Is Xbox Hot or Cold?

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Amez writes: “I decided to send in another Top 5 Tips list, to keeping your Xbox 360 Running! Many people don’t understand why they are going through so many, or why they get the 3 flashing red lights. There are some tips below to ensure it stays running.”

  • Keep the Xbox 360 off carpet! The xbox 360 is drooling to suck in dust, and having it on the carpet just helps it out! Clear a space on a shelf, and away from where it can suck up dust.
  • Keep the Xbox 360 in its own clear space! Having it in a cabinet or against a wall can build up heat, causing itself to overheat! It can be on a shelf, just not too close to anything against it.
  • Intercooler: In my opinion, it can wreck the 360 itself. The Xbox 360 already has two fans at the back, putting the Intercooler on is just conflicting with the fans at the back. If it is getting too hot, I suggest getting a room fan and turning it to blow a bit of air onto it.
  • Be Careful! When inserting a game, or moving the 360, do it gently! I see allot of people not handling it properly, and wondering why it stopped working correctly. When handling the 360, remember to be gentle!
  • The Nicko Cooling Station: I suggest this over the Intercooler any day. It goes on the bottom, rather then the back, adding more cooling to the bottom to get all that heat to come out.


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78 thoughts on “Is Xbox Hot or Cold?”

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  2. Tip 6; Keep the 360 in its vertical position. This allows more heat to dissipate through the larger surface area exposed to surrounding air. Of course ,this presents a larger likelihood of getting knocked over so Amez’s first comment about shelving is quite relevant.

  3. Iv been burned by the intercooler id get a Nyco one anyday. i dont know what microsoft is going wrong and what ever it is they need to fix it the PS3 has just as many moving parts or maybe even more but i dont see as many failures But i have to dsy metroid prime 3 for wii is amazing and thats why i bought my wii and thats why i still love my wii

  4. many people dont realize that simple things that are needed to maintain

    a piece of hardware ; well done list i think

  5. These are some very good tips Amez , thank you for posting this video Chris , it is a big help to curious people and gamers alike. Special thanks to Amez however , for sending Chris this list πŸ™‚ Keep em coming guys !


  6. X-box Still Very Hot That And The Wii Where This Christmas’s Must Have Children Around The World Where Going Crazy For Them Here In The UK Where I Live All Shops Ran Out Even Adverts Of The Wii Stopped Because There Simply Was Not Enough Wii’s For The Demand So Everyone Went For The Next Big Thing The X-Box 360!
    Tips Where Also Great They Must Of Had A Lot Of Help So Thanks For That Also

    As Always
    Ritmaster AKA Ritesh Thakarar
    Keep It Real Guys And Have A Nice Day:)

  7. The 360 is by far the best out there right now. The community and friends list are top notch. The interconnectedness of the whole thing just makes it the number one social platform out there today. Go get yourself one today!

  8. Thanks Chris these are some great tip they might save my xbox from overheating in the future. Thanks again Chris!!!!

  9. yea the inter cooler i hate them it completly destoyed my xbox360 so i got a hold of microsoft and they said no u brock the wornty so i just got a ps3

  10. never heard of the nicko cooling system, will check it out though, seems like a good investment to help keep the xbox running.

  11. i just wached you xbox hot or cold. i thot the tipes were good. one of the things i would like to poin out. is that it is just not to be gental to any tec. i have had alot of problems with leaving diskes. in my 360 lap top and alot of other system. i would like you to know that if you leave cds in most things you will end up losing them inside or get them or scratched. i have found tis out after a few cd would not work. so i tell every one if you do have a cd in your system to not move it. when you do wont to move it take it out. other then this i thought that the list for keeping the 360 cold was good. i have gone throw alot of stuff be for i found stuff that works. if you wont more tips for the 360 just email me at [email protected].

  12. This list was very well written. I personally have used the intercooler, and lost my xbox 360 in the process. DON’T use the intercooler!!! BTW, I love your ustream!!!

  13. Regarding the 360 and it’s dust addiction….

    WOW. Those things could clean a house faster than a HOOVER!

    Then again, the PS3’s shiny exterior attracts dust like nothing else… so I guess they are kinda balanced.

    And 360 v PS3 v Wii fights? Don’t get me STARTED! I personally like the PS3 better (I like the controller better, and I just generally find it more comfortable to use), but I like the Wii and 360 too! But some of the fanboys… sheesh… it’s like arguing against a wall made of rubber! Anything you say is just countered without thought nor reason…

    Which is why I say I like them all (which I do!) just to get out of these silly, “NO MINE’S BETTER LAWL” arguments.


  14. Alot of my friends will be glad to see this list, im interested in writing one for ps3 users also.

  15. yes sir i think is hot because sony playstion is a not very good game system my op

    thanks trip1red

  16. i think its the xbox 360 your the xbox usually gets the ps3 the only down is u having to pay for xbox live or the fact the there is the dreaded red ring of death.Otherwise its the best

  17. i think its the xbox 360thats the best, your the xbox usually gets the ps3 games. The only down is u having to pay for xbox live or the fact that there is the dreaded red ring of death.Otherwise its the best

  18. Good tips for anyone with a 360 but remember you might still get the red lights, I have gotten it twice and I have done everything in the tips so you never know

  19. Sorry about the double post, but these are really great tips. Also, the PS3 has the same problem. External fans close to the system seem to help. The 360 has a lot of small holes on it, but they don’t seem to work very well. Maybe, if they make a newer 360 they will fix the heating problem. Good blog. Keep them coming.

  20. These are some really great tips chris! I Wish i had these tips before my xbox overheated but now this is gonna save my xbox in the future thanks again chris!!!

  21. I keep my 360 off the ground. I was about to buy the inter cooler, but then i stopped myself. I heard about the rumors of it breaking the 360, so i didnt buy it.

  22. These are some good tips, i have heard of the intercooler ruining the boxes. The best tip in my opinion is keeping it off the floor, because that just clogs everything up and makes the problem even worse. Also the fan blowing on it is very good if it is in a closed in area so it doesnt just suck in the hot air that it just blew out of the system. Keep up the tips, they are really good πŸ™‚

  23. Hey Chris ,, I never had the chance to play on a Xbox 360, but when the ps3 came out, I got one. If had the time to compare between the xbox and the ps3 ,, I mite get a xbox… Thanks Chris

  24. I’ve had no Problems with the Innercooler. I now see that i might want to consider an alternate cooling method though.

  25. Xbox360 will not die.Bungie might be done with the halo series,but bungie is still growing and will probably make better games than halo.

  26. Interesting how consumers actually need to be concerned with heat issues for a console. I understand they’re getting more like computers, but when everyone buys the same stock box, cooling should be one of those things the designers worked out.

  27. Keeping the 360 vertically also helps….sometimes the freezes and the 3rrod (3 red rings of death) are also associated to the power brick. Keeping the power brick in an open area (i.e not under a table or something like that) is also recommended.

  28. Oh my , I love the list Amez , and thanks Chris for making the video , it helped me alot ! Keep em coming !


  29. Thanks a bunch. i had mine on the floor until i saw this. you saved my xbox! i was considering an intercooler, ive seen mods where people drill out part of the side and put a pc fan in there, ive heard this really helps but it might decrease the resale value.
    My dog jazzie and i have the Wii PS3 debate all the time, shes all about the PS3 im all about the Wii.

  30. THANK YOU CHRIS! I had my xbox 360 against the wall and it was always freezing. I was starting to have second thoughts on the xbox 360 itself. I was thinking well there are ps3’s but then I thought no there has got to be another way! So I saw your video,followed all the tips, and my xbox 360 is running smoothly πŸ™‚ And I also was thinking of getting that cooling system(not anymore :))

  31. The Zune is a great device, but the iPhone has too many features to pass it up. If you don’t need a phone, you might want to look into the iPod Touch also.

  32. i have my xbox360 resting on its side and i have never had a problem even when i leave it running all night. I have never gotten a ring of death and i have never had to replace it. I think i got really lucky with my xbox 360

  33. I approve removing inter cooler.
    3 of my friends have an Xbox and only one has the inter cooler.
    The one that had the inter cooler almost had the rrod.
    He somehow closed his xbox really soon when he saw the rrod and then it still works good but my 2 other freinds never had 1 problem.

  34. Well, time for my two cents worth…

    I have an original Xbox, a Xbox 360 that was bought within 6 months of model launch and a month old Xbox 360 Elite. All of them work (and have always worked) flawlessly. All of them have been placed out in the “open” ever since their first day of operation in either an open wall unit (no front or back panels) or on top of desks. Local friends that have Xbox units have all done the same and there has never been any red rings or overheating of any sort. Best as I can tell, overheaters have been putting their Xboxs inside enclosed cabinets or shoulder-to-shoulder with other equipment which doesn’t allow “breathing”.

    Amez’ tips are all right-on!

  35. comparing the PS3 Online network is like comparing WOW to like a free MMO. Sure you get to create a character and level up and go on quest with the MMO. But having to pay for the subscription actually makes for a better gaming expierence in teh long run. I’m sorry until I can load a PS3 game and talk to my friend who is playing another game at the same time or check my messages while i’m playing a game that will always be a big pain in the side of my online gaming.

  36. Totally agree with the cooling station, the intercooler can cause scorch marks and may even cause the power socket at the back of the console to melt!!!

  37. i have a xbox myself and i love it it can over heat back ive had it fixed like 50 times lol its had the red ring of death ones i hate that
    i hape your never get that chris well anyway im going cya love your bits.

  38. My friend died last year from chain letters also! by the way……… repost this or she will come and kill you every thime u here a ring in your ear she will make your life shorter and shorterο»Ώ repost this to 10 other video

  39. They’re not all excuses people really are stupid like the morons who buy the intercoolers for example that melt the power supply and brick the console

  40. craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!! x box is crap ps3 rules cuz everything u can do on xbox u can do on ps3 apart from ps3 has even more things into it like playing online ok u can do that with x box 360. BUT FREE… NI I DONT THINK SO. but u can easily do it with ps3

  41. I had to get one XBox360 replaced and the replacement repaired. I had been using the consoles for only a few hours a week. They had been placed on a hard surface in an open, well-ventilated space.

    I suspect the 360 is fundamentally flawed.

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