Good Blog Comments

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Blogging is just huge. It seems like everyone AND their mom has a blog these days. Commenting on blog posts is a great way to interact with the author. Here are some tips to help you be able to be a better commenter.

  • Actually read the post. To be able to write a decent comment, you’re going to need to know what the blog is about. Just reading the title of the blog and then commenting is not the right way to do it because you may end up posting something that has already been covered in the blog article itself. This may mean your post may end up getting moderated for not adding constructively to the blog.
  • Post relevant information. If you’re going to be doing a post to one of the blogs, then please make sure that whatever you post is relevant to the blog post itself. Do not go onto any blog post and post for example “hello to all the moderators, you all rock.” While this is funny to you, it’s more than likely going to be rejected because it adds nothing at all to the current blog. So make sure that when you make a blog post that whatever you end up saying is relevant to that post.
  • Word Count. Posting something such as “hi” or “you rock” as your comment is more than likely once again to be deleted. If you’re going to leave a blog comment, then please make sure whatever you post is more than just a few words of text.
  • Spell Check. Most people know this already, but making sure you use correct English will allow for people to be able to understand what you are saying. L33tSpeak doesn’t classify as proper English, so please don’t post it. Use proper English, and your blog comment has a better chance of being accepted. If you’re worried about spelling, Google is your friend.
  • Be Respectful. When posting a reply to one of the blogs, please make sure that you are respectful to the people who have replied to the blog before posting. Give people the benefit of the doubt if they post something that you personally don’t agree with or know what they said maybe/is wrong. Don’t spam people with insults.


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