Canon Digital Camera (SLR): Rebel XTi

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Back in the seventh grade, I won a prize of being able to take a few classes at the local Arts center. Back then, we didn’t have Digital Cameras. We learned with an actual film (SLR) camera. I fell in love with taking pictures that day, and that is one love that has never waned.

I upgraded our family to the new Canon Rebel XTi. The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi offers an unbeatable combination of performance, ease-of-use and value. It has a newly designed 10.1 MP Canon CMOS sensor plus a host of new features including a 2.5-inch LCD monitor, the exclusive EOS Integrated Cleaning System featuring a Self Cleaning Sensor and Canon’s Picture Style technology, all in a lightweight, ergonomic body. The Digital Rebel XTi is proof positive that Canon continues to lead the way with their phenomenal digital SLRs.

Canon’s large-area CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensor captures images with exceptional clarity and tonal range, and offers the most pixels in its class. This APS-C size sensor (22.2 x 14.8mm) has the same 3:2 ratio as film cameras, enabling an effective angle of view that is 1.6x the normal EF Lens focal length. With an effective pixel resolution of 3,904 x 2,598, the EOS Digital Rebel XTi offers superb detail and clarity, even in large prints, and generates finished files that open at approximately 30MB in your image-editing software. On Canon’s CMOS sensor, each pixel is captured with fine detail to create images of tremendous depth and resolution, ensuring enough information for even poster-sized prints.

The EOS Digital Rebel XTi is the product of Canon’s extensive in-house development: The DIGIC II Image Processor was designed specifically for Canon digital SLR cameras and enhances every aspect of image capture. Information captured by the CMOS sensor is processed and assembled into images of exceptional quality. With the DIGIC II Image Processor on board, photographers can expect natural color reproduction, precise white balance in any number of lighting situations and unparalleled clarity. The DIGIC II Image Processor employs sophisticated signal processing algorithms and works at greater speeds, all while consuming less energy.

Color or black and white… it doesn’t matter. I just love photography. This thing takes amazing photos with unqualified outcome. Ponzi and I are going to take some photography classes together. However, I’ve learned a lot over the years. If you’re taking pictures of people, keep in mind the “rule of thirds”. People tend to take pictures of people and things from a “centered” position. However, you can set better harmony in the picture by having your subject just a tiny bit off-center. It is just a dramatic change. It’s not “palpable”, it’s just there and very noticeable.

All in all, I’m ridiculously happy with this camera. Once again… Canon FTW.


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47 thoughts on “Canon Digital Camera (SLR): Rebel XTi”

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  2. this was a very good video it makes me want to go get a digital SLR camera but its still a little pricey for me. keep up the good work your are doing. — pickle

  3. My grandmother just got a canon camera, the think is awesome. All of the pictures taken with it come out crisp and clear. Before that she had a nikon and trust me the canon takes way better pictures then that thing ever did.

  4. I have a Canon Powershot S3 IS. I like it alot. I wish that could afford to get a digital SLR. I had a Canon Powershot SD630. I think that it took better video than it did pictures. I liked it because it was so small and I could put it back into my pocket. But lately I have been looking at getting a Kodak. Why? Because they offer two models that do HD video. And I don’t want to spend alot of money. The HD would be 720p. Which is not bad. Anyway, I enjoy your video show.

  5. Checked in for XTi info as I just bought one and am waiting for the lens. Found title for this should be Photo 101 (or 100.) Didn’t really say anything except he dissed Nikkon for peronal experience. Clearly a rambler who needs someone to talk to.

  6. Ah yes, a good old digital SLR. I got the Rebel XT about a year or two ago, and I’m very happy with it. I have to try out the rule of thirds though.

  7. dude how much are thoses camera’s worth i want one. cause my is dieing on me (and it’s not the battery i replaced it alot)

  8. I don’t have a digital SLR comment, I want one, but for now Im stuck with my Samsung point and shoot camera, but I can get some pretty good pictures out of it. If I buy an SLR, i will be sure its a Canon

  9. Oh wow, very similar model numbering!

    No matter what brand, Nikon and Canon are the top leaders – as evident by many forums on the subject.

    I have much to learn about this SLR – before a purchase – not after.

    I don’t want to buy into something – learn about it – then regret the purchase.

  10. Great thoughts on photography!

    I just got a Canon Rebel XT and I love it!

    Hope you do more videos on photography later on : )


  11. Chris this is very helpfull as I am about to take a photography course and looking to buy a camera soon. I was looking a smaller camera from canon but I might now take a closer look at the Rebel XTI. Thanks for all the information and keep up the great work.

  12. I am into photography, and the “rule of thirds” can work very well , if it is used properly. It is good for a better view of a background. However if the person or thing is not completely in view of the picture it can look odd.

  13. I have had the XTi since last summer and love it, but one thing I wouls suggest Chris is get a better lens the stock lens that comes with the XTi is not the best and a better lens will make it a even better camera.

  14. Thanks for much help i was looking around for a good camera and your video where very helpfull and your other camera videos with tips have helped me take better pics.

  15. Chris, I purchase a Canon Rebel XTI a year ago today. I love this camera. I have been shoting 35mm for over 35 years and this camera is as good as any 35mm I’ve owned. The kit lens that it comes with is not to bad, but I suggest you look at getting the Canon 50mm f1.8 as soon as possible. this is a great walking around lens and good for portraits as well. If you want to reach out and touch somebody so to speak then opt for a 70-300mm telephoto. Just remember that with this type of lens camera shake comes into heavy effect. I have a monopad that I purchased from Cabellas and love it. It easy reduces to 18″ and expands to 60″. A tripod is a must have, but be sure to get one that is very stable. Many of the cheaper models will move when you press the shutter button.

    Congratulations on you new Canon purchase and please post a flickr id of your picture if you have one.

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