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Gary may just save your skin with this security tip…

Good morning, afternoon, or evening whatever it happens to be in your area. I don’t know if you’ve heard of these 2 accessories that Paypal uses but I know from your eBay videos that you and your family have both eBay and Paypal accounts. Paypal has 2 new items the first Item I’d like to mention is the Paypal Security Key. This item adds an extra level of security to both your Ebay and Paypal account. You must purchase it through one of the sites however it can be activated on both services.

To get it go to www.paypal.com/securitykey or www.ebay.com/securitykey. The device costs you $5 – this includes shipping. What you get is a small little device with a keychain attachment at the end of it. How it works is simple each time the button is pressed the small LCD on the device will generate a random 6-digit #. You first activate it by going to the sites I mentioned above and following the instructions under activating it. Once you do this after entering your Ebay or Paypal user ID and password you get presented with a 3rd screen which tells you to enter the 6-digit code from the security key and click the button. Then you are logged into the respective account.

This helps protect you if you gave your information to a fraud email or a virus or Trojan happens to get your information They may have your ID and Password but they can’t use the same 6-digit code the key generated the last time you logged in. The 2nd thing I’m mentioning is the Paypal toolbar. This Feature helps you when you are buying stuff online it allows you to use your PayPal address and contact information to fill in order forms when on a shopping website. The toolbar also allows to generate Single or mult-use MasterCard #’s which are tied to your Paypal account thus allowing you to use your Paypal funds on a site where paying with Paypal isn’t an option. Anyone wanting the Paypal toolbar can just go into their Paypal accounts and under enhance account click Paypal toolbar. Hope these items help you or follow lockergnome subscribers or YouTube subscribers alike.

Dude, that’s an amazing tip! Thanks!

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  1. This device is just like those HSBC “Security” devices. However, I mean, lose it, along with your wallet, and you’re basically dead. This might still not be as good as smart card + thumbprint.

    Just a suggestion.

  2. GREAT TIPS! wow that secuirty key thing is really cool and a very smart thing to invest in. but i dont use paypal often, i rarely use it at all, so i dont think i would really need more security. i think im going to just delete my paypal accounts instead of just having them sit there, with my creditcard info waiting to be hacked!

  3. Hi Chris, this is PivotMr… I subscribed, i left a comment…WHERE”S MY COMPUTER?!
    just kidding hey, you’re awesome

  4. The toolbar is good as well as the ebay toolbar. I don’t like the security key. I mange our ebay store and my paypal from both home, work ,and my husband’s store. By now most of know what are real emails. I just ignore everything and go to the site and check on my account status. Some years ago, our ebay account had a hack attempt on it and ebay was most helpful! This was pre the paypal /ebay merge. It was unsuccessful! Mostly because I went to the ebay site and ignored the warnings in the email.

  5. The advice helped me alot thank you
    i use paypal alot so i get prettry nervouse using them.
    but now having this security will make me comfortable to use my paypal now.
    thanks for the great advice and keep it up

  6. Tips like these are very important because some people don’t know how unsafe the internet is. It is always good to have people like Chris and the community saying what to do to be absolutely safe when buying stuff on the internet, or just surfing the web. Thanks for the tips.

  7. Chris, i actually decided to use Ebay + Paypal once i got your word on it. Its very awesome that you can be secure and have fun on Ebay at the same time.

    Keep the Blogs coming

    – Swifty

  8. I use PayPal, and I feel that my credit card is safe. This helped a alot with that PayPal security measures I should be taking.

    Thanks a lot Chris,


  9. Etrade also provides the same type of device. For me, having 6 constantly changing numbers attached to my login/password is the most comfortable I feel having financial information out there. Though…if every place I have a login had one, I’d have one huge keychain!

  10. One thing is to avoid the fake e-mails with the Pay Pal and E-Bay Logos. It may looks too good to be true and they are called “Phishing” techniques to steal your credit card information. Pay Pal never ask for information on their e-mails, so don’t bother to open those fake e-mails.

  11. I have this paypal keycain that when you login to your paypal account it askes for a random # from the keycain so if even someone got into the account thay cant use it without haveing your keycain hope that helps

  12. I’ve recieved some cash for xmas and I was wondering what to buy with it. I went around to places, but to actually get what I want I think the best to get it is through the net. Also I don’t really like shopping when it is really crowded. I was thinking about setting up a paypal so I can buy merchandise off the net. I don’t know a lot about paypal yet, how it works and what not, but thanks for this tip. Now I can trust paypal a little more.

  13. Cool tip. This is worth the 5 bucks considering all the fraud and account theft I here about. I’ll check this out now that I’ve started using the ebay a lot.

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