Intel Leaves OLPC Hanging

Intel seems to be power-tripping lately, as they recently pulled out of the OLPC program for reasons described as philosophical disagreements with the founders. C’mon Intel, don’t you have a heart? This seems somewhat predictable, as Intel has been working on their Classmate laptop for some time now, a direct competitor to OLPC in many ways.

I can see how Intel would want to take over the cheap laptop market, but I must question why they left OLPC (seemingly) high and dry? They can’t say that there aren’t enough chips to go around. The good news is that OLPC will continue on using AMD as its main chip supplier for their gear.

It should be interesting to see how things turn out, but given the last revision of the ‘Classmate’ laptop, I don’t see how Intel could take over the market. In the end, Asus is the real winner with their Eee Laptops (that seem to be selling like hot cakes). As prices drop (as they always do with tech stuff), the Eee could possibly be the next OLPC at home and abroad.

Ponzi wants an Eee with XP. Whee!