Eating Penguin Candy

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One of our chat room moderators is four_ones. He sent me some of this Penguin Candy… so I decided to try it live, with all of you watching and envying.

There are no Hydrogenated oils in this candy, which passes my test. Four_Ones sent this to me because it’s something he grew up eating. His friend’s Mother would bring them from Scotland and keep them in her refridgerator. He used to get busted all the time sneaking to eat them. They’re different colors, but they are all the same flavor. They come individually wrapped, which is good!

Alright, let’s get this show on the road and eat some Penguin! Keep in mind this has nothing to do with Linux. It’s just a trademark of this candy company. Four_Ones says that it tastes sort of like Graham Crackers covered in chocolate, with a creamy chocolate filling. As he’s telling me this, I take my first bite. Holy cow… these are delicious!! I had to yell for Ponzi to come and eat a Penguin.

Thank you for sending me the Penguins, Four_Ones. I do enjoy trying new candy and things. Anytime you want to send me something, I’m definitely up for trying it! If you type “what is sticker” into chat, you will get our general mailbox postal address. Keep in mind, I will only eat things that come from people I know and who are regulars in our community.


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5 thoughts on “Eating Penguin Candy”

  1. not real penguin damn ooo well πŸ˜›
    sound good.

    on the topic of candy that knowone know of here (argentina) is likrish (don’t know how to spel it) and I can’t find it any where, well meaby the us embassy but that going to far for candy hehe

    till next time

  2. they’re biscuits, not candy!

    I’d put penguin bars as a british oreo cookie – definately morish πŸ™‚

    tell ya what, I’ll send you a packet of them if you send me some double stuff oreos (we can’t get them over here in the uk).

  3. My grandchildren lived in England. That’s where we found out about Penguins. If this is the same candy, they come wrapped in foil with a little riddle or joke on each one. Kids loved the candy, and the jokes were fun for them. Can’t buy them in USA as far as I know.

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