USB Display Adapter for VGA or DVI Monitors

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We’ve talked before about having more than one monitor. If you have two monitors, but only one video card… it can get quite expensive to buy another card. Well, now you don’t have to!

Lewis wrote to me from SewellDirect. They have a device that can save you money, and make use of any available USB port on your computer! With the USB to DVI External Video Card, you can easily connect more than one monitor, while having only one onboard video card.

The USB to DVI supports up to six simultaneous displays, including widescreen displays, extending your desktop and your horizons. Adding a quality DVI or VGA high resolution display through your USB port used to be science fiction. It is now science fact with the USB to DVI-I adapter. With onboard memory and video processor, it is really an external video card you attach to your computer with a USB cable.It used to be that you could add a display via a USB port, but the refresh rate and video quality was lacking. With this USB to DVI display adapter, complete with VGA adapter, you can add either a DVI or VGA display that behaves just like a monitor connected to a standard video card. It operates at a high resolution of 1600 x 1200.

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39 thoughts on “USB Display Adapter for VGA or DVI Monitors”

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  2. PCMCIA, contrary to popular believe, stands for:

    People Can’t Memorize Computer Industry Abbreviations

    🙂 I will say that I didn’t come up with that one myself.

  3. USB is awesome, mainly because it works as soon as you plug it in and it’s a standard for many devices. Although, Firewire is more preferred for higher end devices for me.

  4. I want to connect two devices to one monitor.

    I am looking to connect both my iMac and a DVD player to the DVI input (and all Apple Cinema displays have only 1 input).

    Is it possible?

  5. This looks interesting. The real question is: how well does it “perform.”? By that, I mean, is there a noticeable impact on video quality? There are other USB-to-external monitor adapters, but the main criticism with them seems to be the effect they have on video quality.

    I have an external video port on my laptop, so I can hook up an external monitor without any extra adapters — which is what I do now. The problem is, there is something going on somewhere in the “system” that causes moderate “hum bars” on the external monitor. I have no idea what is causing it, but we suspect it is an “electrical” issue. The “hum bars” go away when I unplug the charging adapter from my laptop and run only on battery power. We’re pretty sure there is no obvious “ground loop” going on. Perhaps the internal laptop charging circuitry is generating interference that is causing the “hum bars.” Who knows?

    Anywho, if something like this works with no loss in video quality, then it might just be the solution to my problem. A bit pricey at $150, but I guess that’s par for the course when it comes to laptop accessories.

  6. hmm interesting, I’m getting a new Sammy or a LG soon and if I don’t upgrade to an 8800GT, I’ll grab this.
    I’m not so sure tho since USB has so much amount of bandwidth :

  7. wow i seriously would probably would get one of those. My gfx card has only got 2 ports, and i dont really plan on getting another gfx card. So that would seriously come in handy.

  8. This looks neat and all, but is it really capable of sending enough data to drive a monitor over USB? Standard DVI can carry almost 4 gigabits per second – almost eight times more data than USB 2.0. So how’s this work? Compression? Partial updates?

  9. I can understand the reason this could be nice to have: being able to use it on multiple PCs while the vid card can only be used on one, and the vid card involves opening the case up, installing drivers, etc.. .
    But, I still like the old vid card over this. I believe when i looked at the site it cost something like 165 and for that price I could buy a bunch of cheap video cards and install them on all the PCs I want dual monitors on.
    The last time I tried to use something that promised dual monitors with out the need for a second video card (matrox Dualhead2go) it barely worked and I needed to return it to the store. So I haven’t really trusted devices like this since then. And using a USB port?! All of mine are full (running 12 ports full).

  10. Chris,

    I just went to NewEgg and looked at video cards in the $50 to $100 range. I wouldn’t classify this range as expensive. There are 93 video cards (both nVidea and ATI, with 84 of them having 256MB of RAM or better) that fall into that price range. Other than the idea of portabilty between multiple PC’s, or hooking up a desktop monitor to a labtop PC, where’s the advantage of this $149.00 device with only 128MB of RAM?

  11. if they could make a device like that which could support higher resolutions and being able to handle games, i would easily pick one up. a usb video card would be a godsend for people stuck on agp or even pci only motherboards.

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  13. I think this is really great product i’m going to buy it for sure. i would love two monitors with out spending 200-300 for a good video card and the work to put it in and set it up this seem like a great solution to many people with DVI and VGA problems and DVI- D

  14. I have two 52″ flat screens and a regular monitor. The 52″s are set up. I bought a usb display adapter to hook up other monitor and it shows up in the display settings but doesnt come on. Im running windows vista can anyone help me.

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