MacBook Air Unboxing

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Ponzi has searched high and low for a lighter-weight notebook she can use for travel. After doing a lot of comparison shopping, we decided on the new MacBook Air for her.

First thing out of the box is the proprietary SuperDrive. Integrated neatly is a slot-loading SuperDrive that lets you play and burn your own CDs and DVDs — including double-layer DVDs. And there’s no disc tray. You just slide the disc right in. The SuperDrive makes it easy to protect yourself from data loss. It’s as simple as sliding in a blank disc and copying files to it. Or use the built-in tools in iPhoto and iTunes to back up your media libraries. With a standard DVD, you can burn up to 4.7GB of data. It does not require a power supply, which makes it lighter. For Ponzi, it’s all about portability.

She now moves on to opening the MacBook Air itself. It’s slower, yes. Ponzi doesn’t do a lot of heavy processing stuff. This machine will work perfectly for her. No way I could ever use it. There just isn’t enough power for me. As I mentioned before, Ponzi needs the portability. She needs something lightweight to take with her when she travels. It has a full sized keyboard, which is good. MacBook Air is nearly as thin as your index finger. Practically every detail that could be streamlined has been. Yet it still has a 13.3-inch widescreen LED display, full-size keyboard, and large multi-touch trackpad. It’s incomparably portable without the usual ultraportable screen and keyboard compromises.

The incredible thinness of MacBook Air is the result of numerous size- and weight-shaving innovations. From a slimmer hard drive to strategically hidden I/O ports to a lower-profile battery, everything has been considered and reconsidered with thinness in mind.


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42 thoughts on “MacBook Air Unboxing”

  1. Just like the ipod nano, I think I would break this thing. Its just so small that I couldn’t consider using this as a true computer. I have enough trouble with my lenovo in realizing that it is a computer, I just hope that if I do get an air I have enough time to give it a try before I snap it :-/

  2. Like you said chris, I could personally never use this machine. But as I made a comment on the blog post “macbook air stupid decision…?” This will be perfect for someone like ponzi. I think the macbook air is worth the money FOR what it is. The solid state drive is way overpriced.

    Congrats on your purchase Ponzi
    I feel like this laptop will be perfect for you.

  3. Don’t install Vista right away. Give OS X a chance. Just try it for a couple weeks. Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing more videos about the MacBook Air by Chris, my dad is looking for a new computer, and I’ve finally convinced him to go with an Apple. He’s going to choose between a MacBook or a MacBook Air. All he does is web and email.

    Does anyone have an suggestions? I have a MacBook Pro which I love, but he doesn’t need anything so powerful.

  5. I used a Macbook Air at an Apple Store on Feb. 10th. I think that it is a really cool computer. Before, I thought it was a stupid idea, but having seen and used one, I think it has a lot of promise. It was so light and I could pick it up with little effort. Having the power of OS X on a computer so portable is such a good idea. The one I used had all of the usual apps that Mac users need (iWork, Mac Office 2008, iLife, etc.), which was great. The multi-touch trackpad is a great idea, especially if you only have one USB port and you don’t want to use it for a mouse. Remote Disc seems to be a great idea, however, I would probably buy the SuperDrive anyway just for convenience. The only thing that would make this computer better is tablet capabilities, and I predict that is in the works. But the Air is still a great computer. Ponzi, I think you will love it.

  6. Hey Ponzi, I still am deciding, on which i want, I am about to officaly switch to a mac in a bit, and i have my eyes on the macbook pro so hard, but, its not so portable, to the wiegh, thats a big deal for me, now i know that the macbook air, is light wieght.

    Congrazts on the air, and hope u enjoy it, and take care of it with all ur might.

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  8. I’ve got to agree with the Trusted Reviews site here. If you can live with Windows – and despite the inferiority, I can – I’d rather have Sony’s VAIO TZ31.

    TZ31’s a bit pricier but a fully speced, beautiful ultra portable notebook. DL writer, 2 USB, ethernet, 2GB RAM, 100GB HDD, card readers, best screen, great battery.

    I agree DLCBJE, all the omissions of the Air are a sheer joke. This is not about being wireless. This is about choosing fashion over even the most basic features. Not for me.

  9. Because it uses far too much resources, if I got a dual core or quad computer and it had vista, I would reformat the whole drive and put on xp, so then it runs twice as fast. Makes no sense to upgrade all your hardware for DX10 and a fancy GUI.

  10. Oh come on 5 pounds isn’t that heavy. Only 6 pounds. Consider the Egyptians who needed to pull tons of bricks miles across the sand 🙂

  11. When you compare the MacBook Air to, not a netbook, but similar machines (ie. Sony VAIO, etc.) it’s quite competitively priced. So expensive, maybe, but consider that every other computer in its class is priced about the same.

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