Are You Ready for Blu-Ray DVD?

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Now that the Format War is over (for now at least), I realize I will have to buy myself a Blu-Ray drive one of these days. When I do buy one, it will be an external USB drive, so I can take it with me from one machine to another in my house. I’m not in a rush, however. One of our Community members sent in the following top five list, of reasons to not rush out to buy a Blu-Ray drive.

  • The best Blu-Ray player currently on the market is a game console. I am not criticizing the PS3s video capabilities. It has been said by many that it’s one of the best Blu-Ray players out there. I just feel like there is something wrong with this picture. I mean, you are going to create a new video format and the best player for that format is a device that was not even designed with video playback as its primary function? Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea that consoles are more than just gaming machines. Something just feels wrong about it being the BEST Blu-Ray player. I don’t know why I feel that way, I just do. Plus… I would rather have a dedicated player.
  • Video availability. This will probably become less of an issue in the coming months now that HD-DVD is dead. I understand that there are great movies out there for the Blu-Ray… however they are not numerous enough yet to warrant the investment.
  • Evolving standard. This is where I will contradict myself a little. If you must purchase a Blu-Ray player today, PLEASE get the PS3. I say this because almost all the current Blu-R,ay players are somewhat obsolete. The great majority of players out there are v.1.0, while the newer players are v. 1.1. Later this year Sony will introduce v. 2.0 for their Blu-Ray players. I may be wrong about this, but while most players will allow you to upgrade the firmware… none are wi-fi capable. The ps3 is already wi-fi capable (so there is no need to route a broadband wire) and Sony has been excellent when it comes to expanding the capabilities of the PS3.
  • Price. I am not willing to pay the current prices for a Blu-Ray player. When it comes down to about $200 or so, I will entertain the thought. For now, I will assume a wait and see position.
  • DVD. I just can’t find a compelling reason to let go of my dvd player. Yes, I know Blu-Ray looks better, but is it honestly that much better? DVD had a clear advantage over VHS, but can the same be said for Blu-Ray over DVD? I also don’t feel like it has a “killer app” or a must-have feature. Some people used the lack of WOW feature as their main reason not to move to Vista… and I honestly believe the same could be said about the Blu-Ray format.

After this was posted, I received the following email and wanted to share it in this post.

You said to chime in as to why we chose one format over the other, and here is my 2 cents. I myself chose Blu-Ray because I am a big fan of Sonys game consoles (yes, a playstation man thru and thru). From a gamers stand point, being able to put much more information per disc, was going to allow Sony (at least in my mind) to smoke the competition with the potential of their gaming consoles graphics and gameplay. I don’t have an HDTV (trust me, i’m workin on it) so HD movies didn’t tickle my fancy. I stayed away from the movie player scene. This is probably the most basic answer you’d hear for people who are pro Blu-Ray, but I figured I might as well tune in. Oh, and as a side note, the potential for Blu-Ray far exceeds the gaming and movie scene. The potential for just storage or large amounts of information as a hard copy backup for corporations or just the general users… Blu-Ray can be written in quad layers for 100gigs of information.


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51 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Blu-Ray DVD?”

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  2. Hi Chris,

    I’ll probably apply the same criterion to this as to most other expensive computer additions: when it becomes an inconvenience, then I’ll make the best choice possible.

    For now (as you remarked) it’s just another glitzy Vista-like “improvement.”


  3. I must say the Blue-ray is quite exalent as for at my dads house i have both xbox 360 and PS3 but the PS3 has blue-ray but i still like xbox 360 for many resons.

  4. QUOTE: may be wrong about this, but while most players will allow you to upgrade the firmware…

    Blu-Ray Players have no Internet connection as HD-DVD had so as to update. Same is the Updates are not downloadable in an ISO image From Sony. To get the updated Firmware you must call Sony, Identify Your player and Model#, (note the call is not Free it is charged to your CC) then pay upwards to $28.99, plus shipping, then wait 6 – 10 weeks for delivery. There are movies out there now that will not play under the HDMI 1.0, they require 1.1, some 1.2.

  5. The backward compatabality’s of the Blu-Ray is only optional, and LIMITED to movies made only in the past 3 years, so don’t get rid of you Standard DVD Player. To upscale your older DVD’s watch prices and just get the HD-DVD from Toshiba, the best upscale player around. Its backward compatabilities are required for all DVD’s and all Regions. It is not Region Specific, Where I caution you Sony is, and for Region 2, which is their region is Japan, the US and Canada is Region 1. A region 1 DVD will not play on a Sony Blu-Ray. Bottom line Sony dupped everyone again. Ao if you must get the PS3 it will update, The DVD player will not. As a true American, I’ll never buy either, never own a PS3, or Blu-Ray player, and never watch a Blu-Ray DVD, Sony has taken over our entertainment business, and will eventually dictate what we are able to watch

  6. Buy a HD DVD player, one that up-converts. If you get any HD DVDs, then you can play them, otherwise use it for standard DVDs. If you have a HD TV, then you can use the up-convert function to improve the picture. This should last you until the “next great” format appears. My kids already have a PS3, so the blue-ray side is covered.

  7. Im glad that HDDVD isdead now i can safely buy a HD player. I will probably get the PS3. In my opinion we still arnt to the point were we can download true HD content. There are no services that provide same quality video and audio as i would get from physical media plus i dont have the bandwidth necessary to download that kind of video (im on a cable). So i will buy a PS3 in the near future not only becasue its the best bluRay player for the buck but because MGS4 is coming out on March 12

  8. Last February I debated to myself what format I should go after. The playstation 3 ended up being a great deal at the time for both the system and a bluray player. Now that HD dvd has died I am happy I made the right decision… but I might end up picking up a 360 HD-DVD addon being that they are running around $50 now.

  9. I have to say that I really did feel that Blu-ray was going to win since the begging and I did really think that it was really unwise for anyone to buy either one before the battle between the two had ended. I even advised a family member who desperately wanted to get either one just because they got a new LCD Tv, not to because wasting money was not a good thing to do. For me I really do not care that with Blu-ray that I can watch it in 1080i or 1080p on an LCD or Plasma. As long as I can still watch my movies on the DVD player I have now I am good. Although now I watch most my movies online, as I just find it easier. Soon from now we are going to get rid of physical media and dealing only with digital media. If I was to get a Blu-ray player my DVD player would have to break down first.

  10. I still don’t think it’s even worth buying any DVD/Blu Ray/ HD DVD. In a couple years the majority of people will just be down loading from legal sites. Witch will consumers lot’s of money.

  11. So does this mean i can no longer play or see dvd movies anymore, i have to shell out moola for another player????????? give me a freaking break!!!!!!!!!!

  12. A few comments…

    As far as Blu-ray players go, there are differing opinions on whether or not the PS3 is really the best in terms of quality. I personally own a PS3 and am impressed by the picture quality, however, usability is more of an issue. The controls are not as intuitive as a regular dedicated media player. The PS3 is first and foremost a gaming console (which I dearly love, btw), and the Blu-ray support is secondary. Sure, it works, but there’s a learning curve. Buying the optional Bluetooth remote is a better option and makes it less of a chore.

    Second, one reason to splurge is that it does upconvert your old DVDs to “near HD” quality. Good excuse to update to a newer game console, eh?

    Last, the offical spelling is “Blu-ray” instead of “Blu-Ray”. Sorry, I’m in QA – I can’t help it.

    As with anything else, take this with a grain of salt. It’s just my opinion (except for the offical spelling, that is).


  13. Hey Chris, thanks for the topic of choice, although I seen so much info already on the web, more helpful tips are always welcome.

    After I studied the PS3’s future proof during release, I knew the Blu-Ray tech was going to dominate, though I didn’t know there was going to be a war over it, lol. Glad to hear my personal console preference had some future proof in the coming years.

  14. I think blue-ray is nice. I have an HD screen on my laptop but i dont have an HD or blueray drive. Blue ray will be like normal dvd’s eventually.

  15. Apple was considering getting Blu-Ray, but all Sony could actually give up were Blu-ray / DVD±RW drives, which Apple refused for the new MacBook Pro’s. A good decision at the 11th hour.

  16. Just a few comments that I thought that I would add.

    I am surprised to see a winner so fast and how the market has already adapted to the format of Blu-ray. Even at the local video store they are already discounting HD-DVD’s. I guess it’s a good time to purchase the few titles remaining title they have in stock. I guess I am an early adapter to technology and I ended up choosing the wrong format I was under the impression that HD-DVD wasn’t going anywhere and that it was a better choice; however, in the end I was wrong it wasn’t the first time nor will it be the last. I guess Sony picked the correct format this time and I didn’t. Oh well I guess I can put my HD-DVD player with my Sony Betamax Player and my Laserdisk player on display with my out dated equipment. May be some day they will be worth money, unit then its time to move on to the newest latest and greatest Blu-ray.

    aka Michael B.

  17. i have been following this alot with Leo on his podcast about the blue-ray dvd vs hd dvd i really didnt think it would end this quick tho but they could still use HD dvd’s for something maybe computer backup disc’s but only blue-ray player i will buy is the PS3 cuz i heard its upgradable and games and it doesnt break like 360 but im glad its over now we can get on with our lifes and not have to buy 2 players to play moives we want and srry for my spelling and if a mod wants to edit it and make it right sure go for it. just sayin my post shouldnt be deleted cuz i cant spell or type stuff right.

    but good videos chris

  18. I bought a PS3 and the news of Blu-Ray winning the format war has solidified my confidence in my investment. I actually like the fact that Blu-Ray players cost hundreds more than the PS3, an amazing Blu-Ray player with upgradable firmware. Dedicated Blu-Ray players are for old people and people who are too rich or dumb to do research. I don’t want any of them on the PSN anyway.

    P.S. Old people are great, but COD4 gives them seizures (maybe).

  19. now hes trying to convince people to not buy a Blu-Ray yet. this is all a strategic scheme to support microsoft. he probably read that conpsiracy. he is completely biased and just plain dumb. guys, i advise everyone to unsubscribe to him. hes probably hired by microsoft to spread rumors and gain support for only microsoft

  20. How is it helping Microsoft? the answer is obvious. even though their vid codec is in the blu ray, the competition between consoles is larger than that small factor. he states that he got both the Wii and the Xbox 360 while not having a PS3. an intelligent person can see his biased views on the innuence. even with the blu-ray winning, he goes on stating 5 reasons why people shouldn’t buy a blu ray yet, believing that the “conpiracy” theory he heard is true. i wont tell u the name of the theory.

  21. And you should know that it makes you more credible if you say “I’m an Apple user” throughout each video you make then start to support Microsoft. If I really hated chocolate and wanted to support strawberry, I would exert an image of how I love chocolate all my life but strawberry is the new flavor. This is a persuasive strategy that tricks the average people like you. He is completely for Micrsoft. Just watch his future videos on Microsoft and its competition.

  22. DO NOT BUY A PS3 JUST FOR BLU-RAY!! When PS4 comes out you will be stuck with a old lame PS3, when you could have had a stand alone player.

  23. Yes it will!! Then you will have two Blu-ray players right? PS3 $ PS4!! Just get a stand alone, and you will not have to get a new Blu-ray player till the next format war. Or you can just also wait till PS5 and buy yet another Blu-ray player!!

  24. what your saying makes no sense. ps3 is a gaming console not a blu-ray player even though it has it built in most people buy the ps3 for the GAMING which is what tis made for

  25. What you just said is exactly my point.Why buy a GAMING console simply for Blu-ray. If one depends on PS3 mostly for blu-ray then the next system comes out, then the next one, and so on. PS4 and 5 come out, now you have a lame ass PS3 you don’t want. For fans of Xbox or Nintendo PS3 for Blu-ray makes no sense. If one is a Sony fan, and plan to have every system ok. Blu-ray is a perk. I WILL BUY A STAND ALONE PLAYER. I mean hell do you still watch DVD on your PS2? Or do you have a DVD player?

  26. hahaha look at chris fag it ass he`s all pissed that blu ray OWNED HE`S PIECE OF SHIT OF HD-DVD!!!

  27. Hey Chris,

    I totally agree with you on the cons. I personally think there is nothing wrong with VHS and DVD. If you compare an SDTV set with HDTV set side by side, the image quality is not that mich different. I think DVD and even VHS quality are fairly good. I would prefer DVD though because it will play on my PC and won’t wear out.


  28. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Dude, I got the PS3 before I got the Xbox 360 or the Wii. Sony always steals the show, come on, the top selling DVD player of all time is the PS2, along with the PS3 being the all time best selling Blu-ray player. The PS2 has sold over what now? 232 Million consoles I think it is now? Don’t doubt Sony for a damn second.

  29. LOL DVD rewinder. Nice. Anyway to bring you upto date the firmware is now 2.17. I updated it just last night. NOW what that has, I am not sure yet but I’m sure it will make my PS3 experience a bit better(though not exactly sure how just yet).

  30. Ok I just looked up wikipedia and they say this is what the updates are all the updates from 2.10 and older firmware, the operating stability of some online PS3 format software has been improved, and finally support for PS2 games with optional and mandatory installs.

  31. PS3 -Powered by Cell
    -CD, DVD, BluRay Disc
    -BluRay, WiFi, Ethernet
    -Dolby Digital Surround Sound
    -Legacy SD to full HD support (1080p)
    -Rechareable, Six Axis Wireless controller
    -Up to 7 players
    -Preinstalled HDD
    -USB, Memory Stick, SD, Compact flash.
    -Free Online Play
    -Can Browse Internet
    -Great coming exclusive games – MTG4, etc –
    -Very silent when turned on
    -Free Blu Ray Movies
    -More but no room.

  32. im not sure about blue ray becoming standard soon
    but what i know is that mgs4 is not reason enough to buy a gaming console (well, maybe yes the game looks bloody awesome, and im a fan to the series)cause is the only “cannon” game in whole console, plus i already have a pc,and even better, a laptop, so why should i want to buy a home console to browse the web, play movies,hear music,”etc” i mean is a GAMING console made to PLAY GAMES,nothing more,nothing less,i almost miss the ol gaming days

  33. I don’t think Blu-Ray will become mainstream like DVD. It will probably be like laser discs were. Blu Ray may look better, but most people don’t care about the difference in picture quality enough to fork out more money and buy all their movies over again (especially since the jump from DVD to Blu-Ray isn’t near what the jump from VHS to DVD was, and a lot of people just switched from VHS to DVD within the last 5 years and are not ready to make the switch all over again so soon).

  34. Blu-ray will become mainstream. It will take longer than DVD for sure, but it will happen. The fact that people don’t care about the better picture (which I would disagree with but let’s say you’re right), one reason people hopped on DVD was special features. It’s why studios constantly double-dip titles They know people want to see the new features. Blu-ray is expected to produce whole new interactive features which will hook the crowd eventually. The best hasn’t come yet though.

  35. I also have to disagree with the laserdisc comparison. Laserdisc failed for multiple reasons: weak studio support, cost ($60/disc), loud & clunky players, oversized discs, and the fact that you had to flip discs in the middle of the movie. Blu-ray faces none of these disadvantages (aside from cost which is becoming less of an issue as time goes by). LD vs. Blu-ray is a case of apples & oranges.

  36. No PS3 fanboys allowed all we care about is how the blue ray player is on it not everything else it does. If i wanted that i would have searched it.

  37. Good to see that other people are also looking out for the ultimate affordable stand-alone player. Until then the PS3 will do.

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