Optimus Maximus Keyboard: Horrible Customer Service

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Yes, you read that right. I’ve had it with this company. Their customer service is absolutely horrible. They have canceled my order twice now for the Optimus Maximus keyboard. I’m not a very happy Geek at this point.

A few months ago, this news was huge. Any Geek knows what I’m talking about. However, I feel this is a complete ripoff. This isn’t because of the price. If the keyboard is as it is promised, then the cost is worth it. That’s not the issue I have. I placed one of the first orders, and they sent me an email back saying the order had not gone through. I argued with them, because I know that my credit card was valid and so on. After a lot of going back and forth, they said they had simply canceled my order.

What? Even though I was mad, I lusted after the keyboard still. So, a few months later, Ponzi placed an order to try and buy it for me for Christmas. The problem is, even using a different credit card, the order was again canceled. WHAT?? Something just isn’t right here.

I’m not the only one this has happened to!

I feel this is a scam, and that you should be very wary. If anything, their customer service is just plain bad. The whole ordering process is jacked. Twice now, my order has been canceled for no good reason. If anyone actually orders or has ordered this keyboard… good for you, and good luck to you. However, I’m telling you that you shouldn’t bother.

I feel ripped off, even though they never actually took my money. This product is just so unbelievably amazing looking, and they can’t even be bothered to actually sell it! What’s the deal?

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46 thoughts on “Optimus Maximus Keyboard: Horrible Customer Service”

  1. Ya, not cool. But, I think the keyboard idea is a very good one. If only art lebedev studio could get it through their heads how to run a company we’d be in business

  2. It may sound like a scam but engadget interviewed them at CES. They probably didnt sell it because they still have a lot of work to do in order to mass produce it. It looks awwwsome tho!

  3. Coustmer service has gone downhill in most companies since they went public. I have had the same expierence with comcast, AOL, symantec, memorex, belken, sony, and UPS.

    Surprisingly, HP and Apple have great support, so whenever i can, i buy from those brands.

  4. Ha! had a feeling that the keyboard was too good to be true, I always look for feedback about these things from multiple people before I try to buy em 😛

  5. As I stated, I would wait until apple releases there version which is bound to be very similar, but have way better customer service, and probably be a lot more stable. I would not be surprised to find that the apple release also has better response time for key strokes etc.. And will probably be served in a more compact size.

  6. Umm, I never buy software online. I only use Open-Source stuff. But I saw this keyboard and just walked past it. (Meaning pressed the stumble button)

  7. I just can’t feel any sympathy for you…probabaly because you come across as a whinely loser in this video >.> So what if they refuse your order? It’s their product, just because you can’t get one means it’s a scam.

  8. How is it a scam if they’re not taking your money?
    Besides, they have the right to refuse service to anyone they want.
    Maybe they didn’t have enough. You’re being a whiny, bitchy little cunt over this just because you didn’t get what you want.

    “OMG I want your keyboardz!!!”
    “Not yet!”

    I’m surprised you didn’t break down and cry.
    You also repeated the same thing like 30 times. Plenty of people have this product and they’re not a huge company that can crank out thousands every day.

  9. Im glad you didnt get it, it would be a shame if such a geeky idiot had such a cool keyboard..

    i have ordered things from art lebedev before and there were no problems, maybe its your communication skills or lack of them that is at fault here..

  10. 1. Did they take your money after you canceled the order?

    2. If they did not how is it a scam? I thought scams were people trying to steal your money. If they did not take your money than it would not have been a scam.

    3.Did you email back to an automated system? If so it would probably take any response and view it as a cancel.

    4.How long did you wait before you requested an update for your purchase? A company like that is not used to large amount of orders they are getting. Give them time..

  11. Hey Chris, y don’t u tell them the full story here? Afraid, are we? The fact of the matter is that once they announced that they’d be taking orders 4 the keyboard on the Sunday in May at midday (Moscow time). Loads of people logged on at the same time n crashed payment server. They cancelled orders till they received confirmation that you did order it. How is that a scam? It’s not. The first batch (800) were sold out in a matter of 45 mins. I think you’re just bitchin coz you didn’t get one.

  12. oooh “and critiquing electronics” but not crying like a pussy fagot “ooh! i really want the optimus maximus my life is like shit if i cant get it oooh!! ooooohhh!!”

  13. This guy is such a weazel. i wouldn’t sell him anything either. Another example of an idiot who has never been heard all his life finally finding a place where he can be someone.

  14. i wished it was for the mouse that would pwn totally and it would be way less cash XD imagine a mouse with all color leds 😀

  15. Oh my dear sweet Jesus, what a weasel.

    Dude, you like listening to yourself speak WAY too much. You got to your point 3 minutes into this vid, reiterated your point at the 4 minute mark, then RAMBLED ON ABOUT IT for 4 more minutes.

    Wow, what a tool.

  16. Its a great keyboard yes, it’s a great keyboard yes, but is it widely available? NO! It’s hand built by a bunch of university students wanting to make some money with something new.

  17. you would probably break it with all the liquids you would splash on it and GET OVER IT!!!!!! its just a keyboard that they will probaly make a better cheaper one in a year or two.

  18. 3 problems with his ranting, and he should have read up on it better, #1)) they were limited to an output of 200 keyboards per month for the first few months, then 400 per month, #2))) they are russian, so having poor customer service is to be expected, it isnt like they are going to outsource thier customer service to the us like the us does with india, so thier customer service agents speek russian as a first language, so using babelfish or any other translator to help bridge the language gap, and finaly and the biggest point #3))) IT ISNT A SCAM IS THEY CANCEL THE ORDER AND DONT TAKE YOUR MONEY, IF YOUR ORDER DOESNT GO THROUGH AND NO MONEY CHANGES HANDS THEN IT IS A FAILED ORDER, THEY CANT RIP YOU OFF IF THEY ARENT TAKING YOU MONEY!

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