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Here are some excellent tips for different things you can do with iTunes. Many of these, I didn’t already know! Thanks to all of you for sending in your tips and top five lists. Keep them coming!

  • You Can Change the visualizations in iTunes using the keys that follow:
    • Q and W Changes the corridor
    • A and S Use these keys to change the style of the visualizations
    • Z and X Changes the color of the visualizations
    • F Displays the frame rate
    • Made a Visualization you like? Push shift and a number (1-9) to make it a preset.
    • M key changes the mode (i.e. random, user config, freeze the current visualization)
    • O turns on overscan mode
  • During a download, go to the downloads page under “store” and click on the dash between the filesize and how minutes it has left to display how the download speed.
  • Say you want to download a song but don’t have time, find the song in the iTunes store, and drag the 30 second clip into your iTunes Library where you can purchase and download it later in one click.
  • You Can add “Smart Playlists” from the file menu. These playlists are self-updating based on the preferences you choose. Such as how many times a song is played, the year it was released, even the BPM.
  • You can add web radio stations to your library that come from the iTunes “radio” menu so you can easily stream them without having to go through a lot of lists and menus.
  • Want to know what’s all free on iTunes? Down near the bottom of the store page, there is a “free on iTunes” box. This is where I get a lot of my TV episodes, there is new stuff being added every week.


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22 thoughts on “iTunes Tips”

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  2. I love iTunes! I had the Zune software because I bought the new Zune, but I hated the software so I went back to iTunes. It’s so easy to organize and paste album art. There are still a lot of bugs in the Zune software so I’ll hold off until Microsoft fixes the bugs. 🙂

  3. iTunes is brilliant. Especially if you share the music really easily on your network. Just download itunes on another computer and your other itunes will pop up in the side bar. Brilliant!

  4. Yep! That’s one of the greatest features of iTunes. Set in my point of view 🙂

    I also love Cowerflow, and how easy it actually syncs your media.

  5. omg, i had the exact problem, the software was so bad that it made me switch back to the iPod. I couldn’t believe how bad the software was. itunes to zune software was like night and day. it is so easy to edit the metadata. i also switched back to the iPod because i like to keep my music organized and the zune software made it hell for me. And i am a very well informed person so i tried many ways to go around it but it just wouldn’t let me. i gotta say, iTunes is amazing and simple to use.

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