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I know many of you out there feel that registry cleaners will help speed up your computer. The truth of the matter is that they will NOT. In fact… using one can end up rendering your system useless if you don’t use it properly. I don’t recommend using them… EVER.

Programs like CCleaner are very powerful. If you run one on a brand-new computer, with a completely clean Windows install… they will still show “bad” registry entries, and try to remove them. To a non power-user who doesn’t know everything that should be in the registry… that can spell disaster. Remove the wrong key(s), and you could quickly kill your entire computer. As with any changes to the core of the Windows operating system, proceed with caution.

IF you feel you have to clean your registry, make a backup. ALWAYS take the time to export the registry, and back that sucker up. Also… why not educate yourself on the Windows registry? Learn what is in the registry, and why Windows may or may not need it. Then, remove any bad registry keys manually. You’ll be much safer in the long run by having a complete understanding of what’s happening with your computer, instead of simply trusting software to guide your decision.

TuneUp360 automatically cleans your registry and fixes a number of other Windows errors. Order with coupon code GEEKS to save 25% now.

Download the video to learn more about cleaning the Windows registry.

55 thoughts on “Registry Cleaner Software”

  1. Bottom Line – My best Registry Cleaner is “Fdisk and Reinstall Windows”. I install all my programs in D: partition, and have a file folder with all my drivers, and utilities and the XP User files. Reinstalling Windows turns into a 2-4 hour process (still a pain, but not as bad). Most programs I use can be launched without any registry entries. These regcleaners are sketchy, at best. Unless you don’t mind reinstalling your OS, try not to use them, the benefit isn’t worth the expense.

  2. One of your phone mates say to reinstall your o/s every six months or so, and I wonder if you’d elaborate on this point? Is your o/s by itself on a drive, or do you use the ‘repair’ function of your install disk, or what?

  3. I completely agree. And I feel that the wiping the hard drive clean and re-installing windows is the only thing that works for me. I personally took the time to do a clean install and slipstream all my required applications, so I can just essentially go back to day one very quickly.

  4. I myself use a combination of CCleaner, TuneUp Utilities, and Super Utilites. Not all free, but fantastic peices of software. Its a shame that it has to be done, to be honest. Long live OSX.

  5. I’m using CCleaner and I have no problems, but I’m going to use it with caution now. Great video.

  6. I would agree that using registry cleaners is generally not a good idea. However, I find that sometimes they have helped me, especially when apps are broken.

  7. I used Advance System Optimizer I have never had a problem yet. I’ve used it for 2 years now its a real good program.

  8. I too have had nothing but good results with it and was alarmed to hear condemnation of it.

    Next thing on my list is a good Registry Delete applet.

  9. I think they mean full reinstall. I use a separate partition for the OS, and swap file. I make the OS partition small, about 8-10 GB, and use it only for the OS, no programs. As many of the dynamic directories (User files, destop, documents, temp, internet files, etc.) as I can move, get placed on a different partition, so the OS never outgrows it’s partition. The swap file partition I make about 2GB, and fix it’s size to 2GB.

  10. I have been using CCcleaner for few years but never faced any issues. what you say is correct but all users can’t do manual cleanup.

  11. Thanks for giving me this info about registry cleaners because I’ve using CCleaner for about a year so i guess i will uninstall that & leave my registry alone

    Thanks again

    P.S congrats on the Tech segment maybe if this goes well they will put you
    on T.V

  12. I have to disagree with part of that. I use Crap Cleaner and i go into services.msc and turn off some services. This is no lie as i notice a nice difference with performance on my PC and i have had the same hardware for over 2 years now. It helps, at least for me it does.

  13. Your video made me rant about the time old issue with f*cking windows to mess itself up over time without any feasible way for the user to prevent it from happening. The best you can do is delaying the inevitable.

    Re-Install of the whole system every 3-6 months is NOT an option. I don’t know how much stuff you have on the computer, but I have a LOT of programs, tools, enterprise applications etc. on my computer(s). A re-install takes me days, just the install (and the numerous re-boots and necessary upgrades and patch downloads).

    Registry (System) Cleaners and checkers help to a limited extend, but they are not without risk as you guys pointed out correctly.

    So what you gonna do, eh?

    For more details and more questions see my blog post at

    Answers are highly appreciated, because I have not found any practical ones yet.

  14. Hey Chris, I wish you have this video out a bit sooner, I used one of those lousy reg cleaner and now every time I start Windows, an error message pop up saying that “java virtual machine launcher” in fucked up…. can you tell me how to fix it?

  15. i like to mess with my registry b/c i think its fun :|… and thats just me… i like messing with my system… and ccleaner dont do much… i found a program called regvac which has a novice mode for those that dont know what they r doing… and it has expert mode… which is sad to see that its not out there as much as i like it to see.. and it does make ur pc smoother… and guess what i have a video… on it to

  16. I can’t agree with you on this one. i have been repairing computers for 20 years and every one of the computers i have built for customers have registry mechanic and magic dragon( a program i wrote.) these both repair common problems with the registry. i have NEVER had a computer damaged by either of these programs. and i have seen hundreds of systems that were brought to a hault do to registry problem that has been repaired by both of these programs

  17. REGISTRY BOOSTER 2 IS TOTALLY PROPER,nothing negative in it.i use it every single day and nothing gets screwed up.Btw:its made by Uniblue and they have a lot of other great tools that keep your system healthy.

  18. Right, yeah I agree with this dude.Registry cleaners will NOT speed up for windows operatin system. But They do help to make your windows more stable. Microsoft Regclean is very good formanually cleaning out orphaned keys. ALso I use Xp Registry cleaner for tackling the HKEY orphaned keys and tuneup utilities 2006/2007 has a very safe registry cleaner. It’s safe if you choose safe products okay.


  19. I have to politely disagree with you.
    I used CCleaner, and it got the job done. My computer seems faster, though I never did a benchmark test.
    A while later I used a professional registry cleaner and my computer speed just improved tremendously.

  20. In my opinion the positive effect of registry cleaning software is overestimated. Often PC users consider this or that problem caused by registry errors, why in reality the roots lie in malicious programs (spyware, etc) lingering in the system. In such cases cleaning up the Windows registry with enough probability will not help as much as expected. For novice users this may be a reason to complain about installed registry cleaner under a wrong presumption that it didn’t help. Registry errors sure may add up to system problems, but they rarely can be blamed alone.

  21. Hi,

    I really don’t share your opinion this time. Sorry Chris.

    You are right just at only one aspect. There are many “junk” programs that are promising you that will make your computer run faster, but they are just jokes. Still i have found one program that is really working, and its name is jv16 PowerTools 2009 from the Macecraft Company. Till now it has suited all my requirements, and i will still use this in this future because it has made my computer run faster and more smoother.


  22. I’ve used JV16 Power Tools as well as CCleaner on all my Win systems as far back as Win 98 and never have encountered any problems. By the way both of these programs have an option to backup entries before cleaning them.

  23. if you look at alot of image web sites it will take those images off, I clean about 50 megs off my computer everytime I use it
    I have used window washer by web root now for over 5 years and all my friend use it and it has been very helpful, my advise
    is to use either ccleaner or window washer or you are nuts and your computer will run out of space

  24. I have been a computer tech since Windows 95 and I have since a lot of progress with today’s Registry Cleaners. First point I would like to make, CCleaner is NOT a registry cleaner, if you would actually use the program then you would know that. CCleaner is a system junk cleaner with very limited registry cleaning junk like Spybot’s System Internals scan. So that info needs to be updated. Second today’s trusted Registry Cleaners like jv16 Power Tools, has been around since Windows 98 and has a default safe list of registry keys not to scan so you can’t cause any serious system problems unless you remove this safe list or use it in advance mode. If it did cause any problems then it automatically makes a backup of all deleted keys which can be very easily restored. Other trusted Registry Cleaners also have safe lists and automatically makes backups that can be easily restored. It’s not like it was in the past when they used to not have safe lists or make backups. I do agree that novice users need to not use any at all because they may not know how to restore a backup if they happen to run into problems. That are several rogue Registry Cleaners out there that actually cause more problems than do any good for a system. But if you use a trusted Registry Cleaner it can make your boot process faster and your system have a faster response time. They can also repair program errors that go wrong in the installation process. I speaking of years of experience, not what I have read. Because if you want to make a proper review of registry cleaners then you are going to have to use them to know what they can do. You can review the performance of a car, if you don’t drive it. Do you really think all of these people are crazy for saying that Registry Cleaners made their system run better?? Maybe it will dawn on you that maybe these people are right. So if anyone wants a trusted registry cleaner, there is no need to buy one. The free ones are actually better because there are not out to sale you a bogus product that doesn’t work. jv16 Power Tools now makes a freeware version called Power Tools Lite, Advanced SystemCare Free, Argente Registry Cleaner, Vit Registry Fix, Auslogics Registry Cleaner, Baku, COMODO Registry Cleaner, RegScrubVistaXP, RegToy, RegSeeker, Wise Registry Cleaner Free, Free Window Registry Repair, Eusing Free Registry Cleaner, Glary Registry Repair, PC Health Optimizer Free Edition and TweakNow RegCleaner Standard Edition are all 100% free, trusted and some are even open source. Just Google for them.
    To limit invalid registry keys use Revo Uninstaller which deletes the keys in the uninstall process, also 100% freeware.


  25. I agree with Chris on registry cleaners. Microsoft doesn’t recommend their use do they? NO!! If the registry was a problem, then Microsoft would have come out with their own registry cleaner. I used to use them and I whole-heartily believe they were the reason why I used to do a complete fresh XP installation every 6 months or less. Now I don’t use them anymore.
    No matter what registry cleaner you use, they all advertise the same thing and the same problems they fix. My experience with their use is they cause your OS to become more unstable with every cleaning. Think of your registry as one huge extremely complex .ini file because, in truth, that’s exactly what it is.
    I agree with the other statements posted ahead of me mentioning Malwarebytes’ AntiMalware and SuperAntiSpyware. These are the only programs that will touch the registry and if it does it’s because one or both of these programs detected infected registry keys.

    If you don’t like reinstalling Windows OS all the time, one way to do that is to stay far away from registry cleaners, period. Registry cleaners only exist because these developers want to make money on a bunch of lies. Your registry will never cause you OS to have any problems, it’s ususally something else that’s the problem. Registry cleaners give you the false sense that they are fixing your problems when in fact, they might seem to fix one problem yet cause another problem somewhere else.
    Here is an example of CCleaner and what it claims to do to your registry:

    Registry cleaner
    Advanced features to remove unused and old entries, including File Extensions, ActiveX Controls, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, Uninstallers, Shared DLLs, Fonts, Help Files, Application Paths, Icons, Invalid Shortcuts and more… also comes with a comprehensive backup feature.

    Now look at othe registry cleaners and what they claim to fix or clean out and they all say the same thing. Some reg cleaners are more aggressive than others. These program developers only want your money based on false promises and giving you a false sense that your OS is better having a reg cleaner than not.

    Now you know all about registry cleaners.

  26. well is there a way to do that u dont need to reinstall ur OS evry 3 to 6 month and does formating hurt your hard drive or makes it slower?

  27. Always thought it funny when a reg cleaner offered you to do a reg backup- “just in case”…As if a n00b could figure out how to access the thing, saved on a desktop, when the entire system won’t boot? Yeah, right….


    FFS- just do a complete reinstall of Windows. Be a big boy/girl & keep your recovery discs & discs to reinstall your programs in a safe place. Your user-created data ought to be out to external sources (2).

    Better yet, buy Acronis & make a decent image to go back to…

    It’s 2010- time to forget the dinosaur past~


  28. To clean my Windows XP registry, I use Widows Live OneCare Safety Scanner.

    Since Microsoft developed, tested and released both products, why would there be a problem?

    Regards, Joe

  29. That’s too risky to edit the registry manually, as you don’t know which entries are useless.

  30. Great article and vid. Wish I could link to it from my site, but unfortunately, inserted at the bottom is an ad for a registry cleaner. Seems rather counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Too bad you don’t have any control over the ads displayed on your site. “TuneUp360 automatically cleans your registry and fixes a number of other Windows errors. Order with coupon code GEEKS to save 25% now.”

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