Dual Boot Between Windows XP and Vista

Elian emailed me the other day with quite a quandary. He’s from the Netherlands, but this seems to be a universal problem:

One of my friends has a computer with windows vista on it. So today he wanted to install windows XP on it because he couldn’t play older games he wanted to. I’ve done it myself successfully but I installed XP before I installed vista. Now his computer keeps booting XP without the boot manager screen (witch appears on my screen every time I boot my computer up). I think this problem could be solved by editing the boot.ini file. Programs like partition magic have an app witch enables you to make the choice on witch partition you want to boot up. I’d like to know how to solve this problem.

A few hours later, he returned with the discovery of VistaBootPro – a free solution for those of you in a dual-booting boat. Vista or XP – why not have both?

16 thoughts on “Dual Boot Between Windows XP and Vista”

  1. A Vista/XP dual boot situation is quite common nowadays, especially with all of the unknown responses Vista can have to the simplest of things. XP is still the safest bet to take when you need to do anything that you are in doubt about doing on Vista.

  2. why,even do that? when,you can run vista on Virtural box?!!
    i just think that’s a wast of time, to do. just,use vmware to dual boot os. and,it will save you time.

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  3. My particular flavour of dual booting is Vista (which won’t be used much – my dev tools don’t work, and people on here have agreed that there’s not much point struggling if it doesn’t benefit me) and Server 2003 (will be used as supports MSSQL and my various dev tools), on a laptop (for which there aren’t any win2k3 drivers, but luckily xp drivers work ok).

  4. This is a subject I’m very interested in since I , myself, have thought about doing the same. Putting xp over Vista. Is Vista Boot Pro any good? Partion Magic is a tried and true program. If and when I do duo-boot I will research both programs and compare.

  5. When I get tired of Vista on my main Windows laptop I will probably go this route. Vista is such a piece of garbage.

  6. With all this discussion on Vista I feel like I should install it sometime. I have been running XP forever and it fits all my needs, now that I actually pay for software, upgrading only occurs by necessity and not just because. I should upgrade and do a video on my site about how it goes.

  7. I dual boot Vista and Xp on my laptop, but I wonder why I need to use a program to do it? It works perfectly fine for me, and I didn’t need to install another program to add to my list of them. I do however recommend Vlite for vista, since it gets Vista off of the slow ground its on and boots up the speed on it.

  8. I have a dual boot xp and vista. i put xp on first then vista and i had no problems. works great for me i also use vmware.

  9. I would like to Dual boot XP & Windows Server 2008. Should I put each OS on Seperate HD, or partition a HD, and which order would be best. Thank you for helping if anyone has any suggestions.

  10. I just purchase a new computer with window vista, and would like to format and get rid of vista and put xp on it. what drives will I need to keep the computer up to date with hard ware on my Hp M9150 F It has a wireless mouse and keyboard, nvidia Geforce 8500gt wireless card LAN 8002.11b/g etc etc.

  11. I am trying to set up the dual boot on my brothers new dell laptop and I got the partitions on and start to setup xp and it stops at the license page and will not allow me to accept. His dj programs for his business work on xp and wont on vista so this is very frustrating. The longer I mess with this the longer his business is held up. Does anyone know y it stops here and is not frozen? It will allow me to not agree or page down so it is not frozen up

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