i-Sobot Robot Toy Review

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Awhile back, I had a toy robot that I never even took out of the box. It was huge, and took like 75 D batteries to operate. The great people over at ThinkGeek sent me one of their new i-SOBOTs to play with. This thing is definitely addictive… and now will be a regular part of my show.

The i-SOBOT robot is just amazing and fun. The I-SOBOT is the big brother of the Omnibot robot you may remember from the 80’s. Frankly there isn’t much of a family resemblance. With 17 servo motors and amazing lifelike movement the i-SOBOT is more like a mini version of some futuristic robotic race destined to be our masters. The i-SOBOT can be directly controlled via the included remote to walk and perform dozens of complex motions. He can balance on one leg, do a handstand and get up from almost any position. String commands together to record more complex performances, or you can use the “Special Action Mode” to be wowed by one of i-SOBOTS intricate built in motion routines. i-SOBOT can also understand 10 different voice commands and speaks using over 200 words and phrases.

i-Sobot has Four operation Modes

  • Remote Control Mode Movements can be controlled directly using joy sticks and command buttons. He can also perform hundreds of amazing pre-programmed actions using short button codes.
  • Programming Mode Program a sequence of up to 80 actions, then easily play the sequence back with the push of a button.
  • Special Action Mode Command i-SOBOT to play air guitar, impersonate a movie character, or perform any of 18 pre-programmed special actions.
  • Voice Command Mode i-SOBOT recognizes 10 voice commands, reacting with dozens of appropriate but unpredictable actions.

As far as just playing with this robot, I give it an A+. The only downside I’ve seen so far is the fact that in order to install the batteries, you must have a precision screwdriver. If you don’t happen to have one, you’re…. well… precisionally screwdrivered. So for that fact, I give the setting-up of the i-SOBOT a B. Want to embed this video on your own site, blog, or forum? Use this code or download the video: