Find Windows Drivers for Hardware

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I had a caller the other night on the 888-PIRILLO line who was asking where he can find drivers for old Windows hardware. His machines are, of course, home-built.. making this even more challenging.

I used to be friends with the guy who originally built the WinDrivers website. It has since been aquired by They’re bragging now that there is free unlimited access. I still recommend it, as it is a “one-stop source for device drivers, anti-virus updates, and security patches”.

Some of the features you’ll receive (in addition to driver downloads) with your free membership:

  • Comprehensive Hardware Manufacturer Directory You can browse by product type (covering everything from BIOS/motherboard to printer/driver to USB and video) or by manufacturer (from Acer to Zoltrix).
  • Anti-Virus Center reports on the ten leading anti-virus software vendors and links you directly to the latest data file downloads.
  • Security Update Alerts Receive automatic alerts when security updates occur.
  • Latest Driver Updates Use Windrivers to help you locate current and out-of-date device drivers & BIOS through our “Driver Updates” section. Every day, the staff adds the latest new BIOS and drivers covering thousands of products across virtually every PC hardware category.
  • Hard Drive Center Moving a hard drive to a new computer? The Hard Drive Center will help you identify the correct jumper settings and guide you through the treacherous process of partitioning and formatting.
  • Networking Center Need to identify the pin-outs in a network cable? Need to identify an unlabeled network card? This is the place to go.
  • DLL Search Get access to hundreds of DLL files through the Windrivers DLL Search lists, which explain their purpose and link to the most recent updates so you know how to proceed when receiving a “DLL File Not Found” message.
  • Service Packs Direct links to more than a hundred Microsoft Service Packs for Windows, NT and Office, covering virtually every service pack Microsoft offers.

I definitely trust this site. I don’t often recommend ANY download site. However, since I know the guy who started it all… I’m comfortable telling you all it’s a great place to go.


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31 thoughts on “Find Windows Drivers for Hardware”

  1. Wow.. nothing but damned morons with no life who dedicate themselves to just post about being 1st to post. Thanks for sharing the vid Chris! Been wondering as to where to find good old drivers since I still have two old computers from the last century.

  2. why would you want to use the old computers? why dont you just get a new computer and put “parallels workstation” on it so you can use the old operating systems on it if you really must use the old operating systems

  3. Do you have the HP printer files installed? Pop in your OS X Install Disk and click the Optional Installs.mpkg. Remember to uncheck everything you already have installed and just check the HP printer files under the printer files category.

  4. The new “Drivers Guide” doesn’t work! I can bring up the pages, log in, and go to search. Search results give “404” on both I.E.7 and FireFox! I sent a “broken link” report to the site, but when you click on “check message”, nothing happens! This site apparently needs work before you recommend it!

  5. It’s funny how on the Mac the drivers just work, and on Windows Vista the drivers are horrible. But with my experience Windows XP drivers aren’t that bad. But then again that is me not you, other people may have problems.

  6. Thank you for introducing me to windrivers, it has a new perma-spot in my bookmarks! I don’t know how I have failed to run across that one before now!

  7. I really recommend this website too for whoever is reading this. It is like Microsoft’s Download Center only 100 times better. It is a great place for people who build there own computers and need all of the correct drivers and software. It’s very easy to use: just search for what you are looking for and you go straight to the download!

  8. I would never get a driver from an unofficial site. I mean its too risky. Also many people say that that Nvidia has driver problems with vista. They have worked fine for me. I’m not favoring vista but maybe its a User error. Personally I think AMD is lacking in “good” software.

    Usually hardware companies make crap software.

  9. I wish this would of came out a couple weeks ago when I was having trouble with the same issue. Very nice and useful video.

  10. I wish that drivers were as easy to get for Windows as they are for Mac.
    I love building computers and all, but when you can easily go to one place for drivers or not at all, it’s brilliant.

  11. This is a excellent blog Chris, perfect for home built computer users. I’ll check that website out later soon, especially when I get my mom’s old Windows 95 working again.

  12. I’ve been a subscriber to DRIVERGUIDE.COM for over 10 years. I used it tonight to update my network card. I went to find the same drivers on WINDRIVERS. Dead link 404.
    Maybe windrivers has a hard time keeping up with all of the external links, but driverguide had it and I didn’t have to give out my life history that WINDRIVERS asks for when signing up.

    My grade school math teacher said K-I-S-S. Keep it Simple Stupid!

    Driverguide is as simple as it gets.(for me)

  13. Very nice tips and great site. I often find myself looking for drivers for older systems which usually adds way to much time to the install. This will help greatly, Thank you

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