TV Bloopers

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Yes, it’s true. I used to be on television. I’ve been funny, and I’ve made bloopers. One of my old clips made #41… and the other made #3!! Thanks, NBC. You can contact me anytime! My email is [email protected], and we are streaming live video 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at


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38 thoughts on “TV Bloopers”

  1. How does the single cilck with a macbook pro work in Vista w/ bootcamp?

    I am currently planning to save money (I hope it will happen, it is hard saving while being a college studnet πŸ˜‰ and use my tax rebate to purcahse a Macbook pro, but I need windows too ($$$$) because I am an engineering student and there are some Windows only apps I have to use. Can you still do the two fingers on the touchpad click thing? Is there anything I should know? Thanks for your insight!

  2. I would like to note, I just heard the twit podcast of you switching to Mac, this is where this comment was sparked from.

  3. Chris, the #3 blooper was staged! It does not deserve to be on the top blooper reel because it was planned. Anyone can make a funny blooper that is planned! I am sorry if I sound angry, but I just wanted to get the facts straight. How do I know it was staged? Well, Leo Laporte actually confirmed it was completely fabricated.

  4. LOL………….OMG that’s CALL FOR HELP! LIKE 8 YEARS AGO (looking good!!!)………….that’s really Sad too, SCREENSAVERS is gone, TECHTV is gone.
    Thank U CHRIS you still whit US!!!

  5. This is what got me hooked on Chris Pirillo in the first place. I’d searched for Chris on youtube, and found the original hilarious video (not this edited version)! LOL!

  6. those good old days πŸ™
    It sucks that the show got cancelled…
    the time when the old man broke the device “that was one of its kind” was hilarious πŸ˜€

  7. Chris, it’s great that you made #41 and #3 favorite giggle clips. Let’s see if NBC will contact you now.

  8. Wow someone loves himself… your joke about the nuts was so not funny and pre-planned that they even edited it out to make ur clip seem spontaneous… way to go…

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