Where Should I Buy Mac Memory?

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Recently, I ordered my new Mac Pro. I only purchased 2GB of RAM for it upon ordering. However, I definitely need to add more. Where should I get it from? And of course… how much more should I get? I know if I review this video five years from now, and think of people using “only” 2GB of RAM… we will laugh hysterically. But, no matter, we deal with memory and what our machines will use. A user wrote in to ask questions about RAM. He went to the Apple site, and they informed him he should buy 4GB of RAM. However, he wonders if he can only get 2GB and have it be enough? Also, will this void his Apple warranty?

I would never recommend buying RAM directly from Apple. The worst thing you can do, though, is to mix memory types. Be careful where you purchase from, as well. You don’t want to buy something sub-par, and have it not work properly in your machine. With Mac OSX, it is a 64-bit Operating System. If you can afford it… you should go with the four gigs. For system intensive programs, you’ll notice a huge difference.

I’ll be ordering my RAM through a third party vendor for my Mac Pro soon. I’m not sure yet if I should go with 8GB, 16GB or 32GB. I’ll likely be going with either 8 or 16GB. The pricing will be great. I don’t need 32GB. I mean, seriously. What would I need it for… other than bragging rights? Since I’ll be using the Virtual Machines to run Windows, I think 16GB should work better.


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  2. I think you should go with 32 GB of RAM, so you can have a version of Mac OS, Linux, and Windows all running at the same time on your Mac Pro. That would be cool.

  3. Well I got my Mac Pro back in August and found that 8 gigs were enough for me. I use it for 3D graphic rendering and video editing with such programs as Apple’s Final Cut Studio and Autodesk’s Maya.

    I have found that Crucial in my opinion has the best memory for the Mac. I haven’t tried Kingston, but I’ve heard they’re also pretty good.

  4. I brought 4Gb of RAM for my Macbook pro from TransIntl – http://transintl.com/ – it cost me a whopping $92.00 plus $13 shipping thus saving me $895.00 on the $1000.00 that Apple would have liked to charge me for the same chips…. same email confirmations, tracking ids the lot…

  5. I forgot, Crucial also has a nice program for people that aren’t technical. It checks to see the best RAM for your machine so you don’t get the wrong type and it isn’t mixed and matched.

  6. hey chris

    i have a bunch of mac pros and i got 32gb of ram on each. i got it from a service called mac ram 2.0. im not sure if its still on business but it only cost me like 2000$

    for you i wuld recommend using 8gb of ram. it works incredibly well. if overtime you see you need more, you can get. but dont waste a ton of cash on useless ram.

  7. Chris-

    I’ve been a Mac guy for years and while always looking to save a buck or two, I seem to always buy my ram from OWC – macsales.com.

    Their prices are usually among the lowest (not the lowest, necessarily) but the thing I’ve always liked about them is a. they are a dedicated Mac shop and b. they have kick ass how to videos for installation.

    They have a video for the Mac Pro install here –

    Now, I know that it’s their core business (mac upgrades) and it probably saves them money with having fewer returns and tech support calls, but not everybody has put the time and effort into helping their customers out.

    I’ve ordered from them probably a dozen times in as many years and never had any problems.


  8. I suggest to remove the Apple installed RAM and go with the 16gb and use Crucial. I have been using Crucial Ram in my Mac’s for just about 5 years now and have always had good performance. 16 may be more than you need but better to have more than not enough.

  9. My bf and I have bought all of the memory for our Macs from TransIntl. They aren’t too far from our houses so we’ve also been able to pick it up same day. They definitely have the best prices that we’ve seen. Mwave (www.mwave.com) also has good prices.

  10. Normally I buy Kingston RAM, but for the MacPro, it needs fancy heat sinks. I would second the opinion for Trans International


    but also consider Other World Computing


    as for quantity, the 8GB upgrade using 2GB modules is the preferred choice for audio and video editing and serious photo editing. For more everday users, the 4GB upgrade (6GB total) should be more than enough.

  11. Sorry. I left out the fact that I upgraded the HDD to a Hitachi 7200RPM 200 GB unit that is amazingly quiet and much faster then the stock drive.
    HDD is from http://www.newegg.com

    I am very pleased with this (quick) Macbook.

  12. It should increase battery life, by a bit. Cause your computer accesses your hard drive less often and RAM takes up less power than your hard drive.

  13. I maxed out my MBP w/ 3GB RAM because I use VMware Fusion. More RAM, the better multitasking u get. I chose third party RAM though, Apple RAM is highway robbery.

  14. Hi Chris, You should buy 16gb of RAM. In this moment ddr2 memory is really cheap. Earlier this week i bought 8gb of RAM to our new server. This upgrade cost our project about 180 euros, that’s not bad at all in my mind.

  15. este pendejo se cree muy chingon solo por que tiene un chingo de weyes que apenas y saben prender la compu, que se la pasan preguntandole puras mamadas…

  16. http://www.macsales.com….aka Other World Computing…. in my years as a mac support person i have purchased thousands of dollars of ram from these guys. Never had a problem with it. One chip out of like a 100 chips purchased (during the y2k updates) was bad. I called them up and they next day shipped a replacement to me. They are a great resource for everything hardware for macs.

  17. Other World Computing (OWC), efficient, well priced, and legit: they had a stand at Macworld as well. Took a couple of days for my memory to arrive here in Australia. Recommended

  18. If you buy 3 party ram for your Mac, keep the original. If it must go back to Apple for repair put it back in before sending it to them. You will be glad you did!

  19. I personally think that you should buy 32GB of ram. Wouldn’t it just be awsome when having a conversation with someone and they ask how much ram you have and you say 32GB! I would love to see their face. 🙂
    If you would like to check out OWC http://www.macsales.com for RAM purchases I would recommend them. Their prices are fair and I KNOW that they are legitimate. I have purchased about $700.00 worth of RAM for them & have recommended them to my friends who were also very happy with OWC.

  20. i own a hp dv6662se intel 32bit 1.5ghz core 2 duo on 2 gigs with a video card that uses my ram for memory. i was wondering if i can upgrade to 4 gigs. and is it worth it?

  21. So here’s my RAM story: I had read this blog post while I was searching for a good place to buy RAM from. I didn’t know that Apple overprices their RAM so much! Thank you for creating this post! I ordered 4GB of ram for my iMac. But when it came, one of the sticks was bad and it caused Kernel Panic! Oh no! Luckily, OWC has great customer service so I sent the bad RAM back to them and a week later, my replacement arrived! Now my computer runs OSX effortlessly! Thank you Chris! You helped me once again!

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