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I have 4 Xbox 360s, for the simple reason that I can share media throughout the house, or be able to play games wherever I am. I was lucky to win these a few years ago. I received an email from someone saying that they are considering selling their Xbox 360 to buy a PS3. What?!

The email was very thought-provoking. The writer states that he is thinking of switching because Blu-Ray is the winner in the format war. He has a feeling that a larger effort will go into raising PS3s power in the console world. Also, of course, we have the Virtual World coming this Spring. PlayStation Home is a virtual community of PS3 owners living together in both public and private environments. Users will be able to login, chat with both text and speech and play casual games together such as pool, bowling and even embedded arcade machines. And when the old stand-bys grow stale, users can invite one another into other PlayStation Network titles outside of PlayStation Home. Every user will have their own virtual apartment to decorate with furniture, their trophies from various games and content from their own PS3s.

The writer ends the email by asking me which console has the brighter future.

If you already have a handful of Xbox 360 games, why would you sell the console because another player already has a Blu-Ray drive? What’s going to stop Microsoft from developing a Blu-Ray USB drive? Nothing… that’s what. Just because there will be no new content on HD-DVD… doesn’t mean it’s completely dead and unusable. My prediction is that Microsoft will indeed come out with a Blu-Ray USB drive very soon, to bring the Xbox up to speed with the PS3 in that regard. Don’t sell your console just because of this. This has literally only come down the past few weeks. Give Microsoft a chance to develop something for the Xbox.

If you LIKE the PS3, and its options, better than the Xbox… then good on you. Buy the PS3 console. But why would you go to all that trouble just for new physical media? Trust me when I say Microsoft and other companies WILL catch up to the Blu-Ray craze. Don’t count them out yet.


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29 thoughts on “Xbox DVD”

  1. I agree with Chris 100%. Don’t sell it. The games you invested in, you will still continue to enjoy and MicroSoft may come out with a Blu-Ray solution in the future. It would be great if they chose E3 in July to show us something.

  2. I was just simply stating the fact that there are alot more Anime games for PlayStation than Xbox because of course PS is a japanese system unlike Xbox where fist person shooters rein. you don’t have to be a dick about it.

  3. i am not bashing the ps3 but take your head out your ass and listen to me all of the 360 owners.

    ps3 to xbox

    Exclusive games coming this year
    ps3- killzone 2 resistance 2 gran turismo 5 haze metal gear soild 4 little big planet home final fantasy AND the agentcy and many more not really worth menching

    360- gears 2, and two human hahaha
    sorry to laugh but i buy a game console to what!!!
    play games haha and you can’t lie but the ps3 has so much better games

  4. ps3 to 360


    PS3: System-399, Online-Free, Blu-Ray-Free, HDMI Cable-30, wireless-free, Total=430

    Xbox 360: System- 379, Online-60, HDDVD-50,HDMI-30,Wireless-90 Total=510

    in my opinion the ps3 is worth the money
    haha 360 owners are still geting the rrod even after the chip has been relased

  5. the 360 has more exclusives then psnblue says.

    Fable 2, Halo Wars, Too Human, Gears 2, Ninja Gaiden 2 and more.

    Games that aren’t exclusives on ps3 that were said are Haze and MGS4.

  6. I would be surprised if Microsoft didn’t come out with a Blu-Ray player for the Xbox 360. It won’t be too hard considering the fact that they don’t have to make HD-DVD players anymore. I say stick with the Xbox 360. You will be able to watch Blu-Ray movies on it sooner or later.

  7. Personal I stick with PS3 because I just never had a Xbox, but I still respect Xbox because they have more exclusive games then sony in general.
    But! Sony Tends to create more games then microsoft [Console Wise(PS3,Xbox/360)].

  8. PS3 40 gig $399 HDMI cable around $20 (no backwards compatability)
    Xbox 360 pro $349 + $50per year of live.

    well idk about you, but that seems somewhat even until after the first year….and a smart shopper will get live for around $40 anyway. Don’t add extra crap that isn’t needed into it…if you don’t have the elite there’s no need for hdmi cable, and if you do have the elite it COMES WITH a cable. I know i certainly don’t need wireless online…so take that off.

  9. Sony created blu-ray and owns majority of it and it’s rights. The rest is owned by Apple computer and other companies. So I’d say that since Sony owns 55% of it and it’s rights, then that makes them have the most say-so in the case of a majority vote needed. So in theory, Sony does own Blu-ray.

  10. i agree that blu-ray will become the standerd but at the moment and for the next 2-3 years dvd is the standerd the thing that no one seems to remember is that when the ps2 came out dvd was already on its way to become the number one format when the ps3 came out almost no one had blu-ray meaning it will take longer to acheve the same level

  11. Blueray is owned by sony and sony would most likely never give competitors the format, also Bill gate retired from Microsoft, he gains no shares, he just supervise.

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