How to Get a Web Cam for Free

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Thanks to my Peet’s coffee for keeping me awake… and to for donating the merchandise… we are about to give away yet another Web cam! We do this every week, so be sure and stay tuned!

There are only three requirements to being eligible for our weekly giveaway:

  • You must have subscribed to our YouTube Channel.
  • You must have left a good comment on my Blog. By “good” comment, I mean you cannot simply post something like “I love you!” “omg I want to win”, and the like. You must have actually read a blog post, and left a comment that shows that, and adds to the discussion.
  • You must be present in the chat room to win!

We have a couple of new Half-ops who are helping moderate the chat room for us. One of those is Four_Ones. He is the person on Ventrilo who will be telling me when to stop scrolling.

The first name chosen tonight was Pawndro. Unfortunately, Pawndro hasn’t commented on the blog, and is not eligible. So, we begin scrolling again, and the next name chosen was e2squared, who wasn’t at his computer! The next person chosen IS in the chat room, IS subscribed to the YouTube channel, and HAS commented on the blog!

Congratulations to cornillious… this week’s Web Cam winner! Be sure to join us next week for our next giveaway.

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37 thoughts on “How to Get a Web Cam for Free”

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  2. I wouldn’t be making the same mistake as last giveaway (computer) as i didn’t have a blog post Gratz cornillious

  3. Great way to get people to go subscribe to your youtube and post on your blog. GIVING AWAY FREE CRAP oh you haven’t posted on my blog sucks to be you NEXT!

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