Notebook Cooler

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Notebooks come with many accessories. Something important that you really need is something to keep it cool. You can find many different options online. Let’s take a look at this Targus Notebook cooler.

The Targus Notebook Cooling Chill Mat really works! My Mac is running about ten degrees cooler on average. It’s definitely cooler to the touch, where it used to run a bit warm. The best thing about it, is the fact that there’s no need for a power cord. It runs off of a mini-USB port, and includes four additional USB ports! I don’t really like the long USB cable that comes with it, but we all know how much I hate ALL cords. I’m going to try and find a retractable cord to use.

Maximize notebook performance by keeping the notebook cool during use. Two fans generate cool air to help prevent the notebook from overheating. The Chill Mat can be used in the office to protect furniture from heat damage, or on the go to protect your lap from notebook heat. Four rubber feet keep your notebook in place on the Chill Mat to avoid slipping and provide a sturdy workspace. The Chill Mat is highly portable for travel and plugs directly into your notebooks’ USB port so no AC adapter is required.

At only about $30.00, this truly is an excellent buy. One tip to keep in mind, is to turn the cooling on prior to booting up the notebook, for maximum cooling performance.

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88 thoughts on “Notebook Cooler”

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  4. I’ve been contemplating on getting a cooling pad for months now, but I’ve had my laptop for so long now I think it’s pointless for me to blow 29.99 for a cooling pad.

  5. I bought one of these about a month ago but found (like you have) that the fans to NOT match up with the fan on the bottom of my laptop. I took a rotozip and cut horizontal lines across the ENTIRE top and it works 100 percent better and seems to keep it pretty cool. If you do get one I would recommend that you cut more vents in it…

    Great videos. love the show!

  6. I bought a Cooler Master one with two fans, made of full aluminum, very quiet powered by USB. very sleek design. LOVE IT. Keeping my 15 inch MBP to 38C when i am not doing anything to it. Chris you should get this one. I got it for US$25. You can get a 17″ wide size with 3 fans which is US$39. Highly recommended! (not advertising) lol

  7. thanks for the info chris, also, do you know of a cooling pad for maybe a smaller laptop (a Macbook to be specific)?The pad looked a bit big and probably won’t fit in my work area.

  8. I agree this is excellent. I have an old notebook that runs extremely hot, and this cools it down drastically!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Chris if I knew about this I would already have this thing, it’s amazing. Maybe we can actually start calling notebooks laptops again. When ever I’m in a tight space I have to feel it burning on my leg so I always have to lift it up to avoid extreme burning. That would be neat if they were built in to the laptop though, hey who knows it might even happen someday.

  10. Nice cooler. I think that keeping laptops cool is very important. Keeping good airflow for your laptop is also important. Because fans on a Laptop are on the bottom of it it’s harder to get good airflow so if you don’t have a cooler pad a stand is nice too.

  11. Chris, this is a great product, I have one. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that the MBP slips and slides a bit on the unit. I also don’t like using it while on the go, drains battery life of course. It does feel cooler to the touch though. I really like that. Now, if only if could cool my drinks… that would be cool.

  12. Hey there Chris, interesting video, i use a cooler for my laptop too, its not the best but it does the job.

    in the video u said its recommended to turn the cooler on before booting up, well, if its usb, it turns on while its booting up…

    and yes your right, with the advances in cooling methods, its still not balanced out. its fun to make your computer better with more hardware, but people don’t realize the dangerous of over heating a computer. still, there are coolers out there for both laptops and desktops

  13. My mom bought me a notebook cooling fan for Christmas. It has cool LED lights in it, that I tend to like to play with. It really does make a difference. My laptop is cooler now, and it LOOKS cool!

  14. Thanks for the post, because I’ve been considering getting a cooler for my laptop, and I trust your opinions. I’ll be looking into this. Thanks! 🙂

  15. I’ve been looking for a cooler for my 15″ Macbook Pro. For anyone in my situation, look for a cooler with fans near the top. This Targus looks good but the fans are in the middle. I’m saying this because, as my fellow Macbook owners know, the top part gets really hot under high load.

  16. i have a macbook, but i do not have a notebook cooler. It does get very hot regularly. If i running more than 2 apps it will probably start to get noisy with the fan and at the same time get very hot. sometimes my lap starts to burn a little which is really ridiculous. I really need something to cool it down a little, but while its on my desk, i really dont care

  17. I’d like to get one of those notebook coolers. My laptop doesn’t overheat excessively but it would be nice to keep it cool.

  18. I think these pads are wonderful, my dell vostro 1000 runs cooler with it, the fans used to be noisy when doing simple tasks, now I have one of these, its nowhere near as quiet.

    Happy New Year all!

  19. Looks like a great product. I think I might just fork out the money for it… Thanks Chris for the video!!!

  20. hey chris i am a big fan and ‘ve been using targus chill mats for years and they are ok i just want to say i like watching your videos well see you later

  21. I need one of these…. My laptop only has 2 usb drives, and the extra cooling feature makes it an easy choice for me. Thanks for showing us this.

  22. nice one chris! I dont think that it will keep the notebook as cool as the chill pack, but will get the job done! Also, i have this thing for my notebook, its this rubberish thing that has like a bean bag on the bottom that you put on your lap/desk then put the laptop on it and theres thease two things that stick up and keep the notebook elevated so that A) it lifts up the screen B) it allows for better air cirulation. And it keeps your lap cool as well! Anyway, i like the idea for the USB ports too! way to go!

    – Hom3r

  23. Cooler master has some of the best laptop coolers sturdy aluminum last a long time.

    Recommended above all others.

    plus it just looks so good.

  24. thanks for the advice. I was looking into getting a laptop cooler for my new laptop because it tends to get hot when using it for long periods of time. I trust your advice and i will be looking into this the next few days.

  25. Nice. I think that keeping laptops cool is very important. Keeping good airflow for your laptop is also important. Thanks i planned on buying a cooler for my new laptop that tends to get hot when used for long periods of time. I will be looking in to this shortly and hopefully buying one. Thanks again chris

  26. He’s probably suping it up like he did with his PC and he must just like it and everything.

    I’m a PC user but I am not going to argue about what is better because if someone likes a PC fine if someone wants to try something different and go to a Mac then that’s fine too!

  27. Thank you chris for the Notebook Cooler. I have a laptop and it is on almost 24/7 and It gets really hot, Im always afraid it will overheat. Thank you for the recommend for the laptop cooler. I will hopefully try this out

  28. I bought a CoolerMaster Notepal Infinite. Untill my notebook died (unrelated to the cooler), it kept my notebook EXCEPTIONALLY cool and the intake being on the back instead of the bottom meant I could use it on my lap easily without blocking the intake.

  29. yes that is a product Chris, I have been looking for something to keep my laptop cool because it always gets hot whenever i use it for long periods of time so might pick this up pretty soon

  30. Great video Chris. I have a new laptop and it gets fairly hot. I am so glad that I don’t have any overheating issues.

  31. Yea, i know what you mean bro.. I have a Targus cooler under my macbook pro and it gets really really HOT.. its insane but since ive had it on the cooler it hasnt shut down like it use too when i didnt have it on there…

  32. I have been thinking about getting one of these for my dad especially after one of his laptop graphics card died from him leaving it on in a very hot room. It was really odd that the motherboard didn’t melt around it. (It was actually burnt)

    I would say these are the best investments ever.

  33. nice vid chris. my compaq laptop does get HOT not overheating though. I will look into getting one of these. It will be a huge help. i really liked this vid


  34. I have my laptop on the carpet and it gets very hot, the cpu is at 50 degrees celcius idle. I’ll have to go look for one of these in stores.

  35. I got a laptop cooler when wow was making my old laptop overheat. And it helped wow ran well on it. I got a new laptop and ended up using it on my router. A good tip is if you plan to use the laptop on your lap get a cooler that blows the air out and not down.

  36. very good video i do recomend notebook coolers as i have a laptop and it can get very hot some times one time it got to hot it just shutdown.

  37. wow that is also a good present for my sister who just got a laptop. it is also nice that it is also portable and has convient USB ports. its a really good idea for laptop users and it wouldnt over heat them either.

  38. My sis would definetely need one of these. She has a Toshiba laptop and it gets very warm, sometimes I get a bit worried about the notebook crashing. But yeah, I might get her one for kicks!

  39. My sister has a Toshiba laptop and it gets very warm, sometimes I get a bit worried about the notebook crashing. But yeah, I might get her one for kicks!

  40. My older dell seemed to get really hot even to the touch
    But my new one seems a lot cooler even though it’s more powerful
    They must have done something right

  41. I like to use an add on (app i dont know what it would be classified as) that allows you to regulate the speed of your fans. it has really helped with my Macbook, its running a lot cooler. i think its called Fan Control (how original) or something like that.

  42. thanks! i was looking into them and never knew if i should buy it. now i think i will! once again thanks a lot! 🙂

  43. Ok ppl if you had a comp for a long time you never know there could be alot of dust in it. My dads mac mini was not cooling properly so we opened it cleaned it out and it work perfectly. The air is warm and the air not hot hot hot anymore so be sure to check that out 🙂

  44. I really never new how important this was to Notebook operation. I am a new owner of one and find it does heat up. I have been using 2 wood dowels on each side to lift it off the surface if I am using it for long periods of time. I am sure my method works to some degree but I should invest in a cooler of somesort. Thanks. I love your videos and enjoy watching you and Ponzi, Wicket and Pixie. Ponzi has the patience of a Saint! hehe…

  45. Check out the X T-Stand. No fans needed. Very high quality stainless steel construction. Folds up into a small very portable size. It kept even my (previous) Dell D800 cooler than any of the dozen fan type coolers I tried..

  46. I found a nice one, it’s like a stand that bends 45 degrees and reduces neck strain.

    I had the Targus one previously, it’s very nice.

    This actually made me go out and buy the one I bought, I was afraid my notebook would overheat.

  47. hey,

    i have a notebook chill pad too, im not sure if how well its works, but it has cooled my laptop down also a few degrees, but the thing i like most about it is the cool breeze i get from it when its on, better than having that boiling hott laptop resting on ur legs,

  48. My IBM T41 after 2hrs on youtube is 10’c cooler with the addition of my £1.50 ebay
    USB cooler pad. It has three fans and I can turn off individual fans if I need to. I find running T41 with pad is quieter overall (i.e. pad and laptop noise) than running T41 with no additional cooling.

  49. This is awesome! For $30.00, I think everyone should invest in one of these. I’m definitely adding it to my list. The “freezer pack” cooling option you discussed 2 or 3 months back didn’t seem very practical since you have to worry about condensation and keeping the laptop balanced (which didn’t appear to be possible).


  50. Thanks Chris for the vid on notebook coolers. I have seen these before and was never quite sure how well they worked. After seeing what you had to say about them, I think I’m going to buy myself one so my notebook doesn’t feel so hot when it’s running for a while.

  51. Personally, I think the easiest improvement one can do to help cool the new gen. laptops, is to provide a 1″ clear-space between the bottom of the laptop and any surface. Remember the pop-up legs that keyboards use? Someone at Apple should consider adding something similar to the underside of their laptops to help cooling issues. No one I know uses these big Laptops on their lap.

  52. I think it’s important to note that the 30 dollar one on that site DOES NOT come with 4 USB ports. The one with the included USB ports runs for $50.

  53. the trubble with the laptop coolers is that if they are on your lap then they make your lap cold aswell. any sugjestions???

  54. thats probably the most useful device iv ever seen. iv got a laptop that over heats all the time and shuts off, so i got sum pc fans and connected to mains electricity, then forgot about the fans the pulled the screen down and smashed my screen.

    im buying a macbook black very soon and it will be a million times better.

  55. thanks for the tip. just bought one for my macbook pro and love it! I especially love the fact that there isn’t a power cord!

  56. dude……that particular cooler runs better if you use the cooler upside down….they are more effective pulling heat out instead of pushing heat and air back to the laptop.

  57. lol i made my own and its REALLY loud but i dont mind because it works REALLY well, blows around 250cfm (cubic foot a minute) lol … and i just wear my headset

  58. Targus is not as good as the ANTEC chill pad. Targus is junk compared to ANTEC. They are usually on sale for between 14-19.99 at some store every week.. Check the Sunday ads if not wait till next week they will be on sale but ANTEC is superior in construction and in service.

  59. also remember that laptop internal heat coolers gum up with dust and dirt all by themselves.. We don’t open their cases usually and blow them off… If we did they would not be running hotter and hotter…. also software conflicts.

  60. i wish they could come up with a stand so it’s a better angle to type but also had 2-3 nice high speed air cooler vents. But why on earth would they do that…

  61. I have this same model and notebook! It works great although it’s made of cheap plastic. I had to put some additional pads on the feet so it has more clearance. Otherwise, its too close to the notebook and desk and does not have sufficient airflow… As far as using it on my lap its the best since it fits perfectly between my legs and allows great airflow

  62. i use two blocks of wood prop’d under my laptop pararrel,front and back, so theres a gap where air can flow through the middle…
    does the trick haha

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