eBay and PayPal Security

Gary may just save your skin with this security tip…

Good morning, afternoon, or evening whatever it happens to be in your area. I don’t know if you’ve heard of these 2 accessories that Paypal uses but I know from your eBay videos that you and your family have both eBay and Paypal accounts. Paypal has 2 new items the first Item I’d like to mention is the Paypal Security Key. This item adds an extra level of security to both your Ebay and Paypal account. You must purchase it through one of the sites however it can be activated on both services.

To get it go to www.paypal.com/securitykey or www.ebay.com/securitykey. The device costs you $5 – this includes shipping. What you get is a small little device with a keychain attachment at the end of it. How it works is simple each time the button is pressed the small LCD on the device will generate a random 6-digit #. You first activate it by going to the sites I mentioned above and following the instructions under activating it. Once you do this after entering your Ebay or Paypal user ID and password you get presented with a 3rd screen which tells you to enter the 6-digit code from the security key and click the button. Then you are logged into the respective account.

This helps protect you if you gave your information to a fraud email or a virus or Trojan happens to get your information They may have your ID and Password but they can’t use the same 6-digit code the key generated the last time you logged in. The 2nd thing I’m mentioning is the Paypal toolbar. This Feature helps you when you are buying stuff online it allows you to use your PayPal address and contact information to fill in order forms when on a shopping website. The toolbar also allows to generate Single or mult-use MasterCard #’s which are tied to your Paypal account thus allowing you to use your Paypal funds on a site where paying with Paypal isn’t an option. Anyone wanting the Paypal toolbar can just go into their Paypal accounts and under enhance account click Paypal toolbar. Hope these items help you or follow lockergnome subscribers or YouTube subscribers alike.

Dude, that’s an amazing tip! Thanks!