Where Do I Buy Mac Memory and Accessories?

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When I showed people the live install of my 16GB of Ram in my new Mac Pro… people started asking me where I bought the Ram. At first, I was reluctant to say. However, I decided to share with you. I have had nothing but good luck with products from MacSales.com. They have an excellent Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Other World Computing works hard to bring our customers competitive prices, quality products, and a friendly as well as knowledgeable staff to make your shopping experience a pleasant and productive one. But you don’t have to take our word for it, this is what our customers have to say!

I’m definitely going to try to work with MacSales to hopefully bring you coupons in the near future. They have an excellent product-list, great service and support, and very good pricing. What’s NOT to love?


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29 thoughts on “Where Do I Buy Mac Memory and Accessories?”

  1. why do some geeks like to keep secrets for example where to buy the best hardware or download the best software for example because its kind of selfish and im not saying this about chris

  2. We keep secrets? uhhh… i dont think so…

    there really isn’y the “best place” for anything. u can get one software in multiple places. the situation changes drastically.

  3. seems as if chris is only pluggin a lot of stuff latly. i hope his show dont turn into a big advertisement. because i really like chris and his youtube channel and website. i hope he doesnt change with increased popularity.

  4. I can agree with you, mostly. I’ve purchased several sticks of memory from them for my Mac Pro with nothing but success. I’ve purchased other items, such as an internal USB card, that turned out to not work with Leopard, but they immediately suggested and replaced it with one that did work with Leopard (albeit for $25 more), and I’ve purchase HD enclosures. There prices are unbeatable, and they don’t jack up the shipping charges to offset their low prices. However, (there is always one of those) recently, after purchasing two Firewire enclosures, one worked erratically, and one not at all. I had wrote them within two weeks stating the problem I was having, but the one started working (for about two days) just as they responded, so I dropped it. The other one I hadn’t tried yet. The one that worked quit. I thought it might be the older HDs I was using, so I ordered two new 500GB drives to use in them. When they finally arrived, they wouldn’t work in the enclosures. I contacted MacSales (aka Other World Computing), they took about five days to respond back, told me it was past the 30 day purchase date (by only a few days and because they took 5 days to respond) and told me tough luck, contact the enclosure maker, with no information on how. I understand policy, but then there is repeat customer loyalty to consider.

  5. Thank you so much chris for making a alteritive cheaper memory source. Because i want to upgrade my macbook pro, applications are running slow and sometimes freezes.

    (1 question) can i use the same memory from a old laptop that had the same specs as apple?

    Thanks Again Techhelper1 in
    Ryan Kenneth Hamel chat room

  6. Yes, Other World Computing is a great online retailer of computer accessories. I’ve bought from them many times with satisfaction. I tend to buy memory from OWC (MacSales.com) and drives from New Egg.

  7. I agree, Other World Computing is good; As is New Egg who always seem to have the best deals on hard drives. I always buy memory from Crucial. Cool Drives has some nice Firewire drive enclosures.

  8. You could buy 16gb for mac for 1,500dollars – or you could buy 16gb for a Windows 64bit O/S for like 600dollars..

    Tbh.. it just doesn’t make sense to spend 3 times the price just to use a mac.

  9. Hey Chris,
    thanks for all this good information you give to us. you steer people into the light and help the along the way, which is great. this info is very usful because i am getting a mac very soon! well thanks again

  10. I personally prefer macmall.com. They may be a little higher in price, but I know I am dealing with a authorized apple retailer. So I know I am getting genuine apple certified products, for a least a little cheaper than apple.com.

  11. Well, I never knew that. If that’s the case then why would people pay higher price for it than they need to then? =) I’d just rig my mac out with regular RAM. And why has my message been -6 and declared spam lol. I hardly said anything bad… bunch o mac lovers.

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