Where Should I Buy Mac Memory?

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Recently, I ordered my new Mac Pro. I only purchased 2GB of RAM for it upon ordering. However, I definitely need to add more. Where should I get it from? And of course… how much more should I get? I know if I review this video five years from now, and think of people using “only” 2GB of RAM… we will laugh hysterically. But, no matter, we deal with memory and what our machines will use. A user wrote in to ask questions about RAM. He went to the Apple site, and they informed him he should buy 4GB of RAM. However, he wonders if he can only get 2GB and have it be enough? Also, will this void his Apple warranty?

I would never recommend buying RAM directly from Apple. The worst thing you can do, though, is to mix memory types. Be careful where you purchase from, as well. You don’t want to buy something sub-par, and have it not work properly in your machine. With Mac OSX, it is a 64-bit Operating System. If you can afford it… you should go with the four gigs. For system intensive programs, you’ll notice a huge difference.

I’ll be ordering my RAM through a third party vendor for my Mac Pro soon. I’m not sure yet if I should go with 8GB, 16GB or 32GB. I’ll likely be going with either 8 or 16GB. The pricing will be great. I don’t need 32GB. I mean, seriously. What would I need it for… other than bragging rights? Since I’ll be using the Virtual Machines to run Windows, I think 16GB should work better.


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