Find Windows Drivers for Hardware

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I had a caller the other night on the 888-PIRILLO line who was asking where he can find drivers for old Windows hardware. His machines are, of course, home-built.. making this even more challenging.

I used to be friends with the guy who originally built the WinDrivers website. It has since been aquired by They’re bragging now that there is free unlimited access. I still recommend it, as it is a “one-stop source for device drivers, anti-virus updates, and security patches”.

Some of the features you’ll receive (in addition to driver downloads) with your free membership:

  • Comprehensive Hardware Manufacturer Directory You can browse by product type (covering everything from BIOS/motherboard to printer/driver to USB and video) or by manufacturer (from Acer to Zoltrix).
  • Anti-Virus Center reports on the ten leading anti-virus software vendors and links you directly to the latest data file downloads.
  • Security Update Alerts Receive automatic alerts when security updates occur.
  • Latest Driver Updates Use Windrivers to help you locate current and out-of-date device drivers & BIOS through our “Driver Updates” section. Every day, the staff adds the latest new BIOS and drivers covering thousands of products across virtually every PC hardware category.
  • Hard Drive Center Moving a hard drive to a new computer? The Hard Drive Center will help you identify the correct jumper settings and guide you through the treacherous process of partitioning and formatting.
  • Networking Center Need to identify the pin-outs in a network cable? Need to identify an unlabeled network card? This is the place to go.
  • DLL Search Get access to hundreds of DLL files through the Windrivers DLL Search lists, which explain their purpose and link to the most recent updates so you know how to proceed when receiving a “DLL File Not Found” message.
  • Service Packs Direct links to more than a hundred Microsoft Service Packs for Windows, NT and Office, covering virtually every service pack Microsoft offers.

I definitely trust this site. I don’t often recommend ANY download site. However, since I know the guy who started it all… I’m comfortable telling you all it’s a great place to go.


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