How to Install Computer Memory in an Apple Mac Pro

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I’ve already done the great unboxing of my new Mac Pro. Now, let’s take a look at installing some more RAM into Big Mac. Yes… I named the Mac Pro. Yes… it really IS named Big Mac.

I’ve done memory upgrades in so many different systems. I don’t think anything can approach the ease and elegance of the design of the new Mac Pro’s. You can tell they put a lot of thought into the design of the case, and inside the case as well. Here we go to install memory.

I just pulled out the little slot that the FB DIMMs will sit in. I’m replacing the 2 GB it came with, with 16GB of memory. I’m removing the two 1GB sticks, and will get a rebate on them. Imagine just popping the old RAM stick out with ease. You’ve wrestled with RAM slots before in a case. This Riser card is so simple. It makes it nice and easy. You pop it out, and then just pop in the new RAM sticks. Of course… you then pop the Riser card right back in the case, and voila!

Kat interrupted the recording to let me know that there are issues with the video link I sent her last night. I had her ping Tim and Brad at Ustream. What happened ultimately is that Ustream was having serious issues, that Ustream wasn’t able to straighten out until the next day.

This Riser card is much heavier than it was when I took it out… since it has four separate 2GB sticks of RAM on it, instead of one 1GB stick. However, it just slid right back in with ease.

On so many levels, this is just beautiful. It was so easy to do, and I didn’t even break a sweat. This machine is just beautiful.


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  4. This video definitely made me want to go out and get more RAM for my mbp. While I won’t be able to put anywhere near as much as 16gb on there, I could do with at least ONE more gig. Though it will definitely be 10 times harder to install on the mbp than it would be if I had a Mac Pro. That is quite the awesome looking machine.

  5. Now really! Where’s the fun, the pride, that sense of leaping tall buildings with a single bound, if you are able implement a hardware upgrade without breaking into a sweat?!? I expect next you will be touting the virtues of moving from stone tablets to paper! Humph!

    On a side note, I notice you name your computers, and so does Jerry Pournelle. I was very surprised after I got my first computer that I did not name it [since I habitually name both my houses and my cars — ah, in sequence — I never have more than one of either]. This puzzled me right up to the time I had my first hard drive failure [weren’t MFM HDD *fun*? Kids have it so easy these days! Sigh!] and found myself wandering around in a daze until I got a new HDD operational.

    It then became clear to me why I don’t name my computers — I do not think of them as separate entities, like cars or houses [seriously, I only have one of each at any one time], but rather as extensions of myself.

  6. $800 for 16GB, when you can get A-brand ram for the PC for around $400 (=16GB). Add the tax and you talk about a difference of almost $500!!

    For $500 I don’t mind moving some cables or taking a video card out hehe

    So go ahead nOObs, follow the advices of this self acclaimed messiah hehe

  7. And in all fairness, how many need an amount of RAM that wouldn’t even fit on DVD, let alone needed for a movie. Pirillo, you’re an idiot, you would even buy 128GB it was available.

  8. That background comment “That sounded gorgious!” when a person just snaps in 4 memory modules pretty much describes the foolish fanboyism of Mac users.

  9. this is to user q9450 hello it is a macs are made well. pc are trash in 2 years may be 3 you keep puting new crap in to it come on i use all pcand no mac i will get one soon today windows xp crashed my two pc`s i have got so many new fans i have got new cpus,hard drives,net card,powerboxs so i don`t mean the hate love thing but go to your pc list a do your thing. have a open mind get a mac run linux windows and mac osx 10.5