Quick OLPC Video Review

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Awhile back, I recorded a video about the “One Laptop Per Child” program. I purchased one myself. I did it to help another child, and to have a laptop around my house for when kids come over. When you donate the $400.00, you receive the laptop for yourself, one is sent to a child in an underprivelidge country, and you also get 1 year of T-Mobile HotSpot for free! I received the laptop, so let’s check it out!

On first look, it has a lot of apps a kid would use. There is a chat module, Web browser, an RSS aggregator, calculator, and so much more. It’s slim and lightweight, which is great for a kid. It has USB connections, as well as audio in and out. It’s quite durable, and you can carry the screen around. The quality of the screen is excellent.

However, I don’t really like the user interface. I know my way around a computer, and I actually found it confusing to navigate around this laptop. I also couldn’t connect it to my home network because it’s not supported. But again, for a child doing the things they’d need to do, it works perfectly. The keys are small and designed for a child’s fingers.This laptop was designed for portability and education, not high power and workload.

Ponzi wanted to try it, so I had to hand it over to her. She waited really patiently! She wanted one of the Asus EEE laptops for Christmas, until she found out it comes installed with Linux. However, we have found out recently that Asus is looking into making their laptops come with Windows on them. We’re holding off for now.

If you’ve received one of these laptops and have had a child use them, I’d love to hear about your experience. Please leave me a comment or shoot me an email to [email protected]

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