The Widget Gadget Gizmo Desklet Thingamajig (Chumby!)

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That’s right… it’s Chumby! This is definitely going to be a huge hit, and the favorite new gadget of many Geeks. I am having a lot of fun playing with the Chumby… and so are all the people in our live community!

The Chumby is a compact device that displays useful and entertaining information from the web using your wireless internet connection. Always on, it shows — nonstop — what’s online that matters to you. What can you do with a Chumby? The question is… what CAN’T you do with it?

  • Catch the latest news headlines, sports, weather, stock prices.
  • Play your iPod mp3 files through built in speakers. Charge it too.
  • Enjoy your Flickr and Facebook photos as a digital picture frame.
  • Stay updated on new Netflix releases or view your movie queue.
  • Make and share e-greetings, photo mash-ups, goofy animations.
  • Wake up to the multi-tone alarm clock.
  • Track any eBay auction or Craigslist item.
  • Monitor incoming email on any POP3 account.

The coolest thing is that I have my Chumby sitting on my desk, and it’s now tuned in to my live chat. Any regular voiced user or channel op can type a message, and it will display directly on my Chumby! At only $179.99, it’s a great way to stay connected and have some fun at the same time.


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39 thoughts on “The Widget Gadget Gizmo Desklet Thingamajig (Chumby!)”

  1. That’s so much cooler than I thoufht. When you first showed it off it impressed me, but I never knew it was interactive. Savage stuff!

  2. Hopefully it will come to the United Kingdom, it does say on their website that it will, would be awesome!

    Already got money put aside for one of these, really handy to sit on the desk while gaming,


  3. Hey yea the chumby looks freekin sweet!

    are they a US only thing or do you know if they will be in the uk in 2008?

    Greta stuff chriskeep em’ coming.

  4. when you first brought out the chumby everyone was like what it it, what is it then you told everyone. Thats a cool little gadget but when you were setting it up everyone went mad withe the !cumby key so they could get a post on it. Chris you allways semm to have very cool toys hanging around and that you show them off. It’s people an on the spot product review that is awesome. sorry this post isn’t as good as some other peoples but hey it’s just my opinion. later

  5. so since it has flash can it play your live stream at I tried to do that with my ipod touch but until apple puts flash on it its not gonna work…

  6. I want a chumby so bad. It looks like the coolest thing ever. My favorite feature is the fact that I can play my iPod thru it. But the question is will it play the iPhone or Touch? Because they have don’t connect like normal iPods.

  7. Thanks for sharing this with us Chris. This is definitely cool and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Not a bad price either for something that has all those features. I can wake up to the alarm clock and not even have to get out of bed to catch up on things… haha.

  8. I think the chumby can make things very interactive in the stream. It looks very interesting to me I like the chumby. I also wanted to thank you for putting it on so we can use the chumby without even having to buy one and that is awesome cause people don’t have money to go and buy cool, geeky stuff whenever they want. LIke me since I just bought a new X-Box 360 w00t. Thanks Chris going to go play with the :Don’t tase me bro!” Gadget 🙂

  9. this is Why the PSP with homebrew rocks, too bad there are very few people that make actually GOOD games for it, but there are a lot of stuff in there.

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