How to Play Tetris

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Tetris is my favorite game. Don’t tell me you never knew that! How could you not know? Dude! Tetris is like the best game EVER made!! Anyway, whether you’re a novice player, or an advanced one, here are some game tips to help you.

  • When the game starts out the blocks are falling fairly slow. It is in your best interest to pick a pace that you are comfortable with. Drop the pieces with the auto drop this way you are playing faster than the blocks are falling. This helps because you do not feel the increase in the actual speed of the game.
  • Have a pattern that you always follow. For example, I always start on the left side of the screen and work my way to the right. I leave the far right of the screen empty. This way I can build a stack to get a tetris faster and increase the number of points that I have.
  • Just because you can fit the piece there that doesn’t mean that it goes there. Remember that the goal of the game is to clear 4 lines with one piece. Try to make the piece lay in such that you have a board that has flat areas and jagged areas. This allow you to have a place for every piece.
  • This may sound obvious but don’t allow your stack of pieces to rise too high. Try to keep your stack as low to the bottom of the board as possible. If you start feeling uncomfortable with your playing start clearing single lines and work your way down. This will prolong your game play and allow you take your time when playing.
  • When the game starts getting really fast, slow your pace of dropping pieces down. This will help you gain precious seconds to think things through. Since you are already.
  • Use the next piece preview to your advantage. By the time that this piece is queued up in the preview you should already know where you are going to place that piece. In essence you are working ahead of the game.
  • Last but not least, do not make mistakes. One mistake in dropping a piece can cost you a game of tetris. In the chance that you do make a mistake move past it stop thinking about it. Thinking about one mistake can lead to more mistakes which means game over for you.


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