To Buy a Zune

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You may be trying to decide exactly what type of .mp3 player is best for you. Here are some reasons sent in by a community member, listing why he prefers the Zune.

  • FM Radio Not many other media players have this feature, but it’s a good idea to have if you want to listen to your favorite station, news, or if you just don’t want to listen to anything on your Zune. It is also possible to use this to listen to other people using their Zune and a FM broadcaster connected to it.
  • Podcasts Now I wasn’t much into podcasts before this last major firmware update and new release of the Zune 2’s. But with the new feature, I’ve been working on finding good podcasts to listen to when I work. And with the Zune software, you can customize your podcast subscriptions and auto sync the most current ones, or if you want to listen to old ones if you’re new to that podcast, start at the beginning.
  • WiFi and syncing With the new firmware and hardware came wifi syncing. Now there’s a misnomer that you have to connect the Zune to your computer to WiFi sync, this is only to setup the sync. After that, if you have your Zune software running and a wireless router, then you can sync when anywhere near the router. The wifi includes the so called “squirting” (sharing of songs with other Zune users in person) that you can do, which the 3 day was removed and the 3 play kept. The temporary keep is a DRM that is in place by Microsoft for the Zune.
  • Video Even though the screen may be small, it works for watching videos and even DVD movies which you’ve ripped from ones you own. And it’s possible to do and keep the quality you want for a small screen. Or if you have a Zune 80, you can have a slightly higher resolution. Another feature that I would put under video is the slideshow feature with pictures that you can add a music playlist to. You can use something like this for a wedding reception or graduation party.
  • Firmware updates Firmware updates you ask? Well, the reason being is that other mp3 & media players only give you the firmware that it was released with. But with the Zune, there’s updated features and bug fixes. Just as the latest major update added podcasts and wifi syncing and the last minor update fixed some battery saving features. New features are probably a little down the road but they have been pretty good so far.

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44 thoughts on “To Buy a Zune”

  1. This was a good TOP 5. I just brought an iPod Touch and would not trade it for any other system out there at this time. I had a Creatve Lab mp3 player that had FM radio on it but I found that I never used it at all. This is my first Apple product and I am hooked and want to buy more. Now, if I were a gamer and owned a Xbox I might find the Zune a better buy hoping that I could do some of the things you talked about with it.

  2. I Dont Really get the zune?

    apple has already come out with multi touch and microsoft is only on clcik wheel???

    and come on, internet on a media player is cooler that radio, duh???

    my rating 1/10 only because it is good start for microsoft in the personal media world

  3. Or, you could buy a Nokia N800 – it has all that and more – FM Turner, WiFi, Video, Firmware updates… But it also has a touch screen – a bigger screen at that – expandable storage, and you can get a keyboard and GPS for it (or wait and buy a N810).

    And, it’s frequently on sale for less than $200 – had it for $179.99 once. And when the N810 hits the market, the N800 will be even cheaper. I’ve got one, and I love it!

  4. I have seen the Zune before and it looks like it has great potential, but that 3 day thing kills it. I completely understand why Microsoft does it, and I am not up on the Zune, but has any kind of homebrew come out for it? maybe someone can code a simple Homebrew app to transfer songs wirelessly without the DRM, even though that is technically illegal.

  5. Yea I think I would buy a Zune but probably would use my iPod Classic more than it since I’ve gotten used to the ipod interface for so many years but getting a zune would be a nice addition but i would need to find a better media syncing tool than wmp because i seriously hate all versions from 7-11 . But I would still buy the zune.

  6. A lot of other MP3/media players have FM radios in them. Now how good are they compared to the Zune? That I don’t know. If you can find a store with them all set up, you could test them all out on the same station in the same location, and see if any pick up stations better than others.

  7. Just because iPods are the name brand does not mean they are the best. If your like me and don’t have $300 to spend on an mp4 player, the Zune (and other alternative companies like Sandisk and Creative Labs) are great. They come with more features than most iPods and are much cheaper. Although the 80’s screen is not very tough, I know a few people who have broken theirs by dropping them a few feet or something like that. But besides that, Zunes are growing in popularity, so its not to hard to find a friend to share music with.

  8. thanks chris this video helped alot i just wish you would have made this video earlier because i just bought a ipod and am now regretting it.

  9. I think the Zune might be a good product, but people in today’s society refuse to buy it because they think of the iPod as a fashion statement, with those white ear buds.

  10. I have a Zune i like it. The firmware update are cool and help the Zune i also hope that they get games for it too. It was also cheaper then the i pod when i got it. Also liked that they add podcasts and now i know you have a podcasts.

  11. Chris got the email the the night before he did this video. I should know. 😉

    Anyway, the Zune uses it’s own software, it’s not the WMP anymore like the first version was an adaption for it.
    The thing is the current Zunes are meant as Media Players. Not really as browsing the internet.
    There are also several web communities for Zune owners and such as well, unlike people thinking that people aren’t buying it. And yes, it is a preference for whatever device you like.

  12. yeah, i’m sure thats exactly why

    even if the zune and ipod had the same exact features, I would pick the zune over the tired ipod design. Although, the touch is cool if thats what you meant

  13. like fuck it is i have a Zune 2 with wireless headphones and updated firmware so it has games and its smaller than the ipod classic wich Sucks! get a Job and buy a real video player Muk646!

  14. I really love my Zune, and i’m always excited about hearing about zunes because i cant wait for them to come to Canada, because no one in my area has one, Also I cant wait for XNA games to come out 🙂

    Chris the posts i like most, are videos based on ubuntu, zunes, or any game system, I really like your blog.

  15. have you tried to create a seperate music file for limewire music?? oh and limewire WILL mess up your zune!! so I suggest you put those songs into a cd.

  16. I love my “Zune” i had a 1st gen iPod nano and a 5th gen iPod and i never had a music/video player that can do anything like Zune. I love the easy wireless syncing. I do admit the zune software is not the same as the itunes software and you got to learn your way around it but most of the same ways i would copy my dvd to watch on my iPod and convert my music worked the same for my Zune and i could use the same software.

  17. will lime wire mess up the zune because i want one and i would hate for it to get messed and could someone give me some advice if i should get the samsung yp-s5 or the new Microsoft Zune 4GB MP3 Player just need another persons opinion

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