iPod Software Update

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This video was recorded on January 15th, the day Apple announced that new iPod Touch’s software will have five new apps bundled with it, so long as you pay $20.00. I think this was wrong of Apple to do. I personally feel they slapped their community in the face with this. If this were a firmware update, I would be totally outraged at having to pay. But, this is a software update. I can see both sides of this issue. Here are some things for you to consider prior to making up your own mind.

  • iLife has always been bundled separately. You’d have to buy it off the shelf instead getting it off the shelf. This is the same thing with the iPod Touch. You can get the software already installed now, instead of having to purchase it separately.
  • You knew what apps came with the iPod Touch if you bought one. You hoped that Apple would release the new apps in the future. They may not be free, but you can now legally buy them, and install them on the iPod Touch.
  • You may spend $20 on these apps, but the people who don’t want or need them will save the $20. If you don’t want to spend the money, you don’t have to. The $20 is actually very cheap. Just the Maps application alone is worth at least $40.00. When looked at that way, this is a heck of a deal.

One of the Mods in our chat room is Justin. He sent in his top five reasons for buying the update.

  • For $20 dollars you can get access to tons of software that, before today, was exclusive to the iPhone. Software includes mail, weather, stocks, Google maps, and Notes.
  • The ability to reorganize the home screen of the iPod Touch. Now you can move items around in any order needed. There is also room for two additional home screens. Perhaps you share the iPod with a family member… now you can both have the home screen just how you like it.
  • The update allows users to display lyrics to their favorite songs. I have yet to figure out how to work this feature… but it sounds nifty in concept.
  • “Notepad”. I have always wanted a place where I could put a To Do list or something similar. Now I have such a place.
  • And my favorite reason of all… the mail application. Now I have easy access to Gmail (without having to load Safari). The mail application also allows for other mail servers such as AOL mail.


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46 thoughts on “iPod Software Update”

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  4. apple know that their customers will pay and they put a price on everything because customers will pay it.

    saying that i think the ipod touch update should be free, as the iphone update was.

  5. I can definitely see why Apple have decided to charge for this update. Unlike the iPhone update, which is primarily modifications of existing features, this update brings a whole new set of features, and closes the gap on the iPhone, meaning now that the only real difference in functionality between the iPhone and iPod Touch is the ability to send text messages and make calls, and to use the features when you’re not in a wireless area. I think that’s worth $20, although I’m an iPhone user so I don’t have to make the decision. If you want it these features, get it. If your mobile phone already does these things, and you can live with them, then don’t buy the update.

  6. It’s accounting, plain and simple. You may not agree with it, but I’ll take Apple being “legal” rather than doing things that put them in jeopardy.

    Just as with the $200 price drop on the iPhone, you bought the item when it had the features you wanted. Now you can make another of those decisions.

  7. I have never heard of a company that would do that.

    And Apple doing this is sort of surprising, I would expect Microsoft to do so, (hopefully they won’t).

  8. I have an iPod Touch. I did very much want these apps but was shocked that you had to pay for it! In the end I decided to buy it and it was worth it because those apps are awesome!

  9. Not much use for me to purchase the $20 update. I’ve jailbroken my iPod Touch, and I’ve already added all of the applications you get from this updates (Mail, GMaps, etc.).
    The only thing this will add is the current location feature in GMaps (which is kinda pointless if it’s not an iPhone), the direct to webpage buttons (which is kind of nice), and the wiggly move icons around feature.

    Don’t know if it’s worth it for $20.

  10. I have an iPod touch and had jailbroken it because I really wanted the mail app mostly. I paid the 20.00 to get all the apps clean and legit. I don’t regret it at all as I was very happy to not have my iPod jailbroken anymore. 🙂

  11. I realize that you come from the world of PC gamers who would rather lose a testicle than pay for software, but the Touch update is only $20.00! Does it really hurt a gamers cred that much to pay 20 bucks for 5 apps. And keep in mind that Apple has to pay licensing fees for each copy of some of the apps (the “GPS” app for examle). iPhone owners don’t pay because Apple gets a cut of the monthly bill. The Touch is a small computer-with CPU, memory, display, and OS. The OS will continuously be improved, and that costs money.

  12. Not only do I think that the apps are well worth the $20, but they added enough functionality to the IPod Touch to make me buy one. I bought an older model at a discount and gladly paid the $20 to turn a media player into a pretty full-featured PDA.

    Under Sarbanes-Oxley, Apple had to charge something. It didn’t have to be $20, but it couldn’t have been free.

  13. I honestly cant believe Apple would go and charge 20$ for a few apps. You go and pay 3-400$ for a pretty machine that is only 8-16gigs. Apple should think of all of the loyal users that bought it instead of something else I am glad I don’t have an iPod Touch. I also agree if you don’t like it you should not get it. (Sorry Chris for the disagreement but that is how I feel).

  14. I’m a little annoyed, I was informed that this update is on all new iPod Touch’s, which when I bought the iPod Touch three days ago turned out to be a falsehood. I’m not paying for these apps if this turns out to be true, they should already be preinstalled. If the rumour is false, fair enough, but I won’t pay for it, when I only JUST bought the darned thing..

  15. Hey idiots complaining about the price, here’s a quick solution: Jailbreak!!!!! You can get the apps for free along with a to of other things(games,lyrics finders, you can even use a Voip-Ip thing to use u=your touch as a phone using Wi-Fi and a $15 mic.)

  16. To Derek:

    The new ipod touches with the software update are $20 more. So if you had bought the one with the updates it would have been like you paid for the actual software itself, it’s not like you’re getting “ripped off” in that sense.

    When I went to get my ipod touch recently I noticed two different boxes, one was $20 more so I of course decided to buy the cheaper one. I realized later it was because of the software update.

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