Remote Control Robot: Dalek from Doctor Who

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My friend Willie over at ThinkGeek sent me the new Dalek Robot to play with. If you know much about Dr. Who, you’ll know what a Dalek is. It’s remote control, and fun to play with!

Doctor Who is a guilty pleasure in the US and an obsession in the UK. Amazingly the show is still being produced today with the tenth successive Doctor now in play. Of course we all know the Daleks are the real stars of Doctor Who. With a toilet plunger in one hand and a elongated egg beater in the other, Daleks are some of the deadliest cyborgs in the galaxy. Bitter from being mutated by radiation and stuffed inside an inferior robot body, the Kaled people hate the Doctor (and staircases) and are bent on universal domination… and who can blame them really? Finally you too can act out your Dalek fantasies with these detailed R/C replicas. Each R/C Dalek stands 12 inches high and is happiest when gliding around your home shouting “EX-TER-MIN-ATE!” and hunting for the Doctor. Complete with tank-like controls and digitized grating dalek voices you’ll feel just like you’re in your own low-budget BBC telly show.

Dalek features include:

  • Authentic Detailed R/C Dalek Stands 12″ High
  • Powered Rotating Head
  • Moving Laser Turret
  • Flashing “Eye” Lights and Gun Turret
  • Two Channel R/C with Tank like Controls
  • 8 Dalek sound samples including speech and exterminator gun sound
  • Directly control sound effects from buttons on the remote

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44 thoughts on “Remote Control Robot: Dalek from Doctor Who”

  1. Hey Chris, The Dalek will go a lot further if the controller had the Ariel attached. I got this Dalek and it goes a lot further than 2 feet. πŸ˜‰

  2. Who’s doctor who?!?

    He’s on a programme in the Uk. He is a human-like person who travels about in time with a companion and usually ends up in dangerous situations to save the day.

  3. A) w00t first post

    B) Thats a cool robot… I like the dancing one from yesterday better though. Then again, I never watched Dr. Who. sounds good though

  4. Although I’ve never seen the Doctor Who show, I must say I really love these little robot gadgets and such. They are so cool to play with and show off to people. I have a bit of a fascination with these little things.

  5. I’m a huge Sci-Fi geek. I would definitely get things like this if i had enough money. I cant wait for the season premier of Dr Who on Christmas.

  6. Hahah nothing wrong with having a favorite cool toy. I have the Lost in Space robot which is pretty well made. You press the button on his chest he moves side to side and his arms kinda wave around and yells out Danger Will Robinson! Danger! and other famous lines.

  7. Wow, I didn’t realize Dr Who was such a popular thing anywhere other than the UK. I’m not a Dr Who fan at all but I like Daleks (more for how they look than what they actually are).
    I might have been interested in this toy but the fact you need to stay within two feet of the unit is just a killer. No way am I gonna tail this thing, while being hunched over like Mr Burns. πŸ˜€

  8. Long time fan of Dr. Who, since Tom Baker played the role, so I had to buy this just to terrorize the dog. Odd thing, he didn’t see the humor. Now my dalek has battle scars. What fun.

  9. Hey Chris, so you did make a video about me and Dalek, Good Job =)

    I’m the last of my kind, I’m the last survivor of the time war

  10. Top 5 list:

    1 Glad you posted this, i missed it live

    2 Posted 2 days before Christmas is a BAD idea, not enough time to buy it as a gift, maybe next year… if they are not sold out

    3 Makes a nice gift, do not forget to buy something for yourself to motivate yourself to do more next year

    4 Visit and buy one Dalek for myself and see what other goodness they have

    5 Make a top five list and send it to Chris, and thank him giving away the Dalek…what about as a contest? how about as a prize for the “Best Top 5 List”? or else give it to someone who submits a top 5 list

    Just my 2 cents… wait should that be 5 cents?

  11. Seriously, I got me one of those Daleks. Look at a proper video. This guy has broken his and it’s not working because he hasn’t plugged in the aerial. It’s a good gadget.

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