How to Install Computer Memory in an Apple Mac Pro

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I’ve already done the great unboxing of my new Mac Pro. Now, let’s take a look at installing some more RAM into Big Mac. Yes… I named the Mac Pro. Yes… it really IS named Big Mac.

I’ve done memory upgrades in so many different systems. I don’t think anything can approach the ease and elegance of the design of the new Mac Pro’s. You can tell they put a lot of thought into the design of the case, and inside the case as well. Here we go to install memory.

I just pulled out the little slot that the FB DIMMs will sit in. I’m replacing the 2 GB it came with, with 16GB of memory. I’m removing the two 1GB sticks, and will get a rebate on them. Imagine just popping the old RAM stick out with ease. You’ve wrestled with RAM slots before in a case. This Riser card is so simple. It makes it nice and easy. You pop it out, and then just pop in the new RAM sticks. Of course… you then pop the Riser card right back in the case, and voila!

Kat interrupted the recording to let me know that there are issues with the video link I sent her last night. I had her ping Tim and Brad at Ustream. What happened ultimately is that Ustream was having serious issues, that Ustream wasn’t able to straighten out until the next day.

This Riser card is much heavier than it was when I took it out… since it has four separate 2GB sticks of RAM on it, instead of one 1GB stick. However, it just slid right back in with ease.

On so many levels, this is just beautiful. It was so easy to do, and I didn’t even break a sweat. This machine is just beautiful.


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