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Blogging is just huge. It seems like everyone AND their mom has a blog these days. Commenting on blog posts is a great way to interact with the author. Here are some tips to help you be able to be a better commenter.

  • Actually read the post. To be able to write a decent comment, you’re going to need to know what the blog is about. Just reading the title of the blog and then commenting is not the right way to do it because you may end up posting something that has already been covered in the blog article itself. This may mean your post may end up getting moderated for not adding constructively to the blog.
  • Post relevant information. If you’re going to be doing a post to one of the blogs, then please make sure that whatever you post is relevant to the blog post itself. Do not go onto any blog post and post for example “hello to all the moderators, you all rock.” While this is funny to you, it’s more than likely going to be rejected because it adds nothing at all to the current blog. So make sure that when you make a blog post that whatever you end up saying is relevant to that post.
  • Word Count. Posting something such as “hi” or “you rock” as your comment is more than likely once again to be deleted. If you’re going to leave a blog comment, then please make sure whatever you post is more than just a few words of text.
  • Spell Check. Most people know this already, but making sure you use correct English will allow for people to be able to understand what you are saying. L33tSpeak doesn’t classify as proper English, so please don’t post it. Use proper English, and your blog comment has a better chance of being accepted. If you’re worried about spelling, Google is your friend.
  • Be Respectful. When posting a reply to one of the blogs, please make sure that you are respectful to the people who have replied to the blog before posting. Give people the benefit of the doubt if they post something that you personally don’t agree with or know what they said maybe/is wrong. Don’t spam people with insults.


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86 thoughts on “Good Blog Comments”

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  2. I agree with you totally about good blog comments. I also think writing good blog comments also encourages the blogger to continue writing blog entries. When no one comments in your blog or in a particular blog post, you can’t help but wonder “did this blog post even grab anyone’s interest?”.

    While I personally do not have a blog, I know how I would feel about blog comments if I did have one.

  3. It’s a fair point. If your blog is a personal thing then it’s only right that our comments have personality to them. After all, personallity is what makes reading blogs interesting.

  4. I would also like to add (to compliment the spelling tip) that punctuation is important. Some people seem to believe that commas and periods are optional, and they choose to write paragraph-long comments in one run-on sentence. Once I realize that I am going to have to insert my own periods into the comment, I immediately stop reading and disregard anything that poster has to say.

    Also, while I’m on that note, the Caps Lock key still needs to be discovered by some. What blogger (or any reader) wants comments shouted at him/her?

    Ignoring these rules really just destroys the commenter’s own credibility and ensures that their comment won’t get read, so why not take the extra 1.5 seconds to do it?

  5. For spell check, you don’t even have to overwhelm yourself with Google responses – works well, and is cross-linked with

    If you use Firefox, it will check your spelling for you, and you can install the Merriam-Webster dictionary in the search engine tool bar, too. No more excuses for mis-spellings.. 😉

    *Now* can I say “you rock?” 😉

  6. It seems getting good blog comments is becoming harder and harder. Most people don’t add quality info and/or input that could help others… At least many users at give great input…

  7. I definetly agree with this blog post, Another tip I have is to really contibute to the blogpost itself, meaning that your comment is en extension of the bloggers post an addition that enhances the bloggers post even more. If you really like a blogger and hang on a particular blog very frequently, then if you think something is missing or want to add to the post, add your own knowledge and even if you dont have the knowledge try to Google it up and enrich yourself and bring in your new knowledge to the blog in question. This way hopefully you learn something new and also the blogger learn something new, it becomes a 2 way street where you learn something from the blogger and the blogger learn something from you. Interactivity when it is best!

    Sincerely SkyForce6!

  8. As a blogger, I know just how good it feels to have a well thought out comment on one of my posts. When you comment, keep in mind how much effort the author put into the post.

    If you really have something to say to the author, such as an anecdote related to their posting, or even a question, post it! Half the fun of blogs is the community that forms around them.

    In many cases, the most rewarding thing for an author is simply knowing that his post sparked a discussion! : )

  9. Even though this is about “Blog comments” it still is the same principal for everything. It either being a blog, forum, review etc.

    I agree with you, I think it is wrong for people to leave comments which have no meaning to them and are just cruel. When I leave comments, even if it’s negative I always make sure it’s constructive criticism.

  10. Hey, are you getting crappy comments or something? Was that you inspiration for this post?

    A good thing (if you use Firefox) is that it has built in spell checker now. I Don’t do much have bad spelling but i try type to fast so I don’t always spell correctly! but hey what can you do!

    Great post/video Chris.

  11. I think writhing a blog isn’t good without good commands because it is always better to see other people’s opinions and maybe learn something new. I think that good commands will give the blogger a feeling that he is being useful or funny to a community.

  12. YES…Chris you are a genius for making a video about good comments…I have seen millions of bad comments and people need to know about this.

  13. When I get a comment in my blog, I want it to be helpful to me and others, not totally random or useless. You should also read other comments so that you are not repeating others and not really adding on to the discussion.

  14. I agree to all of these tips, Chris.
    It also gets annoying when you see people posting comments like “HI!” or “WHAT DO I POST?”

    Also, people should especially know not to mess with the blog owner, because he/she can ban you.

  15. There is nothing that annoys me more than a bad blog comment. People love to leave such bad comments, especially here with the giveaways and stuff. I hate reading comments like “Good one!” or “Thanks!” or especially “Hope I Win!.” If you comment on a blog, it needs to be intelligent. Speak proper English (IM language annoys me most of all) and contribute something useful.

  16. You are a master at giving tips and the perfect geek! I like the way you act and mostly the funny parts like i remember when you dressed like a girl that was very funny. Your word and stream is spreading fast and like how your chat is it’s very warm and nice operators they keep the chat in control. Keep it up!

  17. I don’t understand why some people comment without actually reading the blog, you have to know what it is actually talking about before commenting. And yeah I hate when people post a comment just to say they are the first comment…who cares?

  18. Yes, it is a good idea to leave a good comment. I personally love comments, because it helps me improve in the future. Instead of telling me I suck, or telling Chris he sucks, tell people what needs to improve, and what you didn’t like about what that person said. Commenting is a good way to get you opinion out in the open, and let the maker of the content know what needs to be fixed.

    –Erick from #chris

  19. It takes more thought to come up with a good blog comment then a bad one. For instance, it takes much less brain effort to say “you suck” than to say “I profoundly disagree with the simplistic drivel that has been touted on this networked opinion delivery system.”
    As evidenced by the number of moronic comments that are left on various blogs, it appears that the majority of blog readers have the cranial capacity of cattle who spend a lot of time defecating in the same pool they drink from.

  20. It is true, I have been by forums that have had this problem. I am glad to see some rules here on Chris Pirillo’s Blog. I also totally agree with MrBuzz

  21. i can understand you know like saying that someone should improve on something but just totally dissing someone??! is just kinda rude be fair atleast dont make someone go kill themselves…

  22. I agree Chris i absolutely hate people who say first. I see it all the time on you tube and often give it the thumbs down but they just keep coming regardless of complaints. I really do thing that commenting is a great way for the user and the writer of the blog to connect on some personal level. Also, comments are a great way to receive constructive criticism and possibly find someone else who shares similar interests to you.

  23. I totally agree. some things i find irritating are the insults, the questions that are answered IN the video/vlog/blog, and saying things that have nothing to do with the page or something that someone said before you. another thing I find annoying is when stupid people put dumb links there. for example, on some videos/vlogs i have found links to their own website while hating on the blog/vlog poster like saying they’re better than them. that is what irritates me sometimes. i can condone the spelling though.

  24. Chris I completely understand what you are getting at there have been to many times that I go to look at comments for videos to see what other people think about what you or the person in the video is discussing and all I see is either right out stupid comments like you mentioned or stupid insulting comments. I just do not get why people who hate the video even bother wasting time making the comments. Keep doing the great work you do. By the way your blog and chat has helped me when I have had difficulties in the new purchase of electronic equipment.

  25. Along the same lines as “actually read the post”, “actually read the other comments”. This applies to forums as well. Redundant comments get ignored, and make for a tedious experience.

  26. Some key points to a blog is that you should focus on the subject of the blog at large. You must try not to unfocus from other subjects. If your subject is baseball, stay on baseball, if it is tech, try not to go talking about food. You could lose visitors that way.

    I hope this helps.

  27. Steve,

    Too true! I can’t tell you how annoyed a get seeing the same comment 200 times while perusing a post. The comments are supposed to be a community feature, so it is important to use them effectively.

  28. I agree wholly with those ideas. I would like to add that punctuation is also key. When extremely long sentences are written, they can be hard to comprehend. Along with this goes capitalization. Correctly capitalizing and punctuating blog comments can make you come across to the reader as more intelligent and will probably encourage them to read you entire comment. In general, when writing a comment, follow the same grammar rules as if you were writing a letter to somebody who you think highly of.

  29. I just hate it when people don’t read your post and then start talking smack about you. I mean, I don’t care if you point out my flaws, just be informed when you do it. Oh and to make it worse, when they tell you that you post is garbage, they use atrocious spelling and grammar. I think this kind of commenting really discourages newcomers to the blogosphere. In fact, I heard about this girl (about 13) that killed herself shortly after derogatory comments were posted on her blog.

  30. Ironic that there are some “bad” comments that don’t add to the post here. ‘course this one is one of those seeing as its just commenting on other comments but I’m a hypocrite.

  31. i understand what you mean cuz i run a private Diablo II realm and kids just spam massivly dont read topics talk smack ect… thats why i dont post much on my site or others cuz of crap like this cuz when ever i do post something i get nothing but smack talkin or they flame me but keep up the good work

  32. I agree especially with the respecting part. I see allot of people on youtube just cursing off at someone’s video. I think you should be respectful to the person and just tell them what is wrong with their video and not just curse off at them saying it was horrible.

  33. Chris,

    That was hilarious. “Everyone and their mom”! I love it. I also love your live stream. I watch it alot and I have fun listening to yours and other peoples views on today’s new tech.

  34. Chris another excellent video. I’m glad you covered a topic like this because we have some immature people on YouTube that have comments like “first comment!!11” and such. It drives me crazy. Thanks again Chris. 😀


  35. Hey chris I watch you alot. You are a tech genies!! however you spell that.. well im commenting because i just joined the community! and i love watching you live. Your not one of thos idiots trying to do a review.. you know what your saying!! well thanks alot for being my tech

  36. im kinda a tech guy i make videos and put on youtube showing how to change your ip behind a router and with out a router and how to use the msconfig then they post about how i sound and make fun of my breathing ect… it pisses me off

  37. Those are really good blogging tips. It can applie to anything forums, bullitens and responses. Thanks alot defintly use them in the future

  38. I totally agree with you Chris especially the one about the “read the post” and “use proper language” because there are many people who do actually read the comments that people post, most of the time they want to reply or something like that and sometimes they can’t because they don’t really understand whats the comment, also read the post because as i said people do read the comments and sometimes when you don’t read the post you probably would put something way off topic, so do read the post.
    and Chris thanks again for sharing!

  39. I absolutly can not stand it when people leave bad comments on any site, including my own. People only leave bad comments just to be able to win something in a giveaway.

  40. This is actually my very first comment any blog anywhere, Just joined the community, These are very good tips for a first timer like myself. Thank You for the tips.


  41. Thankfully, the blog comments here are moderated. So most comments that make it on are good, helpful, and long(ger than “hi” or “thanks”) . as for spell-checking, Firefox comes with its own spellchecker for text inputs.

  42. FIRST! LOL! I agree with that! I have many of my videos and the people leave stupid comments such as Yay! I’m the first one! How dumb is that? Some even insulted me. One went as far as to make a video response insulting me! Of course I rejected that and flagged the video. Don’t forget about the spammers! They can be a total pain! If only youtube comments were just as moderated as Chris’ blog.

  43. Great Article! You rock! All joking aside, I really agree with you I’ve only began blogging myself here recently and out of the very few comments i had none were informative or even talked about the actual post. Thanks for the tips because I’m sure that I don’t comment as i should either.

  44. Hey “orlandopunk” … “Feelin’ lucky, punk?” … Just kidding 🙂

    I do believe you are ENTITLED to your opinion and you can dislike him – or me – or anyone for that matter – as much as you choose.

    You are entitled to your opinion … Just I am entitled to disagree with your opinion that “he thinks he knows eveything”. He is venting his frustration in this video – and I can see why – but it’s not just a rant – he does give constructive suggestions …

  45. It is so easy to criticize others. SO EASY to post that criticism as a comment. Perhaps he does come across as a bit of a know-it-all sometimes, but I doubt he would actually think that way. Personally, I have learned a lot from just a handful of his videos (I’m a system manager and have worked in IT for 22 years!) and I can easily see how others could get a lot more out of his material than I have.

    Hey “orlandopunk” … IF you can do better … Then PLEASE DO!

  46. It’s a fair point. If your blog is a personal thing then it’s only right that our comments have personality to them. After all, personallity is what makes reading blogs interesting.

  47. I highly doubt he thinks he knows everything. I personally think that as much as it may sound like a rant his actually putting useful information out there. I comment on a lot of blogs and I like the advice he gives.

  48. Good video, nice examples, and useful info presented here. I’d also say that adding useful info in YouTube video commentary as well is a good thing. Last tip? get your facts straight before you make any comments too. You caan make a good point without being offensive.

  49. What if my country’s spelling of a word is incorrect in your country? color – colour, center – centre, judgment – judgement, etc.

  50. you have a point or how ever had that idea
    there is a fairly great point. that people should not watch or comment to your videos if they do not like it in the first place. if i where to be a person like you i would be pissed after taking my time to help people as well as try to be nice to everyone. then everyone leaves me retarded comments stating something retard. after that my anger problems (my classmates tell me that i have anger problems) if those kicked i would destroy the website.
    thanks for your time.

  51. Commenting is survival of the fittest. The chance of your comments are being approved depends on the current situation of the comments field itself. If you have seen many good comments, then you have to make a good one too, to make it approved. If you see no comments at all, giving lame comments might already makes the writer happy 😀 What do you think?

  52. There are some basic things that annoy me here that keep popping up One of them is the “tards” who use that expression. The other is the habit of using tired anagrams and cutsey things like lol. I thought writing on the internet was bringing back the old tradition of letter writing not lazy abbreviations and smiley faces and what not. I dared my college English professor to give me a smiley face if she liked something on any of my papers and she gave me one and said ” I vowed I would never do this, but I made an exception in this case. Your mission if you decide to accept this is to never post one on the internet and tell others the same. You must destroy this when you’ve completed your mission.” I’ve found such offending document (nearly a decade old, I intended to frame it.) and I’m trying to burn it on an electric stove top as this is being written. (I don’t smoke or do candles, hence no matches or lighters) Spell check picked a word on this post but for some reason only this post failed to correct it. I got an old fashioned dictionary and found the typo. I had a computer class over a decade ago and announced to the class that the spell check feature on Yahoo was patently useless. The class and the teacher didn’t believe me. I told everybody to e-mail them selves the following ” Until something better comes along ,have a pocket dictionary handy.” I then went to every screen. “Perfect. You have all misspelled the most commonly misspelled word in the English language–‘until’.Now run that e-mail using the spell checker. Now did it correct it ? One girl demanded that I tell her the spelling rule for that word as she is an English major. I held up my copy of Webster’s dictionary and handed to her. The teacher had an extra copy of a textbook so new that hardly anyone had a copy of it and offered to the class for $50. I came right out with a $50 bill. The teacher said “You can keep the book and the money, you won the bet, excuse me, the bet I was going to make when you proved that Yahoo didn’t catch that spelling error.” The girl was still reading the dictionary when I was leaving class and I said to her, ” I guess it was preordained that I was to receive this class textbook for free, and it is for you also that you keep my dictionary.”

  53. i couldnt agree more with this post, i see it so much, especially on youtube… my mother taught me if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all 😉

    thanks for sharing


  54. Most people don’t add quality info and/or input that could help others… At least many users at twitter give great input…

  55. Most of the time I’m trying to provide informative post. But when posting number of posts to same site, but unique blogs… it is deleted. I can’t understand the right problem.

  56. Chris, your post is over two years old. I accidentally came across this post on another blog.LOL. You are ahead of the game. I think your point is more true now then it was then. Somebody had posted a link to your blog under someone else’s stupid comment. Keep on rolling. Jamez

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