Free Computer! (Giveaway video)

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As promised, I gave away another computer, when we reached 20,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel! Thank you to everyone who has subscribed, and to all of you who visit regularly. Don’t worry, we’ll be giving away more things in the coming weeks and months, including another computer.

The requirements were simple for this giveaway. Once we reached the 20,000 subscribers, you simply had to comply with four rules to be eligible to win:

  • Be subscribed to the YouTube Channel
  • Leave a good comment on my blog, showing you have read a post and contributed to discussion. Insipid, meaningless comments don’t count.
  • Be present in the chat room to win!
  • Must live in the US or Canada for this particular giveaway

So as usual, I began scrolling up and down the list of people present as quickly as I could. I cannot see the names list as I scroll. I always have someone on the Ventrilo server say the word “STOP”, to tell me when to stop scrolling. The people on Ventrilo cannot see the list of names either. Also, there is a second or two lag from the time they say “stop” until I HEAR them say it. Putting all these elements together, shows you that there is no “rigging” of the contests. It’s completely random.

The first name chosen this week was mats. Mats is from Norway, so is not eligible to win. The cost of shipping would be more than the computer is worth. Also, Mats would have to pay a LOT of money on import taxes, or whatever it’s called in his country. I felt so bad, so I asked him to email me, and I’m going to send him a little something else, instead.

The next name chosen was zigyzigyzat. He is subscribed to the YouTube channel, but he unfortunately did not leave a comment on the blog. Sadly, we had to pass on him and begin scrolling again.

Moving on and scrolling, the next person chosen was CashMcMogulson. He is in the US according to his IP address. However, he forgot to leave a comment on the blog. So… let’s go again!

Ianimate3D was chosen next, but was not present at the time of the drawing.

Now when I stopped again, I knew immediately that there could be a problem. My scroll stopped near the top of the list, and I immediately said that people would think it’s rigged. I asked everyone in chat and on Ventrilo what I should do. Unanimously, everyone said to show the name. When I showed the name… Kat yelled out “OH MY GOD”, because the scroll had stopped on her. Not only does Kat do some work for me on the videos I record, she also is in charge of moderating our chat room. This is why I knew some people may say it was rigged.

In order to keep things even moreon the up and up, I threw a poll up on the live feed, courtesy of Over 500 people were present, and I think pretty much everyone voted. In an overwhelming majority, around 60% of you said to give her the computer!! Kat is subscribed to the YouTube channel, has left more than one comment on the blog, and was obviously present. So Kat… congratulations!!


First, I would like to thank everyone who voted in favor of my getting to have the computer. It means a lot to me that you all support me, and are my friends. I am very fortunate to have such amazing friends. This computer is very badly needed, as mine is quite old and unstable. Now, it will be much easier for me to work, and chat!

I know there are some who are claiming that the contest was “rigged”. This is just plain silly. In all the time I have known Chris, I have come to know him as a man of honor and integrity. You all saw him, the same as I did, when he hesitated to even show the name he had stopped on. All of us in chat and on Ventrilo encouraged him to show the name. He even made it MORE fair by doing a poll. I completely understand why some would think that. However, I give you MY word of honor that everything was completely legitimate. I was so excited and freaked out when I saw my name on the screen that I was shaking, and had tears in my eyes. My old computer will be going to my daughters to use for school.

Again, thank you to all of you from the bottom of my heart, and to Chris for the generosity he has in giving things away every week.

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40 thoughts on “Free Computer! (Giveaway video)”

  1. RIGGED!, Joking chris, im sure its not, i was there watching it, like every day im watching your chat, i was hoping to win, i was not expecting there to be about 500 people there since you chat usually has only 200 – 300. It was a sigh of relief at every chance after the person not being able to win for not subscribing or commenting on blog, another chance. Congrats to Kat on winning.

  2. Congratulations, Kat! I wish that I could have been there to watch you win! But the next day when I heard that you won I was so surprised that you won. I hope more people accept that it is not rigged!

  3. Thank you Chris for being so nice!

    I just started watching your videos just lately. And after watching the “GiveAway” i found your show very funny (and interesting)

  4. Yes, i was there when that happened. It was crazy that we went through all those names, but in the end, it was fun!

    Kat, Congrats! You probably deserve it more than any one else (maybe even more than Chris 😉

  5. that was a fun giveaway, i was there and it was a lot of fun i was cracking up almost all the way through it especially at the ending when Kat won… i don’t think it was rigged but i think it was unfair. it was so much fun though, i was on McInTEC’s ventrilo server and was talking to McInTEC and friends……… congratulations Kat!

  6. I think this should of been almost just swept under the rug. It’s obvious that most people weren’t gonna take kindly to this. I can kind of see why, most contests omit people who work in the company and their direct family. So to a degree it might of been more fair to disallow Kat, despite whatever votes there were. I also disagree with the whole “but she has a bad computer” or “I have a bad computer”. If you are gonna use that as logic of deserving, why not donate to charity?

  7. That’s incorrect. First, I don’t have that kind of blog access. All I can do is post vids. Second, try checking under other names. “Kat” isn’t even my full real name! Nothing said there has to be a “recent” comment. There just had to BE one. Get your facts straight before slandering someone, and accusing them of things.

  8. If “most” people didn’t take kindly to it, why did over 300 people vote in FAVOR of giving it to her? Had the majority voted the other way, I would not have. Also, there have only been a small handful of negative comments here and elsewhere, while the rest are all very positive. Hardly “most people”.

  9. She couldn’t see the scroll.

    there is a 2-5 second delay between when she said it, and when chris heard it

    chris could not see the names as he was scrolling either, so he had no control over where it stopped

    It was a completely blind selection process.

  10. As in any company, the workers or emplyees are usaully not allowed to participate in the giveaways or competitions. So to some extent i fell the giveaway was unfair but not rigged. I also dont like the way that poeple are selected(scrolling up and down) as it is not randomised enough. May be you should take a print out of the names currently on the chat rooms, cut them up and put them in a hat. Or use some randomising software.

    Neverthetheless i enjoy the show and way that it fells like a community. I also like how you generously give things away.I admire the dedication you put in as you are online almost everyday and congratulations Kat.

  11. Once again people, nothing was said that it had to be a “recent” comment. There had to be a comment, period. Stop with the conspiracy theories already. There will be other big giveaways, in fact… I gave away yet another computer on New Years’ Eve! And omg! It did NOT go to an op. Enough with the silliness.

  12. two things people should be thankful because chris is giving a giveaway for people but no…..

    second, it’s his computer he can give it to kat if he want’s to but no you freaking idiots

    he chooses to give it away

  13. The reason I even came to in the first place was because of Chris. It was an exciting new medium, and something I have wanted to do for some time, but never really found a good way to do it. Yahoo was ok but only a couple people could watch and the frame rate was terrible. Also then people had to ask to watch your video. Now being here since forever it has been a blast! I stream all the time and have meet some really cool people! Thank you Chris for showing me to a great new site!! And here is to hoping I can win a new comp!!! Rock on Chris!!

  14. okay Chris let me help you out. It is YOUR live stream. It is YOUR computer. So you can give it to the person who is picked, so long as they commented on the blog and have a youtube page. Kat deserves it. She does so much for you and WyldRyde. Also, The new bot PickerBot will make it a lot easier for you. How can a contest be rigged if the person doesn’t have there links ready or they have been idle? If there not ready its there own dang fault. He picked 4 ppl how the hell can It be rigged.

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