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I asked my chat room: “What kind of Video Card do you have?”. No matter what… I get asked this question constantly. Inevitably, someone wants to talk about Video Cards. “What do you have?” “What should I get?” “What is BEST?”

A video card, also referred to as a graphics accelerator card, display adapter, graphics card, and numerous other terms, is an item of personal computer hardware whose function is to generate and output images to a display. It operates on similar principles as a sound card or other peripheral devices.

The term is usually used to refer to a separate, dedicated expansion card that is plugged into a slot on the computer’s motherboard, as opposed to a graphics controller integrated into the motherboard chipset. An integrated graphics controller may be referred to as an “integrated graphics processor” (IGP).

Some video cards offer added functions, such as video capture, TV tuner adapter, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 decoding or even FireWire, mouse, light pen, joystick connectors, or even the ability to connect two monitors.

What’s the best video card? Well, it depends on what you’re going to be doing on your computer. Are you gaming? How graphics-intensive are your games? What’s your Operating System? There is no “best” video card. There is only a best for YOU, based on what you’re doing. I had an email from someone saying that he had asked the chat room what the best PCI card was to buy. Everyone threw out their suggestions, but it didn’t really help him. I can’t help him either in one respect. I can’t tell him what to buy, nor what is best with him. I can give recommendations… but that’s about it.


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34 thoughts on “Graphics and Video Card Help”

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  3. video cards are constantly upgrading and obtaining features and advancements second to cpu’s in terms of time of arrival. I am a moderate gamer but i don’t have much experience with gpu’s other than what I use now. Back in the day I ran my games on a geforce fx 5200. Then i held back a few years and skipped the 6 and 7 series and now have an 8600gt in my new pc. but i still can’t play crysis >:(

  4. You are right. You just eliminated the trouble I had with decided on a laptop computer. My choice is, get one for under $1,000 and don’t play games or edit video intensivly. My second choice is to spend $1000-$3500 on a laptop for gaming and editing. After hearing you and then talking to people, I realized, all I really wanted, was something portable to surf the net away from home on WiFi, something to do online chat, watch videos, watch youtube videos, play music, and maybe some old simple games. It would be nice to have a powerhouse laptop with a big screen, but it cost twice as much money, i could have 2 non-gaming laptops for the price of 1 gaming laptop, I could have one to keep at home, and one to travel with, and if the traveling one breaks, I have my backup one I can take out, or spend the money on buying a lot of extra rechargeable batteries, so i can use it for extended periods of time without plugging it in.

    I will be sure to mention that Chris Pirillo assisted me in making the decision to buy “this” laptop (when I do) and that I am guaranteed to be happy, because I know exactly what I want now when I buy it, I won’t have a question or second thought hesitation at all.

  5. I have been waiting for a capture card to become available to build my own HTPChd dvr with signal outs from my sat receiver (HDMI or component). Any word on the street. I have contacted the main players and they seem to have no plans for such an item.

  6. A year and a half ago I bought an ATI Radeon X1600 XT. It had 512 MB of RAM and ran at 400 mega hertz. It had problems from day 1 and 11 months later it got fried. It was within the warranty time period, but because I bought it online, it took so long to receive an answer, that by then the warranty ran out.

  7. I like ATI HD3650 (and some passive cooled HD3850), because some of the models don’t have a noisy fan (they have passive cooling) and that it got video-decoding (h264/VC-1).

  8. CanadianVandal: It depends what you mean by “best”. I think a silent graphics-card and less electricity-consuming that is ~20% slower than a noisy graphics-card is better..
    The fastest are ATI HD3870X2 and Nvidia 8800GTX.

  9. hi can you help.i put a nvidia graphics card in my computer and it did not work. so disabled it in windows now can not get my new graphics card to work just get black screen. so have to use intergrated graphics what computer came with. i have set bios to default setting and still does not work. can you help thanks steve.

  10. “We’re all geeks!” Haha.

    I have an ATI X1950pro, It does me very very well. I think its one of the best, if not the best DX9 card.

  11. I have nvidia 6200 AGP 8x. My computer has a 4x slot but this card fit. It has 250 mb. It is perfect for home computer use. I use it for video games that say 32 mb or higher on the back. This card makes it run really fast. The games say that i need 512 mb of ram but i have 256 mb of ram. This card maked it perform like 512 mb. Perfect for loading youtube videos.

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