talking about illegal things is unacceptable on YouTube. Usually, such comments will be deleted, but thousands more are not. Such activity is very childish, and is of course, frowned upon by the community! This kind of stuff can also get you banned from commenting as well, so don’t do it!

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  1. I see youtube comments all the time that do these things…but the rate comment and mark spam feature does a pretty good job of keeping the bad comments out. But I wish youtube commenters would just stop posting things like “first comment!” and “this video sucks”.

  2. So many good tips… I am guilty of 1 or 2 of those. Especially posting comments not relating at all to the video.

  3. Yeah I agree all these aspects because i personally own a youtube page with several tutorials and get comments (the exact opposite of what you posted) and it really annoys me and the people who support my page. Another thing though, that i would add to this list is people should actually read the video description before they comment, because on my page people always leave comments when the answer is given right in the info (the number of similar questions really annoy me) and people should actually watch the entire video before they comment because some simple questions are answered in the video.

  4. I cannot agree with these tips more! Great job on writing them up Mrivera1 and I hope people will read these and try to follow them more often. More and more I find when I go to the comments on alot of the videos I watch that there is more complaning and/or junk posted on them. I always try to think what I want to say if I leave a comment, and I always try to stay on topic. If people don’t have more to do in their life, than sit at a computer and write silly things on people comments..then I would say those people need to really relook at their lives.

  5. That is a great set of tips and I WISH that more people did these things. I ALWAYS find at least one comment that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the video, or when a comment is just PURE spam saying to go to this website AND when people say FIRST and SECOND etc… It is also a pet peeve of mine.

  6. I watched a video one time of a guy showing off the iAlertU app for the Mac. It was really cool. When I started reading the comments, guess what happened? One person said Mac. Another said Windows. Then another said A+ Certification. lol. Then it turned into this whole big debate. I was sittin there readin it thinkin “This guy’s tryin to show off iAlertU and these guys are talkin about A+ certification and what it really means? lol What does that have to do with the price of cheese in Berlin?

  7. I’ve been a part of the youtube community for quite awhile and i can’t say how much i love the community driven in youtube. Another thing though, that i would add to this list is people should actually read the video description before they comment, because on my page people always leave comments when the answer is given right in the info (the number of similar questions really annoy me) and people should actually watch the entire video before they comment because some simple questions are answered in the video.

  8. Great Job mrivera1, these tips are very agreeable and i have followed them since i have been on you tube. hopefully more and more people out there in the outside world would use these comments instead of the stupid comments people leave all the time.

    Every time i try to comment on a video or blog i use good language and always stay on topic. Over the many videos i have watched on youtube , there are a lot of really good comments on youtube, but there is always some dumb person who writes something completely off task and stupid which makes me mad.

    I believe if people just sat on there behinds and watch youtube all day so that they can just leave stupid comments on videos, thats just wrong and thoose people need a reality check or worst get a life. becuase youtube is an online community website…not a trash commenting website.

  9. As a Video creator on YouTube, the most common thing I find is that people don’t bother to read the description of the video so they end up asking questions that have already been answered.

    Also if I was to say just one sentence wrong, a flood of people will surely let me know, but not in a way thats constructive, I talked on one video about Media Center Alternatives, and a comment was left “I want free Windows Media Center! YOUTUBE SUCKS!”. This just angers me so much, and I’ve been hit by the “first!” comments as well.

    Luckily I have a positive response from most people, and that makes me want to keep going, but the opinionated YouTubers do make me sad.

  10. I’ve been on YouTube for a while, and have watched quite a few videos. What bothers me the most are really short comments, like “lol”…or “nice vid”…or “u rock”…etc. Whenever I see a “first” type of comment, I instantly mark it as spam. I haven’t uploaded any videos yet, but I’m sure that when I do, I’ll have the ‘pleasure’ of reading stupid comments like these. πŸ™‚

  11. This my seem like a rather obvious suggestion but I don’t know how many times I see this in comments on Youtube as well as other places. Before you post a comment actually watch the video first. Many people seem to just do to a video and comment without watching it and only seeing the title. This goes for anywhere and not just Youtube.

  12. Another tip is if you want to know “what song it is it?”, read the description or other comments, please, I’m begging you.

  13. hello people,

    i always try to leave good comments on every site. It’s especially annoying on youtube when you scroll to the comments and it’s all spam and cursing and fighting. It’s more than annoying it’s a turn off and disgraceful in my opinion.


  14. Hey this is first time I comment on one of your blogs I agree with 99 % of this. The one thing I don’t agree with when it comes to youtube is ” Ever heard of the saying: If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it at all?” because sometimes things that may be necessary to express are seen as a nice thing depending on the person , an example in my opinion is when someone makes a bad youtube video/videos I believe you should let them know it because sometimes they may not realize it but make sure you let them know why its not good video so that person can make better more productive ones in the feature well thats all I have to say I hope this was a good comment if not I am turely sorry


    Ely Medina

  15. Hey chris, These are excellent tips. I have made some videos on youtube and I have gottne people saying “can you do a video on this or that”. I feel like when I get that kind of comment that people like my stuff. People who say “first” or “you rock, those comment are just stupid. I’ve seen some many people who just click on the video and comment on it.

  16. Great list of tips for people who don’t do these things!
    Although I’d prefer if bad comments or comments marked as spam were invisible. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I click on comments marked as spam, I don’t know why, but I can’t resist. It really eats up a lot of my time!

  17. Unfortunately, for most vids on youtube, it does not matter if the video is good or awesome,, but there WILL always be negative comments

  18. Good info Chris..I hate all those YouTube spamm comments. I never really leave comments though, I just receive them. : )

  19. I agree with this list, however I would like to add that if you notice a problem with a video, and you have a helpful tip on how to fix the problem, then feel free to mention it. Positive criticsm is a good thing.

  20. Good list. The one main thing I look for when i make a video is suggestions. I also appreciate it when the commentors act mature and dont attack or swear at me. If they do, their message gets whacked. πŸ˜›

  21. Great list Chris. It really is amazing how many people post rude/offensive comments on youtube but i think it’s something thats unavoidable anymore as It’s easy to say/do things behind the “mask” of the Internet.that one wouldn’t normally do in public.

  22. this is a very good point i am so sick of seeing seeing stupid comments like u suck or stupid stuff like that

  23. These are all very good tips! I generally don’t leave comments for videos because it seems like no matter what you say, someone is going to flame you for it or try to start an argument with you. The worst thing that I find is when people spend their time making a video response just to bash the others video.

    These tips should be the actual enforced rules of posting comments on YouTube! πŸ™‚

  24. Good list. It really bugs me when every comment I see has swearing in it, even though I do it a lot.

  25. I need to remember to not personally attack the person in the video. I do it on occasion when someone angers me in a *special* way. I recently got a comment on one of my videos i posted. it was highly constructive and nice and it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

  26. I know when i do video’s, it is always nice to recieve a well thought out go od comment, and it is nice to get good feedback from the comunity. Honestly do people really think that someone is going to click on some spam link. Fortunatly youtube is doing a fine job of attempting to prevent these things from happening. Its unfortunate though how some people are able to get away with some of this stuff.

  27. i personaly think people who can waste their lives to say FIRST or negative things just have no grasp of how dumb they look or how much time they waste

  28. This is a very good list. It is unfortunate that so many people on the internet believe that since no one knows who they are personally, that they can viciously attack another person’s work/views.

  29. This is a great list of tips. The number of people who don’t follow these seemingly ‘common-sense-like’ ideals is mind-boggling.

  30. A good list. if only more people would follow these guidelines. it happens so often that someone has to contest what i wrote in a comment and then it turns into a pointless argument.

  31. Great but you forgot an important thing. Do not post videos that put down certain people such as German people making videos about Polish people and trolling away. Do not post disgusting videos, shocking or scary those can really anger the users and start a war on youtube.

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