Where did you holiday shop?

Finally, the holiday season is coming to a close and I can give my wallet a well deserved rest. The holiday season is hectic, it’s filled with about a month of spending more money than you actually want, and receiving tons of stuff you may not actually want. But since it’s all over now, and the panic attacks have subsided, I want to know, where did you do your shopping?

In the digital age we live in, you can complete your shopping within a couple hours just by visiting amazon and a handful of other sites (not to mention you can do this from work when your boss isn’t looking). There are also the more traditional folk who prefer to duke it out with everyone else at the brick and mortar stores. So which one are you?

A lot of people finished all their holiday shopping before hand (we call these people ‘the smart ones’), be it on black friday or some other time before the holidays, but most likely you spent the last couple weeks or days scrambling to pickup presents.

Drop a comment below and let me know. Did you finish your shopping from home in the comfort of your footy pajamas, or did you spend 2 hours in line at Best Buy just hoping the guy in front of you didn’t get the very last Wii?

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  2. Actually on Black Friday we stood in line for hours till BestBuy opened and bought a monitor.As for gift shopping we handled it as convienently as possible.Easy gifts for everyone.

  3. I shoped at blockbuster, office depot, officeMAX, and if you count ebay, then that too…. lol and i was in line like 7 hours on black friday… well it seemed like at least.. and in this little state of CO… a line sshould never be that long….. welll talk at cha later!

  4. I finished all my shopping weeks and WEEKS before christmas. I’m not a big fan of the holiday rush.

    It’s just so much easier to shop when there isn’t another million people trying to do the same thing. Also, all the things that normally would be sold out are always instock.

  5. i went shopping online this year becaouse i dont want to mess with the thousands of other people trying to get the same thing, so i went online and bought my presents.

  6. For My parents shopping is the #1 hazard.
    especially when it comes to GETTING the last item.
    Such as the WII. My parents where up for around 6 hours trying to find one for the holidays!

  7. Amazon, Newegg, and Ebay were my main sources of shopping this year. The past few years I’ve tried to do most if not all of my shopping online as I really don’t like going to malls around the holidays. Online shopping is the way to go so as long as you know what you want and you don’t have to worry about physically seeing what you’re buying before your purchase.

  8. I only had to buy 3 presents this Christmas! One for my mom, which was a iPod. One for my dad, which was a pair of socks 😀 And one for my younger brother, which was a Badminton racket 🙂

    I’m 16 years old, so i mostly sit in front of my computer. But i managed to drag myself up from the computer chair. I took a small walk down to the city, and I went to two stores, and bought what i wanted:)

  9. I did all my shopping at stores but I live in a small town so are best buy and other stores like that don’t get to bad. But if I did have to wait in long lines I would do all my shopping online.

  10. I’m an armchair shopper myself. It’s so convenient to have people deliver to the house than fighting the crowds!

  11. Hey, i’m from Mex and I did my shopping at eBay.com
    It’s an easy cheap way to buy useful, cool stuff at a fair price.

    I just discovered this blog/YouTube Channel/Website and i’m really liking it. It has a lot of useful information! 🙂 Keep Up The Good Work! 😀

  12. Hey,

    I just used Amazon, its fast, simple and cheap 🙂 .

    Bought about £450 worth, for family and friends, free delivery which is great!


  13. I did my holiday shopping online, as I’m lazy, nah I got some stuff in the town where I live but most of it came from firebox.com, and my parents love there squishy cushions

  14. Amazon, for most of it. Easiest place to go, but I did do some instrument shopping at American Musical. Their Prices are astounding. Saved quite a few bucks. (Which I am now going to use to purchase myself a nice 40gb PS3.)

  15. Did my shopping on Black Friday at Kohl’s (and others). Then more shopping at toysrus.com. Luckily, my wife does most of the gift shopping. I just have to worry about what to get for her.

  16. I got my wii like 4 months before christmas.

    i just decided i wanted a wii and called stores non stop… then when one said they are getting shipments in so i got there like 30 mins before they opened and sure enough i got my own wii! 🙂

  17. Well, with a 2 year old, we shopped at the good ol’ Toys R’ Us. However, we did some shopping online for some relatives: amazon and ebay. We also shopped at Best Buy to pick up some Family Guy DVD volumes and gift cards. Lastly, Circuit City was the store of choice to pick up our Canon Rebel XTI, due to the sale.


  18. I shop at Biglots, Hastings (CD, DVD store), and the dollar store!

    I spent about $100 for seven people, so I think I did pretty good.

  19. I shopped at Toys-R-Us, those where the gifts I bought for the little ones. I went to Nordstrom to buy clothes for the adults and some little ones. I went to Kay Jewlers to get a beautiful diamond ring for my wife. Lastly I went to Best Buy and get something for myself. 🙂

  20. I went to 2 stores: gamestop for my brother and best buy for my parents. I dont buy online because I’m too young to buy as I’m only 16 =(. If I could however, I might go buy stuff online once or twice.

  21. Well this year, i acutually did my shopping with the kids. I went to Wal-Mart and Best Buy. I also bought my oldest son a new laptop who is in cornell. I’ve also heard lots about newegg. Is it any good?

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  23. I shopped at Staples of all the places to go! I had some awesome stuff to get! I got a brand new desk! And I got a new tablet PC 3gig of ram Dual Core 3.33ghz, 512mb VRAM GFX Card in it Windows Vista Ultimate.

  24. I shopped mostly online on the weekend after Thanksgiving and only picked a few things up in stores, like candy and presents for puppy dogs.

  25. Over the Holiday shopping period, i didnt go anywhere, i wanted to go to best buy for a new pc (then downgrade to XP) but i didnt have any time. I also needed a new flash usb drive, which i heard was pretty cheap.

  26. actually i never shop at retail stores anymore i do all of my shopping online.why spend more money than you have to because the price of gasoline these days, you can ship something to your home for cheaper than it would take to put enough gas in your car to drive across town and alot of times you dont even have to pay for shipping you can get it for free, well thats all i have to say about that, p.s. i did get my shopping done early. i just built me a computer for less than 300 dollars,let me see you do that at a retail store like walmart or bestbuy. if my sentences are a little incoherent thats because i got d’s in english.

  27. I knew, I wouldnt get anything on Black Friday unless if I just sat outside for 10 hours. I did most of my shopping online. Make sure you order before so shipping companies have enough time. Last present was received on 24th isnt that awesome?

  28. I did all my holiday shopping at the last minute on Christmas eve. The only places That where open was cvs

  29. My family did all our holiday shopping at the last minute, we went to BestBuy, but they were jammed packed and nothing was left. But i did find a digital picture frame for my mom.

  30. I hate paying Missouri tax so I did all my Christmas shopping online. Tax charge aside, I hate standing in line and dealing with crowds (who doesn’t) so online shopping what much MUCH more convenient and saves time. I had my shopping done before Thanksgiving.

  31. well i like to try to buy in Ebgames Amazon Sears Jcpenny and bestbuy lol i love bestbuy.

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