Is Xbox Hot or Cold?

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Amez writes: “I decided to send in another Top 5 Tips list, to keeping your Xbox 360 Running! Many people don’t understand why they are going through so many, or why they get the 3 flashing red lights. There are some tips below to ensure it stays running.”

  • Keep the Xbox 360 off carpet! The xbox 360 is drooling to suck in dust, and having it on the carpet just helps it out! Clear a space on a shelf, and away from where it can suck up dust.
  • Keep the Xbox 360 in its own clear space! Having it in a cabinet or against a wall can build up heat, causing itself to overheat! It can be on a shelf, just not too close to anything against it.
  • Intercooler: In my opinion, it can wreck the 360 itself. The Xbox 360 already has two fans at the back, putting the Intercooler on is just conflicting with the fans at the back. If it is getting too hot, I suggest getting a room fan and turning it to blow a bit of air onto it.
  • Be Careful! When inserting a game, or moving the 360, do it gently! I see allot of people not handling it properly, and wondering why it stopped working correctly. When handling the 360, remember to be gentle!
  • The Nicko Cooling Station: I suggest this over the Intercooler any day. It goes on the bottom, rather then the back, adding more cooling to the bottom to get all that heat to come out.


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