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I finished a game of Ms. PacMan, and decided I’d rather play Tempest. No wait, I think it’s Pong I’m wanting to play. I’m not hacking anything, honest! I’m using my very own arcade machine from Dream Arcades!

The complete pre-built has over 200 games available, plus you can add your own. Designed for full sized adults (no stooping over to play), yet simple enough for the youngest kids to enjoy. Just plug it in and start playing. It stands approximately five feet high, and the casing is quite solid.

Unlike other arcade builders we are an arcade manufacturer. We do not build our tables one at a time in a shop. Dream Arcades does not offer dozens of different color options, configurations or full customization services.
Our tables are built on an assembly line in large quantities. This saves hundreds of dollars on every table we build, which we pass directly to the consumer. This also allows us to focus on quality and craftsmanship.

We realize that many of our customers may wish customize their arcades after purchase we have kept this in mind during the development and manufacturing process. Our tables are easy to open and dismantle, include Ultimarc IPAC programmable controllers and high-end computers that can easily be upgraded with new software or hardware.

Here is a sampling of the games that came with my new Arcade:

  • Asteroids
  • Battlezone
  • Centipede
  • Millipede
  • Pong
  • Tempest
  • Dragon’s Lair
  • Defender
  • Joust
  • Dig Dug

This isn’t something I’m getting sponsored on, folks. I bought this out of my own pocket. I love to play old games like this, and have long wanted my own. Ponzi enjoys some of these games, as well. It will definitely be put to good use… and I may never get any work done!


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42 thoughts on “Arcade Fun”

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  2. He mentioned last night that you can’t play platformers (Mario is a platformer) on it. So I would assume it doesn’t have Mario Bros.

    I grew up in the arcade era myself and this does bring back some good memories. 🙂

  3. Tempest… all those memories … all those quarters down the drain … how much would i have now if i saved them and what if i invested in a start-up called something stupid like Microsoft, or better yet Yahoo ?????? i can dream about it … now i dream about getting a good game for the PS3 … maybe a dreamarcade? or XBOX 720 … YES I CAN DREAM … excuse me, my pinball machine is ringing

  4. Oh I just searched for it under his chanel indeed he has done a video that shows his home office around. not the whole house of course. I wouldn’t show my wole house. lol
    just look for “tour” under his channel

  5. Some of the greatest times of my life was when they first came out with Astoid, and Pong. I could play those two games for ever. I almost missed Colege due to Astroid. Your enthusiam for these games showed in your blog. Granted the graphics and story line of the newer games are so much better but i guess its just because they were new then. I remember my dad use to say You’ll never be able to make money playing these games. I died before the PC came around but he would have loved the internet ,

  6. This is a brilliant idea! Now I want one. I can remember on countless occasions playing the arcades at the grocery store back in the day. I remember all the usual classics that everyone knows and loves. Pacman, Centipede, Defender, Asteroids, Battlezone, etc. Fun times for sure!


  7. I actually use to have a arcade thing like this, It had 3000 games on it, and It was really fun! Ummm, It’s good that it is an XP computer and not just a T.V. And Punchout is my fav game.

  8. Wow that’s a pretty sick machine. I’ve always dug the arcade machines, but I’ve only ever wanted the Hydro Thunder arcade machine (which I intend to get when I can afford it).

    Pretty cool though that you got 200 games in one. Really makes it worth the money.

    Have fun with it 😀

    – Protocol

  9. That was a fantastic video I love those old Games. Thanks for giving the wed address I will be ordering my soon. I feel even more influenced too buy one after getting to see yours up close and in action. Thanks Chris for all your vids they are very helpful

    E Ya Later

  10. dang chris these are all such great old school games i need to know where you got this arcade also how do you add more games to it

  11. Wow. So this was the brand new arcade machine? Definitely awesome. I want to get one for galaga. I could play that alll day. Theres some store around here that will ship for free, and the machine itself is all that you would pay for. Might also want to get a house of dead arcade game haha.. hmm ideas for college.

  12. Im too young to actually remember any of these things but I still enjoy these games.
    Personally I think there harder than many games today. I use my wii points on all those classics I missed.

  13. looks cheap to produce, mabye i want to make my own outa some cheap wood, spray pain, decals and my old computer and monitor, great idea. now whats the software used on this.

  14. omg thats great. i would love to have one sitting in my room with me.. but sadly i would never get off it.. i do remember playing a lot of the old games but it was on the old systems.

    you can get all them old games on the pc as well for little to nothing.. but having a giant system just makes it look that much better..

  15. This arcade machine is awesome, I am really curious to how dream arcade was able to obtain the liscense for all those games though. It would be really great if they could somehow get a N64 or PS1 emulator in there legally. Other than that, theres not much to improve on how it is now besides making it afforable for me.

  16. It brings back a lot of memories. Seems to have most of the games I ever liked already in it. I like the convenience of it being in one arcade cabinet and expandable.

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