Time to Pay Attention to Ron Paul

I subscribe to several political candidates’ email newsletters – for the sake of being as balanced as possible.

Ron Paul’s camp just blitzed this notice across my bow:

Yesterday was a remarkable day for Ron Paul, and it wouldn’t have happened without you. For those of you who haven’t yet heard, Ron Paul took over 10% in yesterday’s Iowa caucus, handily beating Rudy Giuliani and finishing right behind both Fred Thompson and John McCain. This despite that Rudy Giuliani made more visits to Iowa than Ron Paul. And, entrance polls showed that Ron Paul took first place (29%) among independent Republicans!

I’m certainly a happy camper; hitting double digits in Iowa is nothing to sneeze at. Conversely, I’m happy to see that Obama came out ahead on the Dem side.


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  1. A tech blog is hardly the place where I’d expect to, or want to see politics rear its ugly head. But since we’re on the subject, I’ll say this – anyone but Hillary and Huckabee…. these two are nut jobs representing both parties and I’d be scared to call either one my President.

    Is this an acceptable comment? Hope so – you seemed to have left the floor open for discussion.

    Thanks much!

  2. Tech Blog or not it seems the only real attention Ron Paul is getting IS form the World Wide Web.
    Good for you Chris for showing your readers some light in this race for new leadership of the USA.
    If it had not been for the Internet, I for one would hardly know that Mr. Paul even existed. In many ways the tech side of computing is in large part to be thanked for all of the forums (like yours) and the webcasts, archives, and file servers that are available to read, hear, and or view information that is often times filtered by broadcast and print media companies.
    I hate to sound like a campaign slogan, however IMHO Ron Paul is the only logical choice regardless of ones political preference.

  3. Chris, maybe next time you can ask “Do You Have any ORIGINAL Thoughts?”

    “Tax & Spend! Tax & Spend!” – Mindless Right Wing Radio Magazine

  4. Ron Paul has some strong supporters, but beating Rudy doesn’t seem like much of a victory, especially considering he was beat by the actor and the crazy guy from Arizona.

    I was very glad to see Barry O come out on top of Criminal Clinton (aw – sorry – that did bring up a bad visual) and hope that he takes their ticket. I wonder if she’d be his VP – and then have him off’d like Vincent Foster….

  5. Could be his talk about taxes “I lean toward a flat tax, but I want to make it real flat: like zero.” — Ron Paul on The Tonight Show.

  6. Could it be his talk about taxes “I lean toward a flat tax, but I want to make it real flat: like zero ” – Ron Paul on the Tonight Show.

  7. Could it be his talk about taxes “I lean toward a flat tax, but I want to make it real flat: like zero.” – Ron Paul on the Tonight Show.

  8. Ron Paul does make some pretty clear statements about who is doing what to whom, and he tends to hit the nail on the head. On the other hand how will he implement the changes he proposes? When he says he would abolish the income tax and the IRS in order to eliminate that gigantic sucking noise, how will he go up against the very real money machine that built the taxation system and depends upon it to maintain its supreme wealth and influence? After all, Disraeli, who was part of the money machine, wrote in one of his novels: “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” Like a hidden beast deprived of food, these entrenched financial organizations would come out of hiding and eat him first, or would consume him through slander and scandal, which is the same thing. Anyway, I’m listening to what he has to say, and maybe he could actually generate some comprehension in the people about how things work and what to do about it. He seems pretty fearless and it’s a sure bet that he is on guard and knows what kind of opposition he is facing. Maybe he can pull it off.

  9. I think I’m tired of hearing Chris’s political ideals. I’m here for tech Stuff. I’ll unsubscribe.


  10. I live in the state of Massachusetts, being that was run by a guy that paints a pretty picture, but give no means for the people of my state to voice to the country that he’s the biggest bullshit artist that lived and has greatly impacted the health, and wealth of the people living in this state for quite the contrary of the what he is telling the American People. His health reform doesn’t work, there is loops that people have to jump through, only to hit a brick wall on the other side, penalizing the people of this state with taxes and fees. job security in MA as non existent, jobless people or people working for min. wage is sky rocketing, the health care reform he has enacted as so many impossible loops to jump through thus causing us to get taxed… And I think the American People just might buy the line of BS he is feeding them. Living in MA we have no right to vote in the caucus poles which tie are hands from being able to do anything to keep this guy from ruining the entire country as he has Massachusetts, which is right in the ground. I have many friends, relatives, and customer contacts in MA and I have yet to hear one say anything nice about Mitt Romney, so I know that I am not the only one that feels this way. Unfortunately, America isn’t going to hear from the citizens of MA and I feel that with his lies, he may just have a chance to win… Therefore, if he wins life in America wont be any different, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I highly recommend anyone that is thinking of voting for him, talk to the people that live in the state that he just ruined, you wont find many if any that have anything nice to say. I was raised to make sure that your a registered voter so that you can voice your opinion by voting, that isn’t the case without the caucuses in Massachusetts. My hands are tied, I will still vote in the election, and if he’s in the running, our fate lies in gods hands.

  11. Read the New Republic when it comes out this week. Ron Paul has been putting out outrageously racist newsletters since the 1970’s. Meek, mild, libertarian – and as wacky and disgusting as Adolf Hitler. Just last year he spoke at a secessionist conference well favored by other racists like he is. His personal philosophy is as idiotic as Mike Huckabee believing the earth is only 6000 years old. What in the world has the Republican Party come to when these are viable candidates?

  12. Its nice to see Ron Paul getting double digits, but its not nearly enough to get the nomination. To be honest 10 % is a bit of a disappointment. The lack of coverage from the media is not helping either. It will be interesting to see how he does in NH.

  13. I challenge anyone to google Ron + Paul + prisonplanet and google Ron + Paul + stormfront. You’ll see that Ron Paul has strong support amongst the kooks and antisemites. Before you hand your cash over to Ron Paul decide whether you are a kook, an antisemite, or both.

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